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Sam Newman speaking fondly and affectionately of Polly Farmer is wonderful listening. #afl360.

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AFL 2019: Sam Newman pays tribute to Graham ‘Polly’ Farmer #AFL: Geelong champion Sam Newman has paid tribute to his “great inspiration” and former teammate Graham ‘Polly’ Farmer, claiming he’s the only.

LISTEN | Get your 30-minute SEN Breakfast fix! Sam Newman joined Garry and Tim and David Teague was on the agenda!.

Sam Newman makes controversial claim about former team-mate. #AFL.

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@MsRebeccaRobins Polly Farmer was a great indigenous footballer from 60’s, Sam Newman is a self serving racist pig who played in same team as Farmer, if Farmer actually knew what type of person Newman was they wouldn’t have been friends!.

【読了】『マイクロサービスアーキテクチャ』Sam Newman ☆5.

@samnewman @sos100 Australia was given the wrong Sam Newman 😔. Enough self pity, off to look up your book(s?) on Microservices 👍.

I hate Sam Newman, but this is the dumbest thing I have read today. Congratulations..

@TooheyMatthew Remember the old saying two wrongs don’t make a right? Not Sam Newman’s biggest fan but wishing death upon someone shows you’re as low as Sam. Australia is full of hypocrites.

There have been many great footballers but he is the greatest in my eyes, having had a ringside seat as he went about his craft. He had all the elements that make up a champion, writes Sam Newman: 🔒.

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@shibz_1989 Not a massive Sam Newman fan but Polly was his mentor and idol and they were some what best mates. He knew and cared for him..

Love hearing Sam Newman speak about past legends. Really a fantastic individual who deserves more credit #legend #morethanagame.

The ONLY time I have agreed with Sam Newman since 1970! Newman- always an assh*le, Polly always a gentleman and a brilliant footy player. #PollyFarmer.

That’s at least FIVE Left Wing feminists I’ve counted who have either (a) attacked Sam Newman for the reason they have legs hairier then his (b) don’t know who Polly Farmer was eg “who the hell is he?”. Ultimate Left Wing hypocrisy..

@pierro_marg @FOXFOOTY The Sam Newman that everyone labels as racist for criticising Adam Goodes even though he is giving Graham Polly Farmer (an Indigenous person) all the praise in the world? Seems very racist to me 😂😂😂.

@MsRebeccaRobins And here we have the same kind of white privilege Sam Newman was trending for in the first place. 🖕🖕.

Not much I can be bothered listening to when Sam Newman speaks bit his conversation about Polly Farmer on #AFL360 was great..

Sam Newman is a troglodyte racist cockhead along with his butt licking sycophants. Watch them get triggered..

Good god. Is it really necessary to get Sam Newman on tv to debate whether #PollyFarmer was racially abused or not??.

Watching Sam Newman on #AFL360 tonight was something very, very different. Almost looked nervous on television, emotionally stuttering and mixing up his words. Must have really loved Polly..

@MsRebeccaRobins Just a simple no I can’t defend my statement would be fine. Wouldn’t want to use the death of a woman to score points about Sam Newman would you?.

Sam Newman speaking fondly and affectionately of Polly Farmer is wonderful listening. #afl360.

@MsRebeccaRobins Can you explain how you e turned the tragic death of a woman into a story about Sam Newman? Who might I add is trending due to the equality sad death of Polly farmer..

@PerfectStormo Not sure I’d have gotten Sam Newman on for anything, personally..

@kaffando Sam Newman kept The Footy Show a float - No Sam - No Footy Show. Get over it..

Putting down people who work in hospitality. Opposite of classy. Bringing Sam Newman on a podcast. Terrible idea. Safe to say Dane Swan is a massive cock..

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