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I’ll be laughing so hard when the Ukrainian military launch new counter-offensive action in the Kherson region and Russia starts yelling about the “Ukrainian attack upon Russia’s sovereign integrity and territory.”.

The American political story of this century is the story of how Russia infiltrated the Republican Party..

Bloody hell. During the recent debacle at the Siverskiy River pontoon bridge, Russia’s 74th Motorized Rifle Brigade sustained 485 casualties (out of a total of 550) and lost 80 vehicles to Ukrainian artillery, @TheStudyofWar says. The Ilovaisk Massacre of 2014 has been avenged..

Beyond words. Today Ukrainian military 227th battalion of the 127th territorial defense brigade reached the border with Russia in the Kharkiv region. Glory to Ukraine! 💪🏻🇺🇦.

Posters, created by activists in Russia for May 9, say: Grandchildren, we are ashamed of you. We fought for peace, but you chose war..

Russia Photo,Russia Photo by Julia Davis,Julia Davis on twitter tweets Russia Photo

Over 70 cargo ships are blocked in the Black Sea by #Russia. That’s 90 mln tons of agricultural produce intended for Africa and Asia. #Ukraine loses USD 170 mln a day because of the blockade and the world loses a reliable food supplier.

⚡️ Russia announces it has kidnapped 190,000 Ukrainian children.

Russia Photo,Russia Photo by Dr. Ian Garner,Dr. Ian Garner on twitter tweets Russia Photo

اِتھّے رکھ Russia stops entire gas supply to Europe, eastern and western, asks them to pay in Roubles. And THEY AGREE. This is first step towards self dignity..

#Russia prepares a POW parade for 09/05. This is where they bring Ukrainian prisoners out on the streets for Russians to jeer and throw garbage at them. A true demonstration of total disregard for Geneva Conventions.

Dozens feared dead after Russia bombs school; Zelensky likens fight to Nazi Germany.

The only truthful Russian spotted in an article by @ODragas for @EURACTIV. The global community must understand that ongoing madness and aggression will only grow if Russia succeeds in Ukraine. Russia will not stop. Russia can only be stopped..

@kapahajai @Reuters The amazing stupid western media & the whole population either day dreaming or living in denial believing that russia is losing and Ukraine is winning the war. Are you stupid? Wake up people. There is no Ukraine anymore. It has become third world country destroyed beyond..

@Leonard1306__ Tieni presente che stai dicendo le tue fesserie su di una piattaforma che in russia è bannata. Ma non riesci proprio a capire che la tv di Berlusconi e Salvini è stata costretta alla marchetta con gli orchi sotto la minaccia di questi di tirar fuori le carte? #Lavrov #Rete4.

Приключения российского танка на украинских минах Танк оккупантов смог дважды подорваться..

“President Joe Biden authorized another tranche of military aid to Ukraine and leveled new sanctions on Moscow this week, as the West braces for a possible escalation of the conflict from Russia’s unpredictable leader on Monday”.


Samara, Russia Российские Оккупационные Войска – Вон из Украины #инакостьНЕвыкосить #RussiansAgainstWar.

Russia Photo,Russia Photo by RAW,RAW on twitter tweets Russia Photo

@0xthefork Not the same in Ukraine, there is no puppet regime. This is an invention of Russian propaganda that wants to dehumanize these nations so that people are little familiar with what Russia is. They supported the invasions of these countries.

@Ambassador_2002 What do you mean lol? 2 days ago Ukranians destroyed Tor launcher on snake island. Russia did not respond. They thought it was time to enter the island. They tried entering, got smacked. And what does that picture prove? Ukraine is winning because smoke? Lol..

Government Authorizes Transactions Related to Patent Protection in Russia.

@WriterJackWhite Ahhh, they have been threatening with triggering 1267 Resolution against Russia for a month now. No news..

This war is going to be decided by who has the best artillery. Currently Russia does :.

@mcspocky @RonFilipkowski 32 years since communism in Russia ended but… sure whatever. 🙄.

@GlasnostGone What I never ever understand on this Russian propaganda: Do they - The Russia- really really believe, that anyone on this whole planet and especially from NATO-countries want’s to invade fog living in their - The Russia- country?.

@anneapplebaum Stalin was never truly an Ally - before HItler turned on him and attacked the Soviets Stalin had partnered with him to divide Europe. He attacked Poland Finland. Fatal mistake allowing USSR a seat on Security Council of the UN he ignored charter Russia never stopped aggression.

@Anarasom @dyegors Eu não sou cego em achar que a Rússia é o Iraque ou Afeganistão para sair derrotada. Quantas vezes é preciso repetir que a Rússia tem MÍSSEIS NUCLEARES mais de 6 mil deles e milhares deles no fundo do oceano onde ninguém ninguém no mundo sabe onde estão.

@elonmusk @Rogozin Elon Musk has done nothing new only released propulsion and comm tech Russia,Germany and American classified military had in the 1970s is merely a public showcase of what you fucks already had so playing this game Elon gave tech to the nazis is a fucking joke.

@NashaCanada Exactly. Russia did not need to take this disgraceful path. It did at the behest of its unchecked dictator, who made a whopper of a miscalculation, and to save his hide is shedding the blood of thousands of Ukrainians, not to mention his own soldiers. History will not be kind..

@iborges_1 @OliverStuenkel A Rússia tbm fez promessas a Ucrânia (de que nunca iria invadir aquele pais). Me diz ae, cumpriu?.

⚡️ Pentagon: US Defense Department has proof of forcible deportation of Ukrainians to Russia. “We do have indications that Ukrainians are being taken against their will into Russia,” Pentagon Spokesperson John Kirby said on May 9. Kirby did not disclose the total number..

@Jerusalem_Post @POTUS ✍️President Biden is concerned about how to get out of this war ... which he declared behind the scenes and the whole West was drawn into this horror. Created by Biden. Russia will not surrender, Russia did not go to war. When the higher ranks want to reconcile the parties ,.

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