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This is the cutest photo I’ve ever seen!! Hi #ShanexJeffree Halloween costumes!! Omg 😭😍🙏🏻.

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Me now getting ready to watch the @shanedawson and @JeffreeStar series #ShanexJeffree.

@JeffreeStar I love how they show in the #ShanexJeffree series the people who work at the wearhouse and office are. Like where can I apply to come work for your company?!😂😱😍.

@JeffreeStar with the #ShanexJeffree launch coming soon, any chance of powder and concealer restock? I need this whole face JEFFREE STAR APPROVED baby!.

Nobody: My boyfriend: “I’m invested in the #ShanexJeffree series because I wanna watch how quickly it sells out”.

#ShanexJeffree is amazing, and I’m dying and living and @shanedawson and @JeffreeStar, I have never bought a makeup palette before and y’all are making me want Blue Blood, and Blood Thirsty, and the Shane X Jeffree Collection. I’m dead. Idk if I can control.

lol they really pushed the james mini palette in order to make room for the QUEENS #ShanexJeffree 🐷.

I’ll be at work sadly when the palette launches, so I had my boss scheduale my lunch break for 1 so I can buy it before it sells out 🤪🥳 @shanedawson @JeffreeStar #ShanexJeffree ❤️.

I’m so scared for the #ShanexJeffree makeup to drop cause Ik I’m gonna buy it then be too afraid to ever touch it again, just like my blood sugar palette and JS lipsticks 😔😔.

#ShanexJeffree Please name an eyeshadow Wait,what?? @JeffreeStar @shanedawson ❤ btw I love u guys so much 😭💕.

@JeffreeStar I appreciate both you & Shane’s transparency & wish y’all nothing but continued success. #ShanexJeffree #JeffreeStarCosmetics.

@shanedawson and @JeffreeStar have been filming this launch since JANUARY and it is finally coming out NOVEMBER 1st! Umm, it’s been almost 10 months so I guess it’s safe to say they literally are giving BIRTH to this line. Hi there! #ShanexJeffree 💄💕 #clockitthehouse.

Who wants to pay for the #ShanexJeffree collection for me when it comes out because omg.

The #ShanexJeffree Collection launches officially on NOV. 1ST at 10AM PST / 1PM EST ⭐️ It will be available on my website and ALL #JeffreeStarCosmetics retailers! 👁.

Pay day on Oct 31st. #ShanexJeffree palette launches Nov 1st. Guess that’s where my money is going then, who needs to pay rent and bills anyway?! 😂.


I’m going to be so poor but I need this collection 🐷🐽 I’m so happy for you guys!! #ShanexJeffree @shanedawson @JeffreeStar.

Every time a new #ShanexJeffree video comes out I watch it twice in a row. And then I also rewatch the previous episodes right before the launch of a new one. The editing and concepts are so strong that you see new things each new time you watch. @shanedawson @JeffreeStar.

@JeffreeStar This has become the way my sisters, mom and I bond. Every Friday before I head out to work we sit and watch the episode and get hella excited. We got excited when you mentioned coming to Sac again. We are so ready for launch. #ShanexJeffree 🔮🖤🔍.

que puta emoción cuando vi el clock it the house de rich lux 😭🤠 #ShanexJeffree.

Can someone PLEASE hire me so I can afford the whole collection😭 #ShanexJeffree.

Literally cannot wait to buy the #ShanexJeffree  palette😍 Already looks ICONIC @JeffreeStar @shanedawson.

@JeffreeStar What happened to all the blue, green, purple and burgundy shades in the earlier episodes :( @shanedawson #ShanexJeffree.

Prob gonna sit outside of Morphe Nov 1st and be on my phone the second this shit drops. Rather have 2 than 0 🙃 #ShanexJeffree.

Today we are announcing in Episode 4 the launch date for the entire @shanedawson makeup collection & #Conspiracy palette!! 👁⭐️ Buckle in and get #ShanexJeffree.

This is the cutest photo I’ve ever seen!! Hi #ShanexJeffree Halloween costumes!! Omg 😭😍🙏🏻.

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