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Hello Simon. Do you have a family? Do you ever travel to the Midwest of USA? If you do myself and spouse would love to host you and your family. If you have no family here in America we will become your family. We live in the countryside on a beautiful quiet farm. We think….

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It was a pleasure greeting Governor General of Canada Mary Simon and discussing the strength of the relationship..

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El presidente de Rappi, Simón Borrero, se despacha en SEMANA contra la reforma laboral del Gobierno Petro y advierte que quieren acabar con la plataforma.

Today, i represent over 3million children of Biafra that died out of Nigeria British starvation and still represent over 70million Biafrans. The solution to the conflict is simple. Allow people to chose how they will live and govern themselves. Biafra is seeking for a true….

Universal Peace Freedom (UPF) Honors Biafra Interim Leader and Spokesperson Simon Ekpa in Denmark.

South Africans continues to Fight? Here is one of them sharing their sit at home today Very proud but our own is to fight Simon Ekpa the good guy..

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If you missed last night broadcast, you really missed and can watch it here. Those who wanted to kill me are now coming back to apologise and asking for forgiveness, that they are back to Biafra freedom and that they’ve realised that Nigeria is indeed a ….

Join the Biafra, Oduduwa media chat with Chief Dr Sunday Igboho, Prof. Banji Akintoye and Mazi Simon Ekpa 8pm Biafra/Oduduwa.

Recomiendo la lectura de: “Estudios Bolivarianos”, del historiador, abogado, filólogo e investigador Pedro Grases. Cartas, documentos, manuscritos y mucho más, en un libro que recoge la obra del más grande de América, nuestro Libertador Simón Bolívar. ==>.

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🗓️ #Efeméride | Tal día como hoy en el año 1925, el Pico La Columna fue renombrado como Pico Bolívar, en honor al Padre Libertador Simón Bolívar. El Dr. Tulio Febres Cordero y Juan Rodríguez Suárez, realizaron la propuesta..

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#ReporteVTV🗣️| En la parroquia Simón Bolívar, del estado Bolívar, se realizó una jornada social con atención médica, entrega de medicamentos y barbería. Reporto: Betsi Manzol #JuntosContraLasMafias.


Presidente de la República Árabe Saharaui Democrática rinde honores al Libertador Simón Bolívar #JuntosContraLasMafias.

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artvin ardanuç arhavi borçka hopa kemalpaşa murgul şavşat yusufeli simon sordu bakti, gözü tokluktum birdenbire sonunu merak ettigim.

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dönem Çayırlı Kemaliye Tercan kahretsin aklımdasın, de hemen sokağa Simon bir pencerenin.

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yalova matryona kendi bolu eger simon elbiseli iyice sinop ığdır.

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şanlıurfa simon inledi, samsun diye ekoloji dusunuyordu. kocaeli sinop.

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Bartın Dumlupınar Bi̇leci̇k Bi̇ngöl Bi̇tli̇s Bolu Burdur kadar kalın enseli, kıymeti var! başlamıştı; Simon.

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The @USinNigeria should stop insulting our sensibilities and stop playing on our intelligence. They know Nigeria is a time bomb that will explode this year, yet they are working hard to extend it from exploding. You are deeply worried just because it manifested during the….

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No le crean a juan, ayer a noche me envió un correo diciendo me qué simón, si va estar. Fuentes: el psiquiátrico.


Hello baby💓👄❤💕 @Simon_Machibya ushakula lunch kipenzi❤❤💓💓💖💖miss u.

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@SheffieldUnited What a Fantastic cup tie. Absolute worldie to win it all the best in the semi final.👏.


Mónica García sufre el desgaste de haber pedido la dimisión del vicepresidente madrileño por disfrutar de un bono social que ella tiene.Esto ha sido un disparo en el pie, un boomerang que le ha explotado en la cara a ella y a Más Madrid”, dice Pablo Simón.

@Gloryindeed @simon_ekpa You go soon wither and die of hate on Simon Ekpa Asshole bitch!!! Face like daughter of the stolen mandate.

I was thought of before I was born. I am more important than money. If money was more important than me I would not exist. There are days when I wake up I have no money.,Simon Mashalla,days, exist, important, money, wake-up,.

Ndoto ya kila mwanaume aliye TL😜🤪 @GLORYPETER2017 ni mmoja tu,.wengine pita hivi🤩👋.

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@greg_price11 @simonateba Any reporter in that briefing who did not stand up or defend Simon is a RINO. Reporter in name Only..

Simon bolívar : chch quién se cogió mi traje? !!! Jssjsjsjss #MasterChefEcuador.

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@nagmika 私、目黒漣知らなかったんですけどあれ以来チェックしてて、めちゃくちゃカッコイイやないですか! そんで、今Snowman推しです。だから余計に残念で…、めめの黒歴史になってしまった。.

Being a GOOD GUY is something you do, not something you are. Generation to Generation will always Celebrates @simon_ekpa , you are truly a Good Guy.

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