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WARNING: the revelation that the *Reserve Bank* GAVE MONEY to the appalling Friedman Shill outfit, the Centre for Independent Studies, may cause your head to explode. “The case for putting union leader @sallymcmanus on the Reserve Bank board.” #auspol.

the montage is on wages. Multiple clips of Dutton, fabricating career aspirations for Sally McManus, making speculative statements about wages and inflation presented as fact. Soundtrack is Kate Bush. #Insiders.

Peter Dutton, “Sally McManus wants a job on the Reserve Bank Board.” He’s so lame and pathetic. #Insiders.

@dotrat 50 people die daily from Covid in Australia, inflation is rampent The biggest news story? Leigh Sales’ feelings about herself Tells you all you need to know about ‘news’ in Australia Thank you Sally McManus for staying focussed on broadcasting the plight of the powerless.

Sally McManus was more than a match for Waleed Aly on the Project tonight despite his efforts to catch her out.

The answer is “hell yes” to whether Sally McManus would be a good board member #insiders.

Warnings of a price spiral are “total Boomer fantasy” and low-paid workers should keep pushing for pay rises that match inflation, says Sally McManus..

Will @JEChalmers offer Sally McManus a spot on the board of the Reserve Bank? #Insiders #auspol.

The Reserve Bank can crawl back into their cave from which they came and Dutton can join them Sally McManus is the voice we need to hear right now #insiders.

Sally McManus is pitching for a job on the Reserve Bank What the fuck is the potato smoking?? #insiders.

Let’s be honest Sally McManus would be an asset to any board anywhere anytime. If the organisation thinks otherwise , they’re not really on the side of people and they have no social licence #insiders.

Is Jacqui Maley with Sally McManus’s “OK Boomer” jibe at the RBA’s Philip Rowe?.

He is Sally McManus on steroids, kicking there white flabby entitled arses.👍🍺.


@SkyNewsAust And we’re now taking advice from the same Sally McManus that thought we could stop flooding by turning the taps on?…think I’ll stick with the adult in the room & listen to the Governor..

@jamesgmcgregor I don’t watch that program, but I am less than surprised given the intellect of Sally McManus..

Just saw footage of the uber-waged Reserve Bank Guvnor speaking to a roomful of blokes in grey/blue suits. Oh, and look over there, on the edge a woman in red. Sally McManus is right about people living in boomer fantasy land..

@Kate3015 Funny thing is Sally McManus, on behalf of the unions, takes credit for the wage increase stating “ it would not have happened without the unions fighting for it”.

@WinnieLau Isn’t that his job? To see if there is evidence to the contrary. Chance of debunking Sally McManus is zero to none. Let’s talk about company profits?.

@RedJules4 @RonniSalt Mick lynch is clear and concise. We have Sally McManus, another brilliant communicator..

@rightwingpeter I am not. Talking about Sally McManus. I guess you might call her what they think is Ms Fixit..

@jamesgmcgregor Really admire Sally McManus. Her work ethic, intellect and integrity are a force for good..

casual reminder that sally mcmanus equates the greens and bob katter.

@sallymcmanus Sally McManus, competent is an understatement, always on top of events and far too good for any politicians. Interview statements are precise and accurate. This is one official that is worth her salary..

Sally McManus sets out some home truths.(9mins 41 secs) When wil business be asked to do its bit? Why is it always workers? Well worth a.

@jamesgmcgregor Most of us would have to get up a day ahead of Sally McManus. Every journalist would need an extra day.

@AndrewAQLD Sally McManus is one of the best, most reasonable and intelligent speakers in the country. She does a great job. What’s your beef with Grace Tame? Is it that she has given victims a voice and a platform or that she exposed Scomo for the costume of a man that he truly is? Thanks.

@ABCaustralia ⬆️Wages plus ⬆️ Taxes 🟰 Higher inflation. Add higher energy and food prices and soon back to Banana Republic Days. OMG! AND Labor & Greens controls Senate. What now Teals?😂😂 @newscomauHQ.

@theprojecttv @sallymcmanus Sally McManus is a complete fool. Labor’s pre-election pledge was to increase productivity. Rewarding all workers does not achieve that but rewarding good and excellent workers while underperforming ones get no increase does improve productivity.

@sallymcmanus Wages are driving inflation. Unions are driving inflation. Labor is driving inflation. Sally McManus is justifying increasing inflation but blaming everyone else.

@cokeefe9 @9NewsSyd Honestly Sally McManus needs to go to jail always allowing these illegal events that ruins peoples lives..

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