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Tweet247 | Updated: Wed, 18 Apr 2018, 14:06 PM IST

Santa Claus Top Tweets On Twitter

  • @theferocity Santa Claus is going to also be on tour..

  • Acting PM: On May 8 - as on December 25 - Scott Santa Claus Morrison will be announcing some goodies. SloMo: I’m not Santa Claus and I’m not bringing a bag of gifts in May, there won’t be any Christmas in May. Carry on. All under control as normal..

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  • Santa Claus drives a motorcycle past a bus through Oxford Street, London, using the sidecar to hold his toys, 1949..

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  • Bill Shorten: "The money you spend in the budget is taxpayer money. You are not Santa Claus or any other mythical person. You have an obligation to spend taxpayer money in the best interest of the Australian people, not simply to try and do something about your unpopularity.".

  • #poll Does Gregg Popovich look like Santa Claus going through a midlife crisis? -Garemy.

  • Playing “Santa Claus is coming to town” around this time of the year is just twisted.

  • Scott Morrison has rebuked Michael McCormack on the Nationals leader’s first day as Acting Prime Minister, with the Treasurer denying Mr McCormack’s claim he would be “Santa Claus” in the May budget #auspol.

  • Santa Claus-gate continues to absolutely ruin me.

  • En octubre el dolor siguió avanzando, en noviembre me di cuenta que ya te estaba olvidando. En diciembre Santa Claus me trajo suerte porque conocí a un niño totalmente diferente. En enero me volví a enamorar y en febrero hay alguien en tu lugar. Y ni te quiero contar. 😊.

  • On reflection, we actually owe @M_McCormackMP some thanks. At least he was being honest with his Santa Claus analogy, because this WILL be a “Save Turnbull” spending spree budget, no question. #jonesandco #pmlive @chriskkenny.

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  • Merry Christmas, debt is over..

  • being awake is like being the only kid a room that knows Santa Claus isnt real your stomach flutters with the absolute NEED to ruin it for everyone else #QAnon #GreatAwakening #GreatAwakeningWorldwide #WakeTheFuckUp @realDonaldTrump @POTUS.

  • @OlegKerpotkin @Gonzobaggins @TheUSASingers @BrienneOfSnark_ @bjcreigh @PoisonIvyResist @EdnaFirePants @3RiC_S74NL3Y @JeanasJewels @pebbles9010 @myworldjlt @Jabbadaddy2016 @ACJJustice @Zylie @kimmyifuplease @DanteUSAInferno @islandertmt @nullnotvoid @LyndaSGayle1 @McnicolSalazar @sheara46 @BlueInRedCity @ChloeResists @SelfImposedXile @ExpectoResister @TexanTruth42 @New2018World @SlythSeeker2017 @NJColorado @MsEmmaPeele @LilithResists @Coldhands2 @MINDRIVER72 @lostinohio1 Why does Santa Claus have such a big sack? He only comes once a year..

  • Chris Kenny is determined to get acting PM Michael McCormack to renounce his belief in Santa Claus. #auspol.

  • Michael McCormack was not uninformed. He is on the Turnbull Govt’s Expenditure Review Committee. He was telling the truth today about ScoMo’s “Santa Claus” budget. It was Morrison who was spinning bulldust when he claimed that the budget will be “responsible.” #pmlive #auspol.

  • Resulta que "los niños que están en edad de creer en Santa Claus y el conejito de Pascua no pueden entender cosas complejas" como que existe más de una orientación sexual. O sea, que la heterosexualidad sí la entienden, pero el resto no. Deben de ser que su cerebro no rige eso..

  • Le voy a escribir una carta a Santa Claus desde ahorita para que ahora si no tenga pretextos el hijo de su puta madre. Aiñ perdón a los seguidores del Santa. 🙊.

  • Vesper thinks Zordon is Santa Claus #PowerRangers #HyperForce.

  • but we learn by experience, i guess. that night i learned that i disliked the taste of wax. even if it does come in the shape of santa claus.

  • @uniquedeehan1 @lauraMcc1422 @CAoutcast @cjdtwit @WilliamNSmith3 @glockzilla19 @deplorabletx71 @DavidWayneWood2 @ZJDuhamell @MyShareWon @WandaIsBack @DatoFreddy @LocoFairly @momof24u @Globird3 @Whamo20 @PIRATEDANTRAIN @unconcious0 @Seeds81Planting @SKSSKanz @bronson69 @tenacioust0286 @DolphinBabe21 @RUSTIMCCOLLUM @izonorion71 @stand4honor @ShoreyMichael @ladydiblu1 @Timesupjokers @TiredOf_UrCrap2 @DEEplorableinWV @billbenedict61 @NinaGrigsby @TabbyWesa @WingedDevyl @Tori2uTori @mekumpf @knkcattle @LandenSmith11 @CommandoGirl68 @Fusion4Trump @basedinfidel8 @hockey1269 @Skypilot195 @OdinMo @BitchesAlice @TAGOS22 @tbeaux29 @PaulGMcC1967 Yeah, #HillaryClinton is a real bastion of equality for all, especially for women. She’s as steady as they Santa Claus is real. 🤣.

  • @Bowenchris I have a vivid imagination but Scott Morrison as Santa Claus is a bridge too far? I would think that any "Budget Goodies" will be snached back upon re-election and then some. Remember No cuts to Pensions No cuts to Medicare No Cuts To Education No Cuts to ABC & SBS.

  • ‘I’m not Santa Claus’: Morrison rebukes Acting PM over budget ‘goodies’ | The New Daily.

  • [email protected] And to all I say “Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus!”.

  • HOLY SANTA CLAUS 💩!!!! WHAT IS THAT SHINY THING??? #stillcoldbutIwilltakeit #thesunhasnotforgottenOhio.

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  • Mi día estaba bien culero pero acabo de ver un perrito con un trajesito de Santa Claus y se veía bien bonito pero luego pensé que pobrecito porque pinche calor alv y ya me empute otra vez.

  • Professor Todd Walter @Stanford and Santa Claus comparing experiences of #GNSS Integrity in the Arctic #arcticnavigation.

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  • HIGHLIGHTS + @chriskkenny taking Acting PM @M_McCormackMP to task for claiming the Treasurer will hand down a Santa Claus budget. #auspol.

  • @chucktodd Going to find out if Santa Claus is real today. What kind of burden of proof do you require to acknowledge that Fox is not a news organization?.

  • Browns Fans believe in draft smokescreens because they believe anything/everything. Most of them still believe in Santa Claus..

  • @MENnewsdesk Santa Claus is coming to Crown (Prosecution Service).........

  • the concept of soulmates is like santa claus for adults.

  • @JacobAWohl Was that before or after he spoke with santa claus?.

  • @skimedic Hey! I know most of those people. Just showed the photo to my wife and told her how fortunate we are to have both Hagrid and Santa Claus as great community leaders in our industry..

  • You: eats broccoli and salmon for dinner to be a healthier person Me, an intellectual: has milk and cookies for dinner to be more like Santa Claus.