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‘Played himself into a green and gold jersey’ Eels star Shaun Lane stuns with brilliant flick pass in ‘game of his career’ 🤯🔥 👉.

Shaun Lane Photo,Shaun Lane Photo by Fox League,Fox League on twitter tweets Shaun Lane Photo

Shaun Lane could probably fly the charter flight home after that. Every touch in that second half was special. A career game #NRLCowboysEels.

Btw I said that Shaun lane should be a chance to make the Aussie World Cup squad about a month anyone else think he’s a chance? @MasonsTake especially with a lot of spots open cos of players opting to play for the pacific islands?.

The Townsend kick with 4 min to go. Here is the moment Shaun Lane gets his hand to to the kick and it’s picked up by Dylan. Eels were absolutely gone here. This kick finds its mark and it’s all over. Sivo is 15 meters in field and no-one is back. What a moment.#NRLCowboysEels.

Shaun Lane Photo,Shaun Lane Photo by David A,David A on twitter tweets Shaun Lane Photo

Shaun Lane was a standout individual performance in a stand out team performance. Cowboys were fantastic as well. What a game!! #eelscowboysnrl.

Incredible from the Eels to hold on. Feel like the Cowboys blew it leading 20-12 at home + in the head/humidity of Townsville. RCG was enormous for Parra. Shaun Lane - brilliant again … and their skipper Clint Gutherson was in everything. #NRLCowboysEels.

Put that win down to Shaun Lane. I believe he was the difference. Cowboys could not stop his offloads. Reg & Matterson were also very good. #NRLCowboysEels.

@mase21 @MasonsTake Reuben Cotter and Shaun Lane secured their spots last night IMO. Lane for the bench and Cotter as a starting prop..

@EelsTCT How good is this 2022 version of Shaun Lane? Without him, we lose that game tonight I think..

Our Player of the Match for #NRLCowboysEels, is - perhaps unsurprisingly - Shaun Lane. #NRLFinals.

@LadiesWhoLeague @TheBiggestTiger can’t be reached right now, they are on Shaun Lane Island.

Shaun Lane Photo,Shaun Lane Photo by Terry Bull,Terry Bull on twitter tweets Shaun Lane Photo

@TheParraEels Surely Shaun Lane has now done enough to be picked for Australia in the World Cup..

Nah fam, we hailing another back rower who played in perpetual motion tonight. Shaun Lane with an enermous knock to get us to the grand final!.

@NrlConspiracies No, Eels were a mess. Thke Shaun Lane out & they’ve lost by 20+ If Penrith win he’s playing on Kikau. Nanai has had a wonderful year but he’s not on Kikau’s level. Especially defensively..

RCG 2 try’s out of nowhere but without doubt Shaun Lane was the biggest performer. What a game. The two edge backrowers, RCG and Gutherson were absolute standouts. Lane would be one of the most improved players this year and if HYoung is a bolter for kangaroos Lane should be to..

SCREAMING CRYING AND THROWING UP!! 💙⚡️💛 #PARRAdise Shaun Lane for MotM #NrlCowboysEels.

@pmacpher3 He got the pies, but Shaun Lane is gonna live in the nightmares of the Cowboys right edge for the next six months.

@mitchd_90 @princess_hann_ Ahhh guys, I uh have some bad news for you. Shaun Lane says fuck your bench rotations..

Watching the replay. Shaun Lane will be a Kangaroo this year. Absolutely bank it #PARRAdise #NRLCowboysEels.

@EelsTCT @TheParraEels Shaun was lane-gendary last night, phenomenal performance that back 20 minutes. All players for parra on field showed true championship grit and desire. Love it..

COMING UP | @LouisHWatt and @GuerinSports are ready to get your Saturday morning off to a flyer on The Mail Run 📬 🏇 - Track updates w/ Murray Marshall and Kim Treweek - The Fast Lane w/ Shaun Clotworthy, Grant Cooksley and Lisa Latta - Loveracing Ownership with Mark Chitty.

@ronstradamus1 Nevermind that. My first born is named Shaun lane. My last name dies with him.

RCG 2 tries, Shaun Lane. Everyone was asking the questions of their halves, but their forward pack absolutely killed it tonight!! 2nd half it was obvious they just dominated. Deserved GF spot!! #NRLCowboysEels.


3 points Shaun Lane 2 points Shaun Lane 1 point Shaun Lane 💙💛💙💛💙💛💙💛 I need a drink…….

Shaun Lane 4 offloads, 130 metres, 6 tackle breaks, a try assist, 30 tackles. What a game. #NRLCowboysEels.

Credit to the Eels, I thought the Cows would roll on when they got up by 8 👏. Shaun Lane should get free beers for life at the Parramatta leagues club 🍻. #NRLCowboysEels.

@ParraTillIDie Shaun Lane was MASSIVE (no pun intended). Best game of his career so far!.


Parra bandwagon! Huge win. Shaun Lane in that second half was 👌🏽👌🏽 #NRL.

@ronstradamus1 Petition to have Mitch Moses rename his daughter after Shaun Lane. Goose Moses has a nice ring to it..

Who is Shaun Lane? For the blind, He is the vision. For the hungry, He is the chef. For the thirsty, He is the water. If Shaun Lane thinks, I agree. If Shaun Lane speaks, I’m listening. If Shaun Lane has one fan, it is me. If Shaun Lane has no fans, I don’t exist..

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