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Updated: October 15th, 2021 03:43 AM IST

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If this is the direction then you’d think at this point in their careers, Simpkin over Liddle is the mid to long term plan

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@jamabing Thankyou and @PaulHeatonSolo so much for tonight. You and your band were amazing 💙

@TheRangeUK really disappointed with the terrible service that I have received. I have even sent messages to a Simpkin, Chris brindley, Leah tattersall, Chee tse, but no one has bothered to reply. Do the directors care about customers?

@hill_oval I think it will be a good move. Quality hooker and a good leader. Agree with others that Simpkin is the future so he must play reserve grade. If Liddle can’t get a bench spot, then probably needs to look elsewhere.

@hill_oval I like it. Will add more dimension with his kicking game & leadership. Liddle just isn’t a 80 minute player & an average one at best. Simpkin is the future. I’d be trying to offload Liddle with a player swap to Canberra for Hodgson. No point having 3 hookers on your roster.

@NBWT__ We saw that Lids distribution is very hit and miss good back up squad player but not going to get us to the finals. Simpkin with Covid has probably missed 2 years of potential development in cup. If Grant truly is unhappy at storm would try to get him but Hodgson good 2nd option

If this is the direction then you’d think at this point in their careers, Simpkin over Liddle is the mid to long term plan


@NBWT__ Simpkin 1-2 seasons away from being an NRL hooker, plus he’s injured. Liddle up and down; some good moments but some crucial errors too. The question is does Hodgson make this team better? The answer is definitely yes. Toughness, leadership, guile, kicking option. All for it.

@BecharaRob @MichaelChammas I’ll go against the grain and say that 2 yrs is spot on. Lids is clearly not going to be a top 10 hooker, Simpkin is out for a while and is a Dolphins target. An experienced 9 with the young forwards is a good combo.


@MichaelChammas Absolutely do it Tigers! Need an experienced leader in the middle who can mentor Great signing, make it happen

@altimetr @MichaelChammas Simpkin is still developing. liddle is ok. Hodgson is one of the best players in the game. He will be the best player in the whole team

@MichaelChammas Why would the Tigers need a 9? Liddle and Simpkin were 2 of their better players this yr.

@brysonosyrb @HarethE11is I think he will share the hooker role with Simpkin and play lock when peach is off. So we always have a ball playing lock on the field

@BecharaRob @altimetr Mate, Simpkin or Liddle at this stage, are not first graders. A seasoned superstar like Hodgson will bring experience & professionalism & mentor the 2 young hookers. It is a great signing, trust me.

@BecharaRob I like the idea because I can image us starting hogo and peach then bringing on liddle or Simpkin for peach then having hogo play lock. So we always have a ball playing lock on the field at all times.

@BecharaRob @MichaelChammas Totally disagree. Have been calling for Hodgson signing all yr. He will be great to help Simpkin develop but not be their too long to block his growth. Adds leadership, experience and just quality to steer a team. Brilliant signing

@BecharaRob Imo we need one of them to be able to play another position. Like what the Melbourne Storm do. Grant comes on for Smith and Smith moves to the front row. Liddle and Simpkin are both only able to play hooker.

@BecharaRob @BrunzC Don’t think Liddle is the answer. Hodgson might be a link between the year or 2 before Simpkin can handle the big 80min stuff

@NRLonNine @tonywebb_1 do the tigers need another hooker 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️. What’s wrong with Liddle and Simpkin ???

@YeahCaz - Josh Hodgson is 31 years old - Started picking up injuries recently - Was nothing but a hinderance to Canberra’s attack compared to Starling - Increases potential for Simpkin to leave - Destroys any resemblance of a dummy half running game that we may have had last year

@qooosey @EverythingWests Liddle isn’t a long term NRL hooker IMO & Simpkin is still only 19 i believe? I think having Hodgson there in the long term will be good for Simpkin.


Hodgson as a bridge on discounted $, develop Simpkin who is raw, move Liddle on, replace him with Rua from flegg. Not sure how else people think the tigers are going to attract experienced players atm

@HarethE11is That could be big for him. I really think Simpkin has a high ceiling so if this helps him reach that so be it. Hodgson might actually talk on the field as well I guess lmao

@brysonosyrb I think it may be the best thing for Simpkin. Both Hodgson and Robbie to learn from before he takes over

@brysonosyrb @HarethE11is I don’t think Simpkin was gonna be a full NRL 80 minute hooker this season anyway

@AndrewRLP @brysonosyrb A 2 year deal worth 800 to 900 max and Simpkin gets to learn off one of the best hookers in the last 5 years as well as Robbie, what is so wrong with this deal

@altimetr @MichaelChammas Liddle has been told he has no long term future at the club and Simpkin is only 19 and has one of the longest contracts at the club. Hodgson would be a fantastic person for Jake to learn off

@simon_il97 Hodgson to hooker or halfback? I kind of think your mob should invest in Simpkin

@altimetr @MichaelChammas Hopefully Liddle will go. Hodgeson with Simpkin on the bench.

@MichaelChammas Are they kidding? So Liddle and Simpkin go somewhere else ? Maguire is so desperate to make a ‘big name signing’ he’s going for Matt Ballin Mk II

@Adrian_Poly Thomas is the clear standout for talent, be hard for him to miss for a decade. Simpkin, Stephenson, Powell, LDU all chances. Phillips on pedigree. McDonald, McKay, Zuhaar, Larkey all not impossible. AA gets dominated by top teams, 4-6 if the rebuild works, 1-3 if it doesn’t.

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