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Updated: October 15th, 2021 04:43 AM IST

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Everybody share ur snapchat under here o. Let’s add ourselves. Mine’s nairamarleynm

Snapchat Twitter

So in other news, today a kid in Lahore uploaded a video on snapchat where he was seen carrying a gun in school. Snapchat flagged the video, informed LEAs in US, they reached FIA via Interpol and guy was arrested in Lahore. Quick action.

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(me having a nice day) snapchat: haha remember this day three years ago when you were a dude

y is everyone acting like it’s the end of the world cause snapchat is down. get a life 😂

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Out of Wrights, IL, about an hour ago according to Snapchat timestamp. #ilwx #wxtwitter @NWSStLouis

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لا تضغطوا على بناتكم في فترة المِلكة؟ فذلك خطأ استراتيجي له عواقب وخيمة.

TikTok, Snapchat, Vimeo, Twitch to Be Governed by ’s Harmful Content Guidelines

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Je remercie le moi de 2015 pour avoir choisi un nom correcte pour mon snap et petitelicorne666 #Snapchat

@angeliceya im actin like i dont send them a black screen at 5am and foregt about snapchat

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@Bulyonzade Şa snapchat efecti o 😂😂😂😂. Renk efecti makyaj sadece eyeliner var

صباح الخير #ابحر_الشماليه ⁩⁩

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YOOO i didn’t know i could give my bitmoji double nose i don’t use snapchat rly but that’s so cool!!

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+++Snapchat’s largest audience is minors who haven’t even gotten their diplomas yet. I think a better idea would’ve been an interactive game that teaches users how local elections work or something of that nature.

posting a picture of your hospital band on Snapchat when you’re in the ER is cheugy idc

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I always forget that snapchat is full of dudes so I get a message and always some sexual comment even on non-sexual things. It’s like as a woman you can’t even get basic human decency. They’d never do that to a man.


@WonderPenguin by the time i learned to talk to people snapchat wasnt the messaging app of choice LOL

Nowadays when you block a person, you have to block them on FB, Snapchat, Twitter, 🤣

Supposed to be working but I’m going through the filters on Snapchat instead.

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Here’s the Snapchat developer’s own example of uncontested elections: Dallas Justice of the Peace elections are 4 year terms - last election was 2018. There was no 2020 election for this. Precinct 5-2 was uncontested in 2018 in general but there was a primary challenger.

HUGE: @runforsomething is partnering with Snapchat - which reaches 90% of 13- to 24-year-olds in the US - to help recruit young people to run for office. This is a big deal and an incredible step forward in our work expanding who leads this democracy.

Everybody share ur snapchat under here o. Let’s add ourselves. Mine’s nairamarleynm

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