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Tweet247 | Updated: Sat, 19 May 2018, 08:05 AM IST

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  • Melbourne, meet your new Lord Mayor! Sally Capp has won the election..

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  • Well done to former city councillor Tessa Sullivan for changing the face of Melbourne by breaking the culture of silence re:workplace now have a new Lord Mayor tonight - Sally Tessa’s bravery Doyle may still be in power terrorising other women.#MeToo.

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  • Thank you @moniquehore for the write up: Capp elected Melbourne Lord Mayor.

  • Sally Capp was announced as the successful candidate for the Melbourne City Council Lord Mayor by-election tonight after the conduct of an electronic preference distribution.

  • Everything you need to know about how the race to become Melbourne’s Lord Mayor played out today - and winner, Sally Capp.

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  • ABC News: Sally Capp becomes first female Melbourne Lord Mayor in three decades via @abcnews.

  • Meet Melbourne’s new Lord Mayor.

  • Sally Capp elected as new Melbourne lord mayor.

  • Thrilled for Sally Capp and Melbourne’s incredible future. An awesome result for the world’s most liveable city!.

  • Oh great the former head of a property developers group, who has recently quit that position and therefore has NO CONFLICT OF INTEREST AT ALL, is Melbourne’s new Lord Mayor. 🙄.

  • After the bottom 8 were eliminated the top 6 remained in the same order, with the following votes: Sally Capp: 21,159 Jennifer Yang: 13,220 Rohan Leppert: 12,926 Sally Warhaft: 8585 Gary Morgan: 8525 Ken Ong: 7929 Xie Qun: 4148.

  • Sally Capp elected as new Melbourne lord mayor.

  • Congratulations to FBE alumna Sally Capp appointed Melbourne’s new Lord Mayor @uomalumni @unimelb.

  • Former property chief Sally Capp wins race for Melbourne Lord Mayor..

  • This is great news for Melbourne. @SallyCapp_ will be a great Lord Mayor for the city and all Melburnians. Very lucky to have her in that role. @Pathways_UoM @howcroft @CEWAus @denismoriarty @theasnow @rubymelb @scarschwartz.

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  • Congratulations @SallyCapp_ @cityofmelbourne newly elected Lord Mayor #Melbourne.

  • Sally Capp won by 4664 votes but benefited from donkey vote. Totally unknown top of ticket candidate Xie Qun got 3449 votes which split 1528 to Capp & 1200 to Yang. If the ballot paper positions reversed with Yang at 2 and Capp at 8, reckon more like 52-48 but still a Capp win..

  • With 76,492 formal votes, 50% plus 1 was 38,247 votes. The final result was: Sally Capp: 40,579 Jennifer Yang: 35,913 The two time Manningham mayor needed 2334 votes to switch to pull off what would have been a remarkable victory against the odds..

  • Sally Capp becomes first female Melbourne Lord Mayor in three decades.

  • Congratulations Sally & may this great city see its best under your leadership.

  • Sally Capp becomes first female Melbourne Lord Mayor in three decades.

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  • Sally Capp becomes first female Melbourne Lord Mayor in three decades via @abcnews.

  • Sally Capp named as Melbourne Lord Mayor.

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  • Businesswoman Sally Capp elected as Melbourne’s new mayor | The New Daily.

  • @SallyCapp_ congratulations for becoming Lord Mayor of Melbourne!.

  • Sally Capp supports QVM renewal but says traders need a greater voice. @cityofmelbourne not challenging heritage Victoria was “right decision”.

  • All of us at #ciglobal congratulate @SallyCapp_ our new #Melbourne Lord Mayor … @ABCNews #female #leadership #community #government #business @CreativtyAust @TaniadeJong.

  • We congratulate @Sally_Capp the new Lord Mayor of Melbourne 👏👏👏 #leadership #integrity.

  • Congratulations @sallycapp_ on a fantastic result. Wonderful news to receive this evening! #lordmayor #melbourne.

  • Enough number crunching, here is the ABC online wrap of the @cityofmelbourne election. Was strange that 7pm ABC TV bulletin said Deputy Lord Mayor @ArronWood had announced the result. It was @electionsvic.

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