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Karate Combat’s Bas Rutten: Michael Chandler’s stop of Tony Ferguson could be ‘Knockout of the Year’.

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@BSideRats Hopelijk neemt ie Malone, Mashart, scout Schoenmaker, Manders, Maria, Rutten, Ligeon, Welat en Hilterman ook mee…#nacpraat.

How the mighty have fallen. Brasher. Campbell. Dodoro. Rutten. How do you respond?.

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30’ Rutten heeft er een puik eerste half uur opzitten, moet gezegd worden. #NACpraat #adoNAC.


I like Rutten, I do, seems nice enough. But please Essendon get rid of him and our players who are just time wasting, bring in people that know what they’re doing for fuck sake. How are teams like the suns and Adelaide doing better than us???? #AFLSwansDons.

SEN 1116
SEN 1116

“I don’t think he can survive too many more performances like that.” Cornes concerned about Rutten’s future after “physically meek” Sydney showing | | #AFL.

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@essendonfc Looking like Campbell’s ‘captain’s pick’ on Rutten is working well. Not. Seriously doubt he has what it takes to coach at AFL level. Utter confusion. He needs to walk; as does Campbell….

@ScooterMcNeice This runs deeper than Rutten and coaching staff. The whole club needs a clean out: a full new board and CEO need to be the first steps before we can move forward.

People saying Hird is not the answer who is ? Worsfold Rutten who ? Clarko won’t come here ..

I want our club to make a bold move and tell Rutten he needs to win 6 of the remaining 12 games. If he doesnt its seeya later at seasons end. 2 of those games are againd north & eagles so if he cant do it its curtains..

Als Rutten en Kaag langskomen betekend dat ze in wanhoop zijn. Nu maar hopen dat ze geen rare sprongen maken..

@mlbnflnba3 @SandhuMMA DC never beat jon jones. Randy Couture never defended the LHW title BJ Penn never defended the WW title Josh Barnett never defended the HW title Frank Mir never defended the HW title Bas Rutten never defended the HW title Forrest Griffin never defended the LHW title Rashad Evans.

@Vollyaholic @essendonfc Rutten was handed a poisoned chalice. Inherited a list after an exodus. How many games did Hardwick win in his first two years? Simon Goodwin?.

Den smärta jag känner i min kropp nu när den börjar stelna till går inte att beskriva med ORD. 90% asfalt och typ 3 mördarbackar på den där rutten 😅.

As bad as this is, Rutten was at Richmond in 2015 when Richmond were just as soft. He’d know what it takes to go from this to premiership levels of pressure. Needs buy in from the players though, probably going to need to be some tough calls made #godons.

@crazythainame @HeathLyons Coaches box needs a clear out too , they are too chummy with the players , it’s sickening to think but we need an old school and experienced type like Lyon or even Buckley someone who commands respect , Rutten doesn’t seem to be that guy.

@RuttenGwendolyn Mw. Rutten; met uw partijtje van niemendalletje ligt u meer dan Demir en bij uitbreiding de aan de basis van al die fouten uit het verleden. Vlaanderen had inderdaad beter verdiend; maar wees gerust een correctie is binnen minder dzn twee jzzr op komst.

@AndyMaherDFA Andy. It will make no difference Rutten is useless. This is not a 1 match representation of Essendon it is every week except when Caracella coached and the other when 5 forced changes occurred. Sheedy shown arms crossed and shaking his head. Worse than Knights era.

@EdvinAlpros Mamma kan vi köpa en rutten agentroman av Jan Guillou? Nej, vi har ruttna agentromaner av Guillou hemma Agentromanen hemma:.

Essendon = 🥁🥁🥁 Campbell/Mahoney/Rutten. 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️.

@Pdavies576Peter @Chuck_BassNYC The evidence of Rutten s impact on Essendon is there for all to see. Wayne Carey speaks , Essendon is dysfunctional..

Bas Rutten: Michael Chandler’s stop of Tony Ferguson could be ‘Knockout of the Year’ via @MMAFighting.

Bas Rutten: Michael Chandler’s stop of Tony Ferguson could be ‘Knockout of the Year’ -.

@DonCaldwelll The plsying list is better than this. They are playing an unwinnable game plan devised by Rutten. Another coach would turn around this list into a top 6 to 8 team. The evidence on Rutten is there to see..

Doesn’t matter if its a big ground, little ground, wet ground, dry ground, its a contested pressure game.

@j3anvh Ik ga mij daar dus niet mee moeien. Laat dit met veel plezier aan Gwendolyn Rutten over! Veel plezier ermee😬.

De twee katjes G Rutten en Demir zijn aan het vechten. Rutten wil op alle vragen een antwoord als ik De Croo bezig zie begrijp ik haar. En Demir denkt dat Nederland nog steeds het gidsland is. Met Timmermans en Rutte lijkt me dit een gewaagde dans..

@DavidRu26648881 @Bombers_Boss Rutten can not coach. Ask yourself David. The evidence is overwhelming..

@ScooterMcNeice Hey mate. Know your love for the club. Serious question. Does rutten have the ruthlessness as a coach?have always said the players mirror the coach. all successful coaches- scott, sheedy, matthews, hardwick, clarko, goodwin, parkin. All were ruthless as a player and as a coach.

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