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The Sixers notch two straight at home to tie the series at two 😤.

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The MVP thing is boring at this point since the Sixers actually have playoffs games. Embiid was never going to win once analytical writers claimed Jokic was good on defense right before he was subbed on defense in the playoffs..


James Harden has 0 points in his last two 4th quarters. Ben Simmons had 3 points in his last two 4th quarters with the Sixers..

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Résumé NBA (scores, stats, highlights) : les Sixers et les Mavs ont pris cher, faudra repasser la nuit prochaine pour voir des matchs serrés.


A list of the players who are safe on this Sixers roster heading into the offseason: 1. Joel Embiid 2. Tyrese Maxey #HereTheyCome #Sixers.

The last time the Sixers made the conference finals was 2001. That legendary kid with the apron saying Doc isn’t cooking anything up — wasn’t even born yet. That’s how pathetic that franchise is. Also good morning!!!.

#NBA75 🏀 Butler lideró con 23 puntos y 9 rebotes a un total de siete miembros de la franquicia de Florida que superaron los 10 puntos.

Jimmy Butler leads Heat to to take 3-2 series lead over the Sixers #NBASummer.

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Le Heat pulvérise les Sixers : + 35 !!!.

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I’m going to ignore all the haters hitting me up about the Sixers and point out I just hit +650 @SleeperHQ.

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Oggi è la giornata in cui si percula Phila, ok, ma almeno questi Sixers si sono mossi andando allin senza rimanere con gli assets in mano senza fare niente, cosa che da tifoso Jazz non posso dire. Meglio fallire provando che fallire per inerzia.

Mayores estafas de los últimos años: 3) La Xavineta 2) Cryptomedas 1) #TrustTheProcess de los Sixers.

He actually played in 6 Sixers playoff wins this how many did Ben get with Nets ? You wanna critique cool that’s fine but don’t use Ben Simmons as the measuring bar 🤡.

i want a slowed down horror movie edit of the sixers song for the next hype video just make it real dark and ominous and threatening to their opponents.

People are so biased against certain teams lmao when the Sixers, Celtics, Suns play bad everyone is on ass but when the Bucks or Heat play bad they just get a pass.

@s4vian Agreed with the first part. Can’t afford to give up a game to work him back in. Sixers you could. Question is if you can afford to keep him out..

Very Dismissive again. Listening to Glenn Rivers he makes it sound like he saved the franchise. Rivers after series loss. Hard to remember #sixers won 51 games 2 seasons before he got to Phila. 51 this season. @SportsRadioWIP.

Some nights, sports can make me feel physically ill/weak. Tonight the Sixers compromised my well-being..


Stephen A. Smith did not hold back on the 76ers after they were blown out by the Heat..

You know the Sixers are going to overpay him and then come to regret it..

@sixers @NJMIns Embiid it’s not worth it bro. The man literally almost broke your face. Rest up and get ‘em next season..

@arinelletiandra I’m not saying you specifically. Majority of ppl saying stuff about the sixers are tho. Especially once Joker got mvp. I can’t count how many times I saw “embiid was the real mvp cause when he came back his series was tied but joker sitting at home”. Almost forgot harden had 31.

@DrGuru_ People always downplay that Raptors championship run because of the Warriors injuries, but beating championship-contending Sixers and Bucks during that run was probably as impressive.

Jimmy Butler scored 23 points as the Miami Heat thrashed the Philadelphia 76ers 120-85 to seize control of their NBA Eastern Conference playoff series on Tuesday. #NBAPlayoffs.


@semaJ7272 celtics fans celebrating the sixers downfall as if we’re not going out the same way tomorrow lmaoo.

@SharksNSports Bro I bet my whole life savings, and my kids life savings, and my grandkids life savings, and I also borrowed $50k from my parents, all on the Sixers. You are directly responsible for ruining my entire life..

Post Edited: Heat close out listless Sixers in Game 6 to reach Eastern Conference finals.

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@getnickwright Jimmy Butler has been there twice since rhe @sixers chose Simmons/Brown/Harris over him 🤷‍♂️.

james harden, eski harden değil. biz sezonu burada kapatıyoruz, yanımızda olanlara teşekkürler.

@Marioalberlopez Los Sixers han tocado techo y tiene pinta de que Harden irá a peor..

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