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Sarah Huckabee Sanders Reveals What Trump Told Her Is The ‘Greatest Music Video Of All Time’

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Kyle ()

@MarieGerdeman @megmiles5 Sarah Huckabee Sanders in tight leather being a dominatrix whipping Paul Ryan. Okay I think I have to vomit now

Rob ()

@maxasteele @atrupar If Kayleigh has achieved anything since her time at the podium, it would to make Sarah Huckabee Sanders look like a professional.

Nzherald ()

Former Trump press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders defends president in fiery interview

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Ltplmtr ()

@nowthisnews Why does she have these Press Binder Briefings? If everything is going to be a lie anyway, she might as well hide away like what’s-her-name before her. She’s Sarah Huckabee Sanders minus the pearls, plus the cross and dye job times the Binder. SHS - P + (C+DJ) x B=LIES

💧 Susan Smith
💧 Susan Smith ()

Leigh Sales interviews Sarah Huckabee Sanders: (1st question) Can Donald Trump tell the difference between the truth and a lie? Meanwhile in Australia ..... #auspol

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Will Kostakis
Will Kostakis ()

Hi @leighsales, admire your work, but could 730 spotlight Australian authors (particularly debuts) struggling to get word out about their work in 2020 instead of Sarah Huckabee Sanders, a noted liar who despite your efforts, lied a lot?

Nathan Dahm
Nathan Dahm ()

Excited to hear from Sarah Huckabee Sanders at tonight’s OCPA Citizenship Award Dinner. @ National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum

David 🎀
David 🎀 ()

If only Leigh Sales would interview Scotty Morrison like she interviewed Sarah Huckabee Sanders last night ...

Jason Price
Jason Price ()

Last night Leigh Sales just destroyed Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Leigh - Trump is a lying scumbag, you admitted lying for him, and you expect our viewers to believe that anyone not you or trump are in a conspiracy? Sarah - Buy my book and learn the truth! I need the royalties

Se7en N9ner
Se7en N9ner ()

@mehdirhasan What’s impressive is that, with Sean Spicer or Sarah Huckabee Sanders, you could catch a glimpse of vulnerability in the lie. Almost as if their guilty conscience was catching up with them in between lies. With Kayleigh McEnany, it just flows man. A natural, even

Kbaguley ()

@scepticalzizi Yet the following interview with Sarah Huckabee Sanders was

Lahashadenough ()

@PressSec is what you get when Sarah Huckabee Sanders’s vomit comes to life, and starts vomiting.

hankie panky
Hankie panky ()

@doughboyspod @RobLowe i hope you asked about sean spicer’s favorite gum!

Ole Gus
Ole Gus ()

@AblueUs She makes me sick. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but she’s worse than Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

OKLetsGo ()

Why does watching Kayleigh McEnany flip through her binders offend me so much? At least Sarah Huckabee Sanders could lie without notes. #kayleighmcenany #lyingisnotpolicy

Kristopher Koles
Kristopher Koles ()

@apiper13 Who would have thought there could be a worse White House Press Secretary than Sarah Huckabee Here she @PressSec Kayleigh all her desolute Noir Press

Colette Hinkle
Colette Hinkle ()

@MarkJacob16 @MaryTylerMom I believe Sarah Huckabee Sanders styled her hair so that you could not see her horns.

Comet the CI Specialist
Comet the CI Specialist ()

@DavidCornDC McEnany appears to be the worst of a long line of incompetent Trump White House spokespeople. She makes Sarah Huckabee Sanders look intelligent.

Denise Lindsly
Denise Lindsly ()

@svdate Why are journalists covering her? She’s just another version of Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

AR Right to Life
AR Right to Life ()

Former White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders writes eloquently about the pro-life Trump Administration - NRL News Today: via @nrlc

Leighann72 ()

@chicksonright go subscribe and listen to the Chick’s Common Sense podcast. My home girl, Sarah Huckabee Sanders (no relation to “why do you gotta) ALL UP IN THERE! Last week, my GRUSH, (gay crush) Richard, this week Sarah. WHAT IS HAPPENING?WHY AREN’T YOU LISTENING, FOR👏REAL!


As a GNR this is quite weird. They play their songs at rallies even though @axlrose has asked them not too.

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Justasitsounds ()

@crk5 That was satisfying to see Sarah Huckabee Sanders twitch when Leigh Sales asked her repeatedly to answer the question when she did the usual pivot and drone bullshit. Still made my blood boil to see have to listen to her hypocritical doublespeak though

Katie Bot
Katie Bot ()

My dive into the tabloid archives for this piece as a goodbye to Sarah Huckabee Sanders, a true monster!

David Glasgow
David Glasgow ()

Watch the full eight minutes of this interview with Sarah Huckabee Sanders and ask yourself why foreign journalists have been more effective than American ones at grilling our political figures.

W. Scott Smith
W. Scott Smith ()

@jaydotcom @toddstarnes Now, let’s see Biden do a Fox town hall with Sarah Huckabee Sanders as moderator. 😏🤣🤡🤡🤡

ᗪIᑭᑎᗴᖇYՏ TᗩᖇᘜᗩᖇYᗴᑎ
ᗪIᑭᑎᗴᖇYՏ TᗩᖇᘜᗩᖇYᗴᑎ ()

@charliekirk11 Sean Spicer? 🤣 Sarah Huckabee Sanders? 🤣 Stephanie Grisham? 🤣 Kayleigh McEnany? 🤣 Did you even think before asking this?

cynthia burns
Cynthia burns ()

@Doodisgirl You don’t see this all over the news; if it had been the Trump administration; wall to wall coverage for the next week. Remember, Sarah Huckabee Sanders?

Geraldine Harlson
Geraldine Harlson ()

Meghan McCain Confronts Sarah Huckabee Sanders Over Trump’s McCain Insults via @thedailybeast

Daily Caller
Daily Caller ()

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Reveals What Trump Told Her Is The ‘Greatest Music Video Of All Time’

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