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EA has now removed incest from The Sims 4. It was accidentally added to the game last week..

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DIRECTO DE VIERNES 😈 Sims, Dedsafio + gulag y más cositas..

[being shown around on my first day at EA] ‘this button adds incest to The Sims, but we don’t press it, ok?’ me [pressed it 15 seconds ago] ‘ah’.

I want to thank MCCC for letting us copy the appearance of library sims on other sims 😔🙏🏻✨ that way is so much easier to have my makeovers in every save file without having to download every household and work on their relationships, sentiments etc.

Також ви можете привітати маленьку іменниницю The Sims Ukrainian невеликим донатом на банку монобанку. (Можна ж побути трішки нахабним у день народження спільноти?).

if you play the sims without walls or with all walls up i don’t trust you. semi walls all the way..

We really need media exclusion zones around hospitals. Undignified and invasive for patients, families and professionals. Medical tragedy should never be allowed to turn into a media circus..

Who’s your favorite townie-turned-main character Sim in YOUR Simverse? Mine is Olivia Kim-Lewis. She’s quite literally my Nick Fury across multiple communities of Sims 😂.

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You supposed to talk to God like your friend. Like listen big guy you try that with me and one of you’re fav sims characters gone so let’s do things with sense.

@xomewpie One of my sims was a child and turned back into a toddler when i tried to edit their outfits 😆.

Listen…I want the new Sims 4 expansion pack, and you want me to be happy, right? 👀 findom.

i need to go to sleep because im so tired also just want to stay up and play sims.

Hope Beauty and Groovy,Phyna, Bryann fans are prepared with their Sims card and IUC numbers, not by hyping, learn or ask questions on how to vote on the different platforms..

Gente, ainda não saiu o vídeo de the sims 2 pq já tentei gravar com vários gravadores e não dá, o meu principal trava o jogo e não consigo sair da tela inicial. Assim que arranjar um que ele não trave eu começo :).

Seeing so much sims 3 love on sims twitter now that the sims 4 is a mess. Very ironic 😭.

For the next couple generations of my Sims 4 legacy challenge I will not be having more than 2 kids. Playing with a Sims family of 6 is the most horrendous and unfun thing ever :).

@Libertoucan da- unterteilt in u und ü18, übersichtlich und stäääääääääändig da kann man regelmäßig die nötigen updates holen und einfach im mods folder ü easy cheezy.

EA stop gaslighting us, fix the game and let me play the sims again please😫🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽.

Alternatively: I want the new Sims 4 expansion pack and you want a 🥵 video of me checking you out after you spend your money on me…right? findom.

making a vampire rock band on sims and im stealing these outfits for them el oh el.

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@parker2490 I’m not arguing with you about sims being sent or not, I he should of but you can’t go and compare Clearly’s and Sims, two totally different you should of compared Burgess and Sims from the start..

the urge to build thasmin a cute little apartment in the sims is great👉🏼👈🏼🥹.

@Goatciello Yep. Main ones I can think of now are: Bourdais, Logano, Sims, Gutierrez & Gotz..

Anyone else think that mermaids in the Sims 4 were done dirty and need a skill tree like all the other occult Sims! They could have so many cool skills and abilities like swimming faster, finding buried treasure, talking to fish, etc etc 🌊🧜‍♀️🐟.

@Eleha72168358 Pero es que en serio es una de mis actus favoritas 🤣🤣 es que me gusta tanto que técnicamente debía salir en la actu pasada perooo como me enrrolle con el tema de Cam al final no me quedo espacio y necesitaba más tiempo 🤣🤣.

managed to find a way to download sims 2 … bout to relive my childhood … literally gonna cry if this doesn’t work 🥲.

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god i wish there was a shitty sims 4 bed. i need to recreate marikas horrible stone slab of a bed.

@gay_enby_mirage Probably gonna play sims or Minecraft later, and watch some twitch streamer or just random vids on YouTube if not I’ll just nap all day.

Ben weer live lekker sims 4 spelen in de middag. Het is een korte stream maar we maken het gezellig :}.

in the future we may actually consider the old, rawer models with nostalgia, or even use them for cultural archeology. our visual assumptions are visible in these poorly trained models, such as how anything with the sims in it inevitably blares the bright green of the plumbob.

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