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Dear Prime Minister. The country is not parched but desiccated, and it is burning like a tinderbox, and people are frightened. A column on Scott Morrison and the fires.

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Israel Folau, who said ‘hell awaits’ gay people, gloats that he’s ‘looking forward’ to stricter religious freedom laws.

The prime minister was trapped inside the building until fire crews arrived to switch off the Well that was a waste of fire resources. Not taking any action, so leaving him there would have made no difference 🤔.

Firefighter pens powerful bushfire action letter to Scott Morrison #auspol.

Scott Morrison: REALLOCATE THE FIREWORK BUDGET: Your House Is Already On Fire - Sign the Petition! via @ChangeAUS.

Pm Scott morrison: Say NO to FIREWORKS NYE 2019 give the money to farmers and firefighters - Sign the Petition! via @ChangeAUS.

Just walked through it on Elizabeth Street - usual suspects holding offensive signs. Have no idea why anyone thinks this works. Scott Morrison will be PM forever..

Just a reminder that, prior to yesterday, Scott Morrison had received NO questions from the media on the fires or smoke for a fortnight. From Nov 22 until yesterday. None..

Looking forward to the next pronouncement where asylum seekers want to be there in concentration camps, I mean offshore processing centres..

Scott Morrison says firefighters don’t need more resources. He’s wrong..

What’s the bet Scott Morrison will announce “something” re the fires before 5:30pm? It’ll be a nothing of any consequence statement to be used as insurance against today’s planned protest. He’ll be smug too, he always is. The Cupid #Auspol.

Making it law that mega churches can only be built in bush land and cricketers have to reside in them would make Scott Morrison get off his dopey arse anytime a bushfire broke out..

Scott Morrison is the embodiment of right-wing evangelical conservatism. He champions beer, barbies, and “belief”. But on the real issues all we get is evasion, diversion and dereliction of duty. #NotMyPrimeMinister #auspol.

Getting an emergency bracelet engraved: if injured, not to be visited in hospital by Scott Morrison.

“Our actions on climate change are getting the results they’re intended to get.” PRIME MINISTER SCOTT MORRISON MAKES A BOLD PLAY FOR THE PYROMANIAC VOTE. (Crikey).

Powerful piece from someone who knows: No Scott Morrison my husband doesn’t want to be there.👇.

I marched against John Howard but he showed leadership in a way Scott Morrison is refusing to | Van Badham.

No, Scott Morrison, my husband does NOT want to be fighting fires this summer! via @wordpressdotcom.

#Auspol Scott Morrison and the Coalition are fiddling as Australia burns | Katharine Murphy.

Scott Morrison doesn’t care about Australians. Scott Morrison doesn’t care about Australia. #auspol.

Volunteer firefighters “want to be there”? What concerns me about this attitude is how it imagines fire-fighting as a social activity, not a critical necessity. As the climate emergency deepens, Australia will need a professional, paid fire-fighting force..

Sorry to let everyone know that Scott Morrison is very much ‘your prime minister’.

If Governor-General David Hurley has any integrity in his position, he would invoke the Reserve Powers he has available in the Australian Constitution, particularly those of section 5 and section 64, and remove Scott Morrison and the LNP from power. #auspol #NotMyPrimeMinister.

Dear Prime Minister. The country is not parched but desiccated, and it is burning like a tinderbox, and people are frightened. A column on Scott Morrison and the fires.

22 ex-fire chiefs and the Red Cross say Australia is not prepared for future bushfires, but Scott Morrison is too arrogant to listen..

This is how Morrison takes ‘care’ of the ‘quiet Australians’. Don’t want to go uni? In a region or outer metro area and need some skills? $326 million stripped from Federal tafe funding. Watch them roll out ads with Scott Cam to help spin this. #auspol.

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