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Não entendi a demora para validar o 3º gol da Austrália. Zero dúvida ali. A jogadora impedida (Sam Kerr) não interfere em quem faz o gol contra (Mônica)..

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“No creo que haya otro futbolista en el mundo en este momento que tenga tanta sofisticación como ella en cuanto a moverse con el balón”, dice un director técnico sobre la delantera australiana..

@imogenrq Sam Kerr is currently Australia’s best soccer player and it isn’t close.

Dear twitter we all please stop focusing on what Sam Kerr said, whether you agree or not, & focus on the many wonderful displays of football by all the teams at @FIFAWWC Not much reporting on that happening. That is where the real stories are. The magic that WC brings.

The athlete initially faced blowback, but her reaction to homophobic harassment is relatively tame..

someone on Sam Kerr’s Wikipedia page has got jokes 😂😂.

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sam kerr said “suck on that” on international tv and every1 is like “wow what a queen” but when hope solo said the “coward” I just-.

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Omg some journos out there need to lighten the fuck up over Sam Kerr’s comment. It was clearly directed at those group of football journos that couldn’t bare to see someone else coach the Matilda’s..

Sam Kerr: ‘suck on that critics’ Aussie sports fans: ‘YES, love it!! More of the same please’ Nick Kyrgios: ‘suck on that critics’ Aussie sports fans: ‘Flog, fuckwit, hate it, arrogant ethnic’ Maybe it’s not the message, but whether or not we like who’s saying it?.

“We’ll enjoy this, but we’re not going to take Jamaica lightly and there’s a lot to be done still. This is just the beginning.” Sam Kerr says there is more to come from @TheMatildas after the win over Brazil at the @FIFAWWC #WeAreMatildas #AUSBRA.

Exceptiona play call by Kerr to get Curry loose for a 3. Just missed the shot. Stole it from Brad Stevens..

I can’t imagine Mile Jedinak or a Socceroos Captain making a post game comment of ‘suck on that one’ & the Socceroos get plenty of this is a poor look for Sam Kerr and her country. Such a shame her comments now take away from the excellent result for the Matilda’s..

Australia is talking about the #Matildas Miracle of Montpellier today. And reacting to Sam Kerr’s interview. Not because they hate. Because they care..

Imaginary ‘haters’. @TheMatildas might be confusing ‘tough love’ with ‘hate’ at the Women’s World Cup. Real or not, though, something seems to be working. Via @adampeacock3.

“You can see what it means to @TheMatildas captain Sam Kerr has a lot of love for her teammates 😍 #WeAreMatildas #AUSBRA.

Sam Kerr soltou a língua: “Teve muita gente que nos criticou, mas estamos de volta, então engulam essa! Não damos ouvidos a haters. Vocês podem ver o que isso significa pra nós. Sabíamos que nós éramos um time top10. Agora estamos de volta nessa lista” #FifaWWC #DibrasNaCopa.

Sam Kerr (@samkerr1) post-match: “There were a lot of critics talking about us. “But we’re back - so suck on that one. We don’t listen to the haters. “I love these girls, they’re something else. We knew we were a top 10 team, now we’re back in it.” That one meant a lot. #AUSBRA.

Hahah Sam Kerr: “There were a lot of critics talking about us but we’re back so suck on that one” 💚 #AUSBRA.

VAR decides: OWN GOAL! Australia take the lead after a lengthy video review determines Sam Kerr was not impacting this play despite being in an offside position. #FIFAWWC.

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Sam Kerr now so good, she no longer needs to touch the ball to score. It just has to be in her ether. Next Level Mad Skills 🇦🇺🙌.

Não entendi a demora para validar o 3º gol da Austrália. Zero dúvida ali. A jogadora impedida (Sam Kerr) não interfere em quem faz o gol contra (Mônica)..

Brasil x Austrália é clássico do feminino. No @UOLEsporte, conversei com Andressa Alves, Bárbara e Rafaelle (que não está no elenco, mas irritou a Sam Kerr em 2016 e 2017; lembram da zagueira que não quis cumprimentar as australianas?) É chumbo trocado:.

Sam Kerr Nikita Parris 🤝 Over-Celebrating scoring a penalty.

brasileira agredir a sam kerr quinta feira não é falta, é reparação histórica.

What a moment for Australia and Sam Kerr who scores her first ever #FIFAWWC goal..

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CF9番Foordが積極的に中盤に降りてボールを受ける動きがかなり効いていた。途中から左SHだったSam KerrがCF、Caitlinがトップ下という縦関係へ。AUSはCBがボール保持時にボランチが横並びになった瞬間相手の守備にハマってしまいそうになるので、そこだけ注意かな〜。←何目線だ(笑) #AUSITA #FIFAWWC.

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