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🚨 BREAKING: An FBI agent who investigated the Donald Trump Russia collusion has been arrested for colluding with Russia. You can’t make this stuff up..

BREAKING: Senior FBI official who led 2016 investigation finding no link between Trump and Russia, Charles McGonigal, has now been arrested for taking and laundering money for Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska. The Kremlin infiltration of America goes VERY deep..

A bill is filed in Texas legislature to ban citizens, governments & entities of China, Iran, North Korea & Russia from purchasing land in Texas. I will sign it. This follows a law I signed banning those countries from threatening our infrastructure..

Just to be clear, when the New York Times reported that the FBI saw “no link between Trump and Russia” — a week before the 2016 election — the FBI agent who was just arrested over ties to Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska was heading up the investigation. Just an absolute scandal..

Russia Photo,Russia Photo by Kaivan Shroff,Kaivan Shroff on twitter tweets Russia Photo

Ukraine is one of the most corrupt countries in the world and the war with Russia doesn’t change that. How much of American’s hard earned tax dollars are being stolen or going to people or things it wasn’t supposed to go to? We will audit Ukraine..

So let me get this straight: Donald Trump has been screaming “no collusion” with Russia and saying the FBI is corrupt for years now. But today we find out a former senior FBI counterintelligence official who spearheaded the Trump-Russia probe was arrested and charged over… 1/2.

BREAKING: FBI official who investigated Trump ties to Russia arrested for illegal ties to Russia.

It’s time to designate Russia a state sponsor of terrorism..

The tiny island of Java has more population than all of Russia More than all of Japan Why?.

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After the massacre of #Dnipro, 112 MEP’s request to change strategy and to launch, with the transfer of tanks and long-range missiles, the full set of sanctions against Russia immediately !.

Bill Barr asked Italian officials to discredit Russia probe — they responded with evidence linking Trump to crimes.

Russia is murdering Ukrainian civilians on a large scale with horrifying weapons. Getting the Ukrainians air defense, tanks, and long-range missiles is the only way to halt this terrorism and end this war..

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Raw Story

Bill Barr asked Italian officials to discredit Russia probe — they responded with evidence linking Trump to crimes.

What military purpose do these attacks accomplish? How is this straight up terrorism, just like Al Qaeda did to us on 9/11/2001? Why do leaders of the free world not label Russia a terrorist state?.

The boyfriend of this girl Anastasia was killed in action a few months ago. Her parents are missing. Her cat died. She has no home anymore. Never forgive and never forget what terrorist state russia is doing to us.

Russia Photo,Russia Photo by Olena Halushka,Olena Halushka on twitter tweets Russia Photo

Gigantic anti-government protest in Russia. This is actually France. Nothing to see here 🤗.

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Special Counsel Jack Smith Believes Trump’s Motive for Taking Classified Docs Involves Russia.

⚡️US Defense Secretary: Russia suffers significant battle losses, almost out of ammunition. The Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said during the Defense Contact Group meeting that “Russia is running out of ammunition and is suffering significant battle losses,” CNN reports..

1/6 It has been exactly two years since I returned to Russia. I have spent these two years in prison. When you write a post like this, you have to ask yourself: How many more of such anniversary posts will you have to write?.


@buddytempestv2 when he sees arsenal fans propping russia so he gets angry for when we play them >>>.

Putin’s No. 1 Cheerleader Rips into Russia’s War Failures Putin’s favorite propagandist Vladimir Solovyov lost it on his latest show, blasting the failed tactics and strategy and revealing problems with counteracting the incoming Armada of tanks..

@KateGoesTech Ukraine needs to come to reality. and USA need to stick its nose away from other peoples business , just like Russia will never come to be allies with Cuba why cant USA respect that and stay away and USA have caused more wars than any country in the world ,.

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As long as Russia sits on Crimea, Ukraine will never be safe..

Scott Ritter: Ukraine OUTDATED Weapons Are Major Setback !!! Russia via @YouTube.

Lady available Saudi Arabic Russia VIP full seven Good room Safe 100% #massage_in_riyadh.

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Friday Afternoon Update: Childhood TV Star Running For Congress, Russia And China Naval Drills, Top Dem Has Message For Biden’s 2024 Primary Challengers.

The Bulgarian department of Telus International, which is in charge of moderating posts on Meta’s social networks including Facebook, is controlled by Russians, according to research by the investigative news outlet By #IntelliNews.

@MarioNawfal What USA has done with Ukraine can be repeated anywhere in this world! It’s up to Russia to defeat such evil agenda! Where one person can hold all citizen of a country hostage to fight a proxy war! Zelensky is a puppet!Zelensky sacrificed Ukrainians for US and his personal gains!.

I read this as Make russia smell again. It made sense that way, too. 🤷🏻‍♂️.

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