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@sarahramos @dylanobrien can get him as christian slater in a heathers remake who do I call

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X J Æ K-12 ()

Vinegar Strokes walking in with the little bit of a slag line from Kat Slater, ICONIC

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Many police officers apparently never bothered to understand the corona laws they have been so gleefully enforcing. An Oxford teenager was wrongfully arrested for taking money to his mother, under restrictions that only apply in Wales, says @Tom_Slater_

TroyMurphysCousin and LifelongWoundedCoyoteFanMan ()

“Mom can we have Christian Slater?” “We have Christian Slater at home.” Christian Slater at home

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Josh Hanson ()

Great to see my Slater family today! Big shoutout to my man @LukeVadnais for the graduation gift! 🙌

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BenDavid Grabinski ()

If the JACK SLATER movies were real I’d watch them every day.

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6’9 Rafael Castro ’21 @theylovecastro of @RioUniversity & Dover High School has completed a zoom call with Seton Hall. #HallIn

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Vic 🧚‍♀️ ()

slater said “work a lot like a billionaire” like billionaires actually work & aren’t a result of capitalism, in this essay i will-

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#VencendoJuntos emocionante o choro do Bernardinho. Linda a parceria da Iza com os Titas. E demais a participação de Federer, Djoko e Kelly Slater no programa.

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IRON MAN MATCH WEW RIOT General Manager Logan Slater (The Asylum) @DemonScorpio13 vs Simp Mike @Fireboy987 This fight has been coming for weeks! Spilling over into an absolute brawl just weeks ago! Now it’s time to put each other to the ultimate test! THE IRON MAN MATCH!

Scar 🕺🏻 ()

I really don’t understand people who can’t get their head around a male & female friendship that is completely platonic???

Andrew Slater ()

The next wave will be collleges pitching how a player can benefit from the potential NLI revenue of attending a respective university. The strongest recruiters will only get stronger. People connected to ‘21s and ‘22s are already viewing it as a potential gold mine.

Mike McAllister ()

Syracuse conducted a virtual visit today with 4-star center Mac Etienne per @Andrew__Slater. He has already visited in person last season. Is currently a class of 2021 prospect but could reclassify your 2020.


@slattsdog80 Just listened to life danny slater (with 1 T) from colchester to Chelsea and hen ebbsfleet to Stanway rovers #purelegend.

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#TwoTwosPodcast ()

X factor has never been the same since this night. In fact British TV has never peaked to this level of quality. When Kat Slater shouted ‘YES I AM’ to Zoe Slater is a cute 2nd place

Chris Gollop ()

@Tom_Slater_ Clearly Cummings critics would prefer scenario where both he and his wife ended up in hospital, with their 4 year old being ditched with total strangers, thus failing to take measures to safeguard safety of their child and ignoring concerns around child mental health in lockdown.

The Zandarlorian ()

Dude remains one of the all time examples of a serial manipulator, abusive gaslighter, and MRA jackass. Slater should have put him in the ground at least three times.

Diana Henry ()

Thoughts on why cooking has been keeping us sane lately, with insights from Nigella Lawson, Nigel Slater, Yotam Ottolenghi, Mary Berry and me. In print in Stella tomorrow, online now

Tom Slater ()

To spiked’s more dimwitted critics, currently claiming Brendan went after Ferguson but is defending Cummings: he defended both of them. Try actually reading the articles, if you have the grey matter to do so.

Jordan Moore ()

#Patriots Overrated: Mohamed Sanu Underrated: Matthew Slater/ James White Best Player: Stephon Gilmore/ Edelman Addition: Josh Uche/ Devin Asiasi Could Surprise: Devin Ross/ Adrian Phillips Takes Leap: N’Keal Harry/ Chase Winovich Prove it year: Sony Michel/ Derek Rivers

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Every single person prosecuted under the Coronavirus Act was unlawfully charged. One teenager in Oxford was arrested under laws which only apply in Wales. We have given too much power to Covidiot coppers. @Tom_Slater_ on the spiked podcast:

History of Aotearoa New Zealand Podcast ()

This may surprise some of you but in NZ we call this a slater

「𝙷𝙰𝙼𝙸𝚃𝙾𝚄」ハミト。 ()

well SHIT i was just gonna become famous on Yewchube *wipes sweat off brow* i dodged a BULLET. thank you for your service professional Christian Slater impersonator 🇺🇸

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The Wire Magazine ()

Russ Slater is celebrating ten years of his Sounds And Colours website, record label and print publication devoted to Latin American music

Always Ally ()

Am i the only person in the world that calls this guy a Slater? My life is a lie

Christopher ()

@kels_316 @wileyreasons I think I hit my teens before learning that slater was their proper name. Pill bug all the way before then (Albany from ~1972 to 1983, Perth from 84 onward)

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#SLATER: my first wife, who was a whore, by the way me: that should be me 🥺

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Alexandra ()

I hate that I don’t have enough love to give out to everyone everyday like after chasing a toddler around & giving him every ounce of my attention all day long, I just want to be left alone in my free time 🥴 Srry billy, srry friends, & srry cats.

Crooked Media ()

New #AmericaDissected: @AbdulElSayed talks to Navajo National Council Delegate Carl Slater about why Navajo Nation faces one of the worst COVID19 outbreaks in America, & @rebeccanagle joins to discuss the broader implications of COVID19 in Indian Country.

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@sarahramos @dylanobrien can get him as christian slater in a heathers remake who do I call

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