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True. A mob trying to cancel election results was so dangerous it ended up killing people.

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Jay Strizz
Jay Strizz ()

It truly is amazing. The bullshit tweets get a lot of engagement. The true knowledge bombs get nothing - so I delete them. Play stupid games win stupid prizes

Katie Herzog
Katie Herzog ()

I have got to find something to listen to besides NPR. I was trying to go back to sleep after taking my wife to the ferry this AM and heard the host of Morning Edition say. “We’ve lost so many lives to corona virus and police brutally.” Only one of those things is true.

Spitta ()

I’m honored to have so many true feel appreciated always .... never trip or feel like the industry is sleeping on me I’m not getting the credit I deserve. As long as y’all riding I’m always gonna keep something clean in the streets. Studio everyday this week swear


I am assuming @Nigel_Farage Kate Hoey @johnredwood and IDS are going down to meet them so they can take their concerns to Number 10, like the true pro-fishing industry patriots they are

Lee ()

@LiamsUTD @crackheadredds So true if the players in front of him just walk around the pitch like rashford does then Bruno isn’t going to be as good

Rmdinkins ()

Jason and Sam ~ Not Alone # They went through so much to be together Jasam❤️ True Love

Robert A George
Robert A George ()

True. A mob trying to cancel election results was so dangerous it ended up killing people.

Nitro Columbo
Nitro Columbo ()

@TheLeoTerrell So true! But we are dreaming. The corrupt establishment won’t handcuff themselves, even if it’s what is best for our country.

Call Me G
Call Me G ()

@WFTeamer True but likely Alex plus others will come off the books so we’ll have wiggle room

𓏲 𓋒 sam 𓏲 𓏧
𓏲 𓋒 sam 𓏲 𓏧 ()

@wheatbreddy SO TRUE BESTIE👌😹 umm noomf KYS‼️👉💔 you sent a fancam DID YOU JUST CALL ME A MONKEYYY

TO ()

This has really been fucking with my spirit. I am so grateful to have met you/been in your beautiful presence, even if it was only once. You’re all I think about these days, and your untimely departure has put my life into true perspective! RIH ERICA 🤍

Last Lap Lando❌#WeSayNoToMazepin
Last Lap Lando❌#WeSayNoToMazepin ()

@Dyso__ True Lew, true. On the plus side they’ll be immune for 6 monthsish. So long as Charles and Lando are ok.

Homo Ludens
Homo Ludens ()

@sanjukta So true lady. Your action hero has a chseled body and a head with a ROCK but no brain. RaGa could have been a great COMEDY and ACTION hero in Marvel movies but Politics is beyond his Nonetheless RaGa is the greatest Standup comedian of Asia.

Maya ☾ simping for Midas era 🥰
Maya ☾ simping for Midas era 🥰 ()


الغريب ()

@ZubyMusic You do not get Zuby, they pretend to be the victims so that they do not get crushed by the true victims. It is like a wolf wearing a human suit.

ProblemChild ()

I know I’m a nursing major but this is so true 😭😭😭 so many of my fellow graduates, Barf

joy is underrated as an artistic objective 🌻☀️
Joy is underrated as an artistic objective 🌻☀️ ()

@moppie138 SCREAM brain and legs, SO true. ahhh the bamboo photo is especially 🔥 the lighting!!! his face!!!


Wait so the rumors about a Spanish album are true omg taki taki is coming 😻

Chicquie ()

@BeeBabs The worst about it that she started with Is it true what they say about Black men? 😏 and I cringed so hard and was fearing the worst 😭

Sara A. Carter
Sara A. Carter ()

.@jaketapper isn’t worth the ground beneath you @RepBrianMast - you, like my husband, and all the veterans who’ve sacrificed so much blood are true heroes. These leftists elitists insults expose their true nature - they have no concept of sacrifice

Equity ()

I am so pleased & proud to be able to share this incredibly important article about this groundbreaking report. Equity will never cease to fight for gender equality until there is true 50:50 representation across all sectors of our industry. Our President @MaureenBeattie2 ✊

Ming✛⁷ ()

@chinksonly ur so sexy n true all the time arent u tired 😞😞💗💗💗💗

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pina ◟̽◞̽ loves taylor sm
Pina ◟̽◞̽ loves taylor sm ()

@91DYLIGHT so true. i feel like better than revenge re-recorded will give me those vibes

Debs ()

@IAmPoliticsGirl So true!! I can’t let my joy show too much as my daughter & her husband are Reps, but I can celebrate with you!😂

Ryuu ()

@SPITOMEGA SO TRUE and the way some people throw words like,, do u even know the actual meaning of those words 😭

Vaneet Mehta
Vaneet Mehta ()

@ElliotBaggott True. But he has been very openly bigoted so he’s still fucking trash

Sauce🍝 ()

@YouAintReady_ @u_coleman11 True! But SAS is paid to give his opinion on the topic so he said how he felt, and if social reform is that important like he says it is ... isn’t the next step retirement from hoop and focus on reform ?

Mariah ()

Twitter won’t give me enough characters to paint the perfect picture so I’m just screen grabbing my other post. Meet William Watson:

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martin rosenfeld
Martin rosenfeld ()

Repubs accuse Dems of partisan politics. However, it is likely that more votes for impeachment will be registered today than was true last time. If so, this means more Repubs are finally realizing that POTUS deserves removal.

Chris Murphy
Chris Murphy ()

It’s just not 100% clear we can have a peaceful transfer of power so long as Donald Trump is in charge of the nation’s security. I wish that weren’t true. I really do. But when January 20th arrives, we need 100%.

☚ #BRIvMVC Bigotry ☛
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