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Updated: September 19th, 2021 07:41 PM IST

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I think the big mistake Sam Dastyari made was not setting up a blind trust to take anonymous donations to help with his legal bills

Sam Dastyari Twitter

I do think the Porter-Dastyari comparison is a bit off. Sam shifted his views to be in line with his donor’s after getting money.

Sam Dastyari, who was a Labor backbencher, got saturation tabloid treatment when given $7000 to pay bills. Our leader reprimanded him and he quit parliament. Christian Porter gets what is believed to be around $1m from secret donors, a p8 filler and silence from the PM. #auspol

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@toninicho @MccarronWendy Sam Dastyari’s bills paid by blind trust. Write the headlines. Go.

@DavidSavage63 = constructive ignorance = appalling judgment = potential compromise by a foreign power or criminal group = ministerial position untenable. Remember Sam Dastyari’s Chinese benefactor?

@MrKRudd @giddyupbill Sam Dastyari got no mercy over $ how will Porter get away with $1 million. Oh hang on he has Morrison on his side.


How curious. Let’s see what Scott had to say when Sam Dastyari received money to pay debts, circa 2016. #christianporter #Porterblindtrust

@MrKRudd This Porter situation reeks of rotten corpses. Remember when Sam Dastyari (named as Shanghai Sam) by our esteemed PM Scotty, accepted $1600 from a Chinese business for travel expenses and was forced to resign. He was even labeled a double agent by Frydenberg. #doublestandards

@hughriminton @GuardianAus Let’s not forget that Sam Dastyari lost his entire political career for doing exactly what Christian Porter has done - taking significant financial donations to pay legal costs! Can we still expect the same outcome?

@BelindaJones68 @markdreyfusQCMP Undoubtedly Phil Gaetjens is on the case… Sam Dastyari - personal travel debt of $1670 - MSM - burn him at the stake. Christian Porter - personal legal debt $1,000,000 - MSM - nothing to see here.

@Paul_Karp @msmarto Sam Dastyari should have used a blind trust. all is good that

Hey @leighsales Here a good question you can ask alleged rapist Christian Porter (Liberal) when you interrogate him - like you did Sam Dastyari (Labor)!

@lenoretaylor @TurnbullMalcolm sam dastyari ( was more likable) and went down for much less Peter Slipper went down for a bottle of grange How in the hell is porter still there , seriously unbalanced consequences

@noplaceforsheep Imagine the howls of protest from the patriots and freedom loving boys and girls of the Libs if a Labor party identity did something like that ... oh wait Sam Dastyari ... $1,200 I believe was the sum.

@vanOnselenP Imagine deafening roar from Murdoch media and Govt if Sam Dastyari was given 1$mil in a blind trust by unknown entity/s Absolutely nothing surprises me with this govt anymore LNP are completely shameless Things must change to restore public confidence in parliamentary system

@TurnbullMalcolm Sam Dastyari should be carried back into Parliament on a float with a brass

The Porter thing is bad and should absolutely not be allowed, but Sam Dastyari did not resign because of a $1,000 donation

@MarkLangham2 @cporterwa Exactly. Is it the suspicion of foreign interference (like with Sam Dastyari) or is it from the proceeds of crime or is it via an organisation that has previously gotten millions in government grants without too much scrutiny. Surely this is a national security risk.

Scott Morrison dubbed Sam Dastyari Shanghai Sam after a Chinese connection paid his $5000 legal bill. What might we dub Christian Porter for his receipt of a million dollars or so from a mystery donor to pay his legal bill? Prospero Porter?

Will Sam Dastyari be offered his Senate seat back? At least he told us who gave him the money and why.

@leighsales Waiting for your take on Christian Porters ‘blind benefactor’ ….. gonna grill him like you grilled Sam Dastyari over $1700? Nah …. I think Christian’s interview should be left to the grownup …. Laura Tingle!

@georgiedent @TurnbullMalcolm Sam Dastyari went for a $1670 travel expense, Slipper went for some cab charges, Craig Thomson went for union expenses. PORTER made of Teflon apparently, but our democracy is left in tatters. #christianporter #blindtrust

For those who say corruption is the same from both sides: Sam Dastyari had $40,000 in legal fees paid by Chinese donor while a Senator… resigned. Christian Porter has $1 million in legal fees paid by an “unknown” donor while a Minister…. nothing. #christianporter

@Vic_Rollison If the AFR and Coorey keep repeating the same story for weeks on end like they did to Dastyari then perhaps he would also be forced to resign. Not going to happen because Porter is not also advocating for a Banking Royal Commission like Sam was.

@annabelcrabb @leighsales But Leigh needs to be seen as more balanced. She flew to Vic to attack Premier Andrews but has never turned up at Gladys events. She front Sam Dastyari, but has she ever fronted an LNP miscreant at their door? Why does she attack Albo so relentlessly and not Scomo?

@tee_asz @latingle Laura Tingle mentioned Sam Dastyari who had to resign because a Chinese business man gave him $1700. Sales hounded him, wonder if she will go after Porter with the same rigour.

Will @abc730 be prosecuting this relentlessly like they did Sam Dastyari? And apologies in advance for the “bullying”.

The only issue with Leigh Sales is that of bias. We just want to see her go after Gladys, like she did Dan. Or Porter like she did Sam Dastyari.

How much did Sam Dastyari get done for taking from the Chinese?

@BrotherDavid16 @MichaelPascoe01 Indeed it is. Remember the uproar about Sam Dastyari with some expenses ($1600 or so) for his staff to China paid by China. Hounded out of parliament. Leigh Sales led the press attacks outside his home for days with his very young family inside. Horrific yet Porter 🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗

I think the big mistake Sam Dastyari made was not setting up a blind trust to take anonymous donations to help with his legal bills

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