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I was thrilled to win best political cartoon for ‘Team Scomo’ at the Rotary Cartoon Awards. Thank you! It was hosted at The National Cartoon Gallery in Coffs Harbour, worth a visit! @bunkercartoons.

Scomo Photo,Scomo Photo by john shakespeare,john shakespeare on twitter tweets Scomo Photo

@jordanbpeterson Dr. Peterson sir please insist that ScoMo go on your all meat/benzo diet I’d love him to fall into a coma.

@RichardKGrump His colleagues were too busy gifting to care as long as ScoMo was running cover for them. While he was out front clowning around for the media and photo ops, they were happily looting the Australian treasury for themselves and their friends/supporters instead of doing their jobs..

lucky ScoMo is some kind of protestant, otherwise he probably would have secretly made himself pope I.

If ScoMo’s lack of integrity riled you, then you should feel the same about Dan Andrews A man renowned for his attention to detail and for making ALL the big policy decisions, Andrews swore on a bible and said he knew nothing about setting up hotel quarantine. Staggering..

Great read about Scomo’s secrets ministries, but can we just take a moment to WTF about the GG insisting on regular singing at functions?!? #auspol.

Scomo Photo,Scomo Photo by Natalie Bochenski,Natalie Bochenski on twitter tweets Scomo Photo

Often shared #Whisky with Josh Frydenberg while he talked of his loyalty to @ScottMorrison but got nil in return. He would have held his Seat with any PM other than ScoMo. Once mates: Ex-treasurer turns on ScoMo over secret ministries via @InQldMedia.

#qanda Stan is showing his Right Hand preference AGAIN. How is it that there is zero about the Federal Scomo Et Al debt..


What exactly does Scott Morrison have to do before he faces serious repercussions? #AusPol #scomo.

@PaulBongiorno It was a contingency plan for COVID, we all had to nominate backups in the worst case scenario. Yes he could have communicated it better but I doubt it was the beginnings of a Scomo uprising. get a grip!.

@daisymay4263 Stuck into Scomo going NRL when nothing was happening in Australia. Albo not only gets a pass for being absent during the floods but not a word about Australians struggles as he kicks back on our coin.

@Law_Girl_ @marquelawyers Yep. So could Scomo🤦‍♀️ He’s hardly been a shining light since the beginning of 2020..

@jordanbpeterson It’s a shame that ScoMo locked his own citizens out of their own country and even prevented them from leaving unless they were #vaccinated. If the Liberals want to know why they lost government, it’s because they are no longer representing the party of Menzies! #auspol.


@strangerous10 He’s got a pretty good poker face, but I’m prob mixing that up with lack of conscience of ethics - gets confusing after Scomo. So will you pls update what happened on #Q&A ?.

@paul_scrase @MikeCarlton01 this has nothing to do with trump scomo has always been like this even before he met trump..

Scott Morrison Net Worth, Age, Height, Wealth (Updated 2022) SCOMO can pay for HIW OWN Legals OUT of his $43,000, NET WORTH! WHY the fuck are TAXPAYERS paying WHEN we ALL have to pay our own! FUCKING CUNT!.

This man…SCOMO, is being paid by the public to do nothing except indulge in self gratification activities. In the meantime his electorate has nil representation. He should be sacked immediately and a bi-election held..

Scomo Photo,Scomo Photo by Sir Robin of Locksley,Sir Robin of Locksley on twitter tweets Scomo Photo

@9NewsMelb Mulgrave voters need to think properly, there are no scandals rorts or any videos indicating the anti Dan smears are credible,unlike Scomo Voters will get Mad Guy The negative implications from a low IQ Liberal will be very painful Past Libs Napthne,Baillieu. They did nothing..

@ScottRhodie @samanthamaiden It’s like “ScoMo couldn’t be a worse person” and Jordan is “watch him hold my beer”.

@PRGuy17 @SquizzSTK That Vic Liberal policy sounds like a ‘Load’ of old excrement. I wonder how long they ‘Floated’ that Policy in the Party meeting room. Perhaps they tried too many of ScoMo’s curry receipts and suddenly had a ‘Purge’ of ideas. I know they love ‘Logging’ but that’s ridiculous.

Remember this sewer raking Scomo, left Matthew Guy and Georgie Crozier behind with his garbage. Now they want to run Victoria!! from the septic tank no doubt..

Will Dan Andrews lose his seat? Probably but probable margin loss 10+ alone Matthew Guy still a weak as piss then again, LINOs (Liberal In Name Only) usually are eg. Ballieu, Turnbull, ScoMo to name a few #springst.

@watercarousel Most likely uninformed on Australian Politics, probably only found Who Scomo was a day ago.

@LiberdadeNewman E a liberdade para debater aonde fica? Acho que vc tem um ponto legal no post mas tb temos que avaliar a natureza desse encontro - o cara está em turnê na Austrália ele não veio pra cá só pro papo com o Scomo.

@ScottMoore0 Do the people of Dublin, the most populous place in Ireland and one with significantly different issues, have the interests of those out West at heart? Here’s a bit of inside information Scomo: population density is always a thing, no matter where you are..

@SamDavi99667843 @AlboMP I can cope with what ScoMo did easier than Albo signing ausi’s up to Klaus Schwab and WEF agenda..

@Boldsilver99 ScoMo was a fraud inflicted on the Australian people by people like yourself. #bringoutyourdead.

@Wishuponastar35 Totally agree with you SCOMO is guilty of #crimes against humanity for passing the mandates on to the Premiers and claiming there is nothing he could do. My sons lost jobs and suffered financially and emotionally. SCOMO is a scumbag..

@RobertCawood2 Bloody photo op Scomo. Shouldn’t he be spending his time working for the people of Cook?.

Scomo Photo,Scomo Photo by Charles Cavallaro,Charles Cavallaro on twitter tweets Scomo Photo

CA rocked by former exec’s male sexual assault charges Maybe would have been OK if he had used the correct Pro Nouns and blamed Global Warming and or Scomo for his behaviour.

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