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According to @EliasSports Russell Westbrook is the first player in NBA history to record 50 rebounds and 50 assists over a 3-game span.

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He is so happy to be in a home where he can sleep on the bed and snuggle on the couch to watch tv, enjoying many walks during the day, said Pauline Clark from Jacks Galore Russell Rescue.

Ronan Doyle #FsgOut
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At least russell bottled points again. Russell does it on Saturday Ocon does it on Saturday and Sunday Sign him up @MercedesAMGF1

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@Av_Andric A ver, Albon en sus primeras carreras con Red Bull hizo más puntos que Checo Pérez. A pesar de que haya venido de Toro Rosso, también tuvo su tiempo de adaptación. Lo mismo con Russell la temporada pasada, de no ser por ese error en Boxes hubiera terminado en podio.

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@JerryJokeman Jerr, I don’t say this often: but that’s one of the greatest and most beautiful stories ever written. Russell Crowe a shitt actor pulls off a masterpiece

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@Leap_year_man @BrianODriscoll BOD “you wait and look across and no one is saying that about Johnny Sexton”. think Gatland and Townsend know Sexton’s qualities mate. But Biggar is the form safe pair of hands and Russell the attacking option.

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Most 6s against a bowler in 2021 IPL 5- Jadeja v Harshal 5- Cummins v S Curran 4- Mayank v Rabada 4- Buttler v Sandeep 3- ABD v Stoinis 3- Pollard v Jadeja 3- Pollard v Ngidi 3- Russell v Shardul 3- Hetmyer v Jamieson 3- Samson v Meredith 3- Rayudu v Kulkarni 3- Hooda v Gopal


👉La familia de Parker Russell les desea un Feliz día de la Madre 👌

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Don Checo Perez Shitposting
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No fuera Russell contra Schumacher porque ponen la pelea completa. Checo Pérez se aventó el mejor adelantamiento de la carrera, ojalá le den el Driver of the Day. 😂

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48/66 Russell 🇬🇧 P12 Latifi 🇨🇦 P14 Latifi 🇨🇦 pierde posicion con Stroll.

Coach Dwayne Cherry
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Yes, I said John Stockton was a better PG than Russell Westbrook. What’s the problem?

vincenzo mangiapane
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Russell Westbrook deserves more respect than y’all giving him. I don’t want to hear “what about rings”. No one plays with that energy, or that hustle.

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Não é por nada não, mas cês tão vendo o Russell com chance real de pontuar né? O HOMEM PONTUA HOJE RAPA #F1NaBand

David Coates
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Great way to spend a Sunday afternoon, listening to Michael Dobson of @ShakesInstitute talking about Irving for the @Russell_Cotes museum. The museum has a rather magical room inside dedicated to Henry Irving. It’s well worth a visit if you’re in Bournemouth on staycation.

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Lucas Ardito
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Que Deus perdoe as pessoas que não gostam de Russell Westbrook

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Russell Westbrook tied Oscar Robertson for the most career triple- doubles in NBA history. On Monday, he takes on the Atlanta Hawks. Will he break Big-O’s record during his next performance? ⬇️ #makeyourpick

Montrose FC
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58’ | Russell McLean finds some space in the box and curls his finish into the far post | 1-1 | #MOLIVE

Christopher Dodds
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57’ GOAL Montrose 1-1 Morton. Russell McLean latches onto Fjortoft’s mistake and catches McAdams off of his line. Lobbing into the far corner from the edge of the box.

 Russell Honda
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Wherever your journey takes you this season, get there in a Honda.

Sandbach United - 1st Team
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55’ | 4-2 | #WINSAN Winsford score a fourth. Merner makes a good save down low from Madeley, but the ball isn’t cleared properly and Matt Russell scores the rebound.

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At 32, he’s still playing more than 35 minutes a game, thanks to a dialed-in diet and routine that involves wake-up push ups and less sleep than you’d expect

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Men’s team at home today 1 pm kickoff vs @wilkesbarrebreakersrugby at John Russell park 7600 Penrose Ave, Elkins Park, PA 19027 Post match at Chikies in glenside with @mcallisterbrewing

Russell Carter
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@centzible @Loudwire Well if you don’t know, no one else should! You are, after all, ... wait, who the fuck are you again?


@soundwavesphotn @Cat_Russell_ Ok ok , what the software are we using for this?! Dope!

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Saquen a Russell de ahí. 3 años de calvario lleva el chaval dando el 200% con un coche que no está para pelear nada

Ravi Visvesvaraya Sharada Prasad, Telecom InfoTech
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#RaviVisvesvarayaSharadaPrasad Spray For Life Melatonin Video Russell Van de Casteele

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계속 너를 그리워하고, 너를 떠올렸고, 네가 보고싶었다는 거. 그것만은 확실해.

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@dgrog @mildlymadmedic Depends on their renal function obviously. If they’ve got entirely normal renal function then no. If it’s something like amikacin then work out the CrCl. Lots of people either know their weights or have been weighed recently. The nurses weigh everyone on arrival too.

Patrick Bruck 🍞🌹
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Terrible. We need abolition. Steven Russell has escaped prison four times. In a new essay, he details why his daily life now in solitary is barely worth living. via @HuffPost

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@ourmanontheM62 For the Greens: Sian Berry, Caroline Russell, Zack Polanski For the Liberal Democrats: Caroline Pidgeon, Hina Bokhari

ESPN Stats & Info
ESPN Stats & Info ()

According to @EliasSports Russell Westbrook is the first player in NBA history to record 50 rebounds and 50 assists over a 3-game span.

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