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How do you live with yourself representing the repressive dictatorial Putin regime? - Australian journalist Sarah Ferguson @FergusonNews has started her interview with Russian ambassador to Australia with the right question. 📹: ABC TV Thank you!.

🚨 ELA VOLTOU: Sarah Ferguson, Duquesa de Iorque, afirmou que o fantasma da rainha Elizabeth II está assombrando seus corgis, deixando eles assustados e latindo para o nada..

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E! News
E! News

Sarah Ferguson reveals that she got arrested with Princess Diana..

Sarah Ferguson exaggerating stories about her and Diana 🤪 She’s just another leech monetizing Diana for her own PR gains.

Sarah Ferguson has claimed that her hen night before she married was so raucous - she and Princess Diana ended up being arrested.

Sarah Ferguson @FergusonNews is brilliant interviewing stooges like the Russian and Chinese Ambassadors - she just demolishes their propaganda.


Sarah Ferguson Recalls When She and Princess Diana Were Arrested at Her Bachelorette Party.

Sarah Ferguson recalls Princess Diana arrest: ‘We got into trouble a lot’.

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Dear @abcnews, THIS. 👇 Please pass this on to David Speers, Sarah Ferguson, Stan Grant and Greg Jennett. #JournalismMatters.

Sarah Ferguson Recounts Getting Arrested With Princess Diana At Own Bachelorette.

<[Fergie] I believe very strongly that I have absolutely no judgement on any other person’s life, & I look at how much she loves him and loves the children & gives him a love that he’s never had before> And doesn’t he look good on it…🙄🙄🙄🙄😳.

🚨 Extrem offensives Interview von Sarah Ferguson von ABC News mit dem russischen Botschafter in Australien, Dr Alexey Pavlovsky, zu den aller schwersten völkerrechtlichen Vorwürfen gegen Russland, das man gesehen haben sollte! Englische Untertitel ….

🗣️ The Duchess of York has claimed that Meghan Markle gives Prince Harry “a love that he’s never had before”. In an interview to promote her new novel, she said that the Duchess of Sussex “loves him and loves the children” very much.

🔴 A billionaire Texan property tycoon linked to the Duchess of York has been accused of financing a sex-trafficking ring in the US.

Why would Sarah Ferguson bother to ask Scott Morrison if something was immoral? The answer would require a moral compass. #abc730 @abcnews #Abloke51.

Sarah Ferguson is recalling the time she and the late Princess Diana got arrested for impersonating police officers during her bachelorette party..

Well, I for one rather enjoyed Sarah Ferguson giving the Russian Ambassador a good spanking.

Harry and Meghan news – latest: Sarah Ferguson says Meghan gives Harry love ‘he’s never had before’ - The Independent. Sarah Ferguson is so right to say that Meghan gives Harry so much love that his family ever gave to him..


SHOCK, HORROR! Sarah Ferguson ABC 730 introduces Scomo as THE FATHER OF AUKUS. And ALBO thinks he is the World Leader. Scomo negotiated with Boris and Joe for 12 months, May 20-May 21 when announced. Australia owes its strategic future to former PM Morrison. GREAT JOB SCOMO!.

Russian ambassador getting carved into small pieces by Sarah Ferguson who is not letting him spout his talking points unchallenged. Painful to watch but a proper, appropriate grilling. #abc730 #auspol.


The Duchess of York shared a hilarious story about a memory with her confidante Princess Diana from the night of her hen party..

@_sara_jade_ Agree, She maybe should have coined the phrase ‘The Reaper of Robodebt’ It sounded like a wasted interview by Sarah Ferguson She could have hit him with fact on the illegality of the scheme which he knew in Early 2014, required legislative change. Yet …..

🗣 Master class on communicating with Russians from Australian journalist Sarah Ferguson. “How do you feel about representing Putin’s repressive dictatorial regime,” was how she began her interview with the Russian ambassador to Australia. OK she needs a raise NOW👏👏.

Wow .. just watched #ABC730 Sarah Ferguson absolutely shred the Russian Ambassador to Australia regarding the war in him.😂🤣🤣.

It never stops. The same people, the same circles of millionaire and billionaire friends..

Sternin Venäjä-kolumnisti Ellen Ivits referoi herkullisesti sitä, miten Australian ABC-tv-kanavan -uutislähetyksen ankkuri Sarah Ferguson hiillosti haastateltavaksi saapunutta Venäjän suurlähettiläs Aleksei Pavlovskia. Diplomaatti oli varautunut >.

Sarah Ferguson relembra noite em que foi presa com Princesa Diana após sua despedida de solteira.

I didn’t watch last night’s bcs it’s tiring to hear the same lies and denial from the Kremlin officials but Sarah Ferguson showed that there’s only one way to talk to them. Russian ambassador to Australia seemed to be caught off guard. Full video.

Us Weekly
Us Weekly

Sarah Ferguson recalled getting into a lot of “trouble” with Princess Diana ahead of her death in 1997 — including getting arrested during her hen party in the ‘80s..

The Russian Ambassador is doing his utmost to not agree in any way with Sarah Ferguson. @FergusonNews. If he slips up he’ll be having an appointment with an open window soon. #auspol.

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