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Jon Ralph
Jon Ralph

Dyson Heppell on @FOXFOOTY after the club and teammate Dylan Shiel was mocked by Luke Parker. His response On The Couch.

Surrounded by mountains on the shores of Loch Shiel, Glenfinnan Monument is a Highland gem and a tranquil spot from which to imagine the day when one of the most important events in Scottish history began here: the 1745 Jacobite Rising. (📸 essevu) #ForTheLoveOfScotland.

Shiel Photo,Shiel Photo by National Trust for Scotland,National Trust for Scotland on twitter tweets Shiel Photo

This footage should haunt not only Dylan Shiel, but an entire club. Will it? Have my doubts. #AFLSwansDons.

Despite the severe lack of leaderehip shown last night, Zach Reid and Ben Hobbs had a crack last night. Reid had 17 disposals at 85% to go with 10 marks and 6 intercepts 👏 Hobbs also had 17 disposals and more pressure acts than Merrett, Shiel & Parish. 🟥⬛️.

Fox Footy
Fox Footy

We don’t often see this, but I like it. Swans star’s cheeky sledge for flighty Bombers after goal. More from #AFLSwansDons:.

Shiel Photo,Shiel Photo by Fox Footy,Fox Footy on twitter tweets Shiel Photo

Callum Mills tackles: 13 Essendon mids (Merrett, Parish, Hobbs, McGrath, Caldwell, Shiel) tackles: 10.

This is painful 😒 Mason Redman had every right to be filthy with Dylan Shiel for this. 🟥⬛️.

I assume Dylan Shiel has never been fishing. Still looking for his first tackle #AFLSwansDons.

@essendonfc Shiel one of the worst trades in our history. 2 first rounders and still got years left on his overpaid contract.

Parker absolutely truth telling to Shiel. Absolutely everything in a tough as nails, goalkicking midfielder that Shiel is not. Cop it sweet..

@ScooterMcNeice I get maybe trying to pump up Shiel’s numbers to try to trade his contract this off-season. But if the club is about making tough decisions, you gotta drop this dude and not think twice. You didn’t actually make him sit last time. Do it this time..

3 votes Peter Wright 2 votes Darcy Parish 1 votes Nick Martin Sorry , Zach , ManChild , Redders , Hindy , Jye , And much better from Hepp , Smith , Shiel and young Hobbs . And Nick Bryan is going to be something special in my opinion . No doubt I have forgotten someone..

@JonathanJWalsh Basically our season in a nutshell…Shiel finally hits a target, Francis drops a a advantage paid ..Draper can’t pick up other end.

OMG I love my Bomber Boys, I actually cried when Aaron Francis kicked his second. I could see what it meant to him. Loved the game of so many, Hobbs, Redman, Drapes, Hind, Martin, Shiel, Darc, Merret, Perks, 2MP, I could go on ❤️🖤❤️🖤🖤❤️🖤.

Shiel doesn’t have a defensive bone in his body. Deserved what he copped from Parker.

Francis and Shiel copped a bit from the supporters during the game but both had moments in the last quarter. Francis takes a strong mark and goals. Shiel gets two centre clearances in a row which lead to score. (albeit missing an easy shot.) Was also injured early..

left. Shiel lays a absolute ripper tackle on Newcombe who was unstoppable most of the game.

and capped it off with an enormous Shiel tackle with Merrett immediately getting to him for a congratulations. So great. This is awesome..

Watching Parker’s little jibe last night reminded me of Sam Mitchell. And again, the most disappointing thing for me was that not one player flew the flag for Shiel or the club. @essendonfc where is this blue collar mentality you bang on about? Cos I don’t see it! 🤷🏼‍♀️.

@FOXFOOTY So Parker is widely praised for mocking Shiel (basically calling him shit), but when Silvagni does it 😮.

Luke Parker disrespected the Bombers and their highly-paid midfielder Dylan Shiel last night. The fact Shiel and his teammates did nothing about it has left Matthew Lloyd fuming. 😡.

@Mellydons Sorry Melissa you’re on your own defending Shiel. He’s not delivering. And even Rutten knows that, dropping him a couple of weeks ago..

Luke Parker taunting Dylan Shiel for being a woos in the contest is bloody spot Shiel having zero impact on this game..

Shiel Photo,Shiel Photo by Don Caldwell ℹ️,Don Caldwell ℹ️ on twitter tweets Shiel Photo

Shiel is not the problem, all this hate is unwarranted. He came to us as a run and carry outside mid so if the coaching team want him to take on a different style it’s up to them to educate him. The man looks confused and his natural game is shot.

@CharlieDons The first crack had behind the goals footage - was extremely damming for shiel.

I just saw this. Honestly, I love it. Parker’s right. And the problem for Essendon is that other teams know that Parker is right and Shiel doesn’t try to play physically. Talk your shit, Parker. Fix the root of the problem, Essendon..

Shiel is tonight’s whipping boy out here on members wing . Also someone yelling to Hepp that aus kick starts at 9am tomorrow Bit verbal out here tonight.

Glen Shiel beaten! BRAD THE BRIEF turns over the former #ChampionsDay winner in impressive fashion at Haydock. An exciting sprinter for the @hpalmerracing and @chasemorefarm to go to battle with this season 🚀.

Parker gets stuck into Shiel, no response. Merrett gets flattened, no response…30 tackles and bullied all over the ground again, no trouble. This is where the club is at 🥴.

@FOXFOOTY I’m glad you put the red circle there, otherwise I wouldn’t have seen Dylan Shiel..

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