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Clare Hepworth OBE
Clare Hepworth OBE ()

Shaun Bailey: ‘Boris has asked me to consider running for mayor again’

Brandon Brown
Brandon Brown ()

Some good stuff, some bad stuff and some awesome potential. #GoBlue

The Poisonous Euros Atmosphere Fan
The Poisonous Euros Atmosphere Fan ()


Victoria ()

find someone who looks at you the way @Tiinaaa97 looks at Shaun Johnson

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Jardian Ormsby
Jardian Ormsby ()

Based on Josh Hannay’s presser, where he was asked point blank about Shaun Johnson, I’d say the realistic chances of the Sharks backtracking on their should tap is somewhere between 1-2% which is also in line with how the @sharkcastpod has called it. A bummer.

Childish Dan-Bino
Childish Dan-Bino ()

Jake Clifford and Tom Dearden both got #NRL clubs this season, but Shaun Johnson is still unsigned. Rightio.

The Fall Guy
The Fall Guy ()

The rest of Twitter would hate it but I would be in Heaven if we somehow made a swap of Mitchell Pearce for Shaun Johnson

NRL News
NRL News ()

The Sharks just about hang on to beat the Panthers 19-18 with a last minute field goal from Shaun Johnson after a valiant second half performance from Penrith. #NRLSharksPanthers

Bakes ()

@NRL_Bulldogs just a reminder that Shaun Johnson and Matt Burton would be a great halves pairing #justsaying

Nobody Special 🏳️‍🌈💚❤️
Nobody Special 🏳️‍🌈💚❤️ ()

Shaun Johnson just had a 35min rest and then turned up to break Panthers fans hearts all across Australia. #NRLSharksPanthers

KMac ()

@davepiepers Imagine signing Nicho Hynes and then choosing mercurial talent Matt Moylan over inconsistent and injury prone Shaun Johnson to partner him in the halves. Power move 💥

Andy Rowsthorne
Andy Rowsthorne ()

Wonder what team would go for Shaun Johnson, raiders could take a punt with Broncos behind maybe, not sure any other teams need a half.


BREAKING- Shaun Johnson’s irate father rips into Cronulla & Craig Fitzgibbon over son’s pending departure from the Sharks #NRLDragonsBroncos

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Green Machine Podcast
Green Machine Podcast ()

According to Buzz Rothfield, Shaun Johnson could land at the Raiders - potentially even this year. The 30 year old NZ international has played played 200 first grade games for the Warriors and Sharks and 30 Tests for his country.

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Liam ()

Surely in this post pandemic world Shaun Johnson can work from home like everyone else and the location of his team is irrelevant?

Macca Andrew
Macca Andrew ()

Deadset, if the Dogs don’t enquire about the services of Shaun Johnson then I’ve got no fucking idea what they’re doing. It would be a monumental misstep in recruitment. @NRL_Bulldogs

Clinton Maynard
Clinton Maynard ()

I know the talk of Shaun Johnson falling out with the club has been around for a while. Disappointed, thought he played well on Sunday, but there must be a lot we don’t know and a greater plan. The Hynes signing shows we need to trust Fitz.

Abbz83 ()

@BuzzRothfield They should’ve kept Johnson and let go of Moylan but anyways, Shaun will be a great pick up for another club, @BuzzRothfield where do you think he will end up.

David Piepers
David Piepers ()

Imagine signing Nicho Hynes and then choosing inconsistent and injury prone Matt Moylan over mercurial talent Shaun Johnson to partner him in the halves. Up, up Cronulla.

Fox League
Fox League ()

From reserve grade to Origin: ‘Gutted’ Maroons, Souths star has point to prove after Bennett axing 😡🔥❓ 👉

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Fox League
Fox League ()

Sharks landed $ big fish. Now star duo is in epic ‘shootout’... and one has the upper hand 🧐🔁💸❓ 👉 @Andrew_Jacko

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Rich Fay
Rich Fay ()

Christian Dibble, Cameron Green, Reece Hall-Johnson, Rob Lainton, Shaun Pearson, Jamie Reckord, Devonte Redmond (?!) and Luke Young all offered new deals

Fearless In Devotion
Fearless In Devotion ()

Offered new deals: Christian Dibble Cameron Green Reece Hall-Johnson Rob Lainton Shaun Pearson Jamie Reckord Devonte Redmond Luke Young

Ceth Surry admirer (V-Dawg)
Ceth Surry admirer (V-Dawg) ()

@Connormzz Pretty sure I saw him supplying the knives. Shaun Bailey and Boris Johnson pleaded with him not to do it but he did it anyway.

Shaun Johnson
Shaun Johnson ()

Great to be back @BrightonRace again for @KublerRacing Good luck to Zulu Girl, Trish and Colin.

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Christopher Dodds
Christopher Dodds ()

Shaun Rodgers, Justin Johnson, Rabin Omar and James Wallace are all released at the end of Season 2020/21. Gus MacPherson in discussions with the rest of the squad for the remainder of this week as he tries to shape his squad for next season.

oak pineapple
Oak pineapple ()

@TimHewitt If I’m watching a Shaun Johnson compilation I want to know what percent of what he’s doing is luck, what percent is skill and what percent is concentrated power and will!

Mujtaba Roy
Mujtaba Roy ()

Troller of shaun tait and michael johnson, the batsmen who hit sixes to malinga on yorkers, Finally the KING is back👑💥 #HBLPSL6

Shaun Johnson Photo,Shaun Johnson Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Jason Oliver
Jason Oliver ()

My repeat set for Round 12: Clifford’s contribution to the Knights, Warriors need to sign Joey Manu and Shaun Johnson is back, baby! + PVL, Morgan Harper & Manly’s play of the round

Dom ()

Oh wait kinda like y’all got handed Prime Deron Williams, Jason Terry, KG, Paul Pierce, Joe Johnson, Shaun Livingston and still couldn’t and haven’t done shit. Oh okay got it. A fucking clown ass casual New York fan. Why am I not surprised?

☚ luke travers Jommy ☛
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