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Watch the “To Begin Again” video in Sony 360 Reality Audio #360RA

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PromoDescuentos ()

Consola Playstation 5 Standard Edition en $12,599 pagando con Paypal y BBVA 🎮

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Rondras ()

@MDHX__ @Nibellion Its not. This is an extra for PS Plus to increase its value, just like the collection for PS5 or the discounts and free dlc. They have released a bunch of exclusives this year while Xbox hasnt. Its an extra for Sony.

翠🟢又の名を란코 兰子 รานโก 蘭子と言う🗣🗣 デッドリフト再開した香港迷/香港粥
翠🟢又の名を란코 兰子 รานโก 蘭子と言う🗣🗣 デッドリフト再開した香港迷/香港粥 ()

@zashikiki @KaIKeILQiQoLD48 どうもコメント内容がサクラっぽいですね。 SONYだったら食いつくのわかるんですけど、なんで華為? って不思議。 ひょっとして「ウィグル弾圧はデマ!」の人達動員してる?

Mr..Keema ()

This generation Sony will be paying more money than investing in their own studios and games. Parity, Time Exclusive deals, paying to keep games off Xbox Game Pass. all of this so the Playstation Brand can Compete.🤣🤣🤣🤣😆😆😆

PlayStation ()

We stand with the Black community as the verdict has been reached in the George Floyd trial. This is a first step, but there is much more to be done. Together with @Sony Group, PlayStation will remain committed to addressing racial inequity and driving meaningful change.

Ubi Frank
Ubi Frank ()

In my youth I could rent 1 game per week. For the same price I can now play a Sony exclusive on my Xbox on launch day along with a shitload of other games. Fascinating times we live in

Teja Karlapudi ☮️
Teja Karlapudi ☮️ ()

Sony be like: Chala confident ga Xperia 1 ki next generation Xperia 2 anukunnaru Users: Ye kada? Sony: Kadu, Xperia 1 with Roman number 2 (II).

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HunterRF ()

E os cara nem pode falar que eu só sou hater do jogo pq é do PS, ja que gosto pra caralho de uma pohada de franquia e game da Sony (Death Stranding, SOTC, Infamous ate de Killzone aquela merda kkkkkkkk)

Girthworm Jim
Girthworm Jim ()

Further proof that if you voice your (valid) concerns loud enough, they will listen. This is huge news.

Tekno Liputan6
Tekno Liputan6 ()

Sony Batal Tutup Layanan PlayStation Store untuk PS3 dan PS Vita

Nadia Oxford
Nadia Oxford ()

Great timing since Sony just decided it’s not going to be *completely* rotten about its retro catalogue!

IGN ()

Sony Pictures Animation has assembled a new team of directors for the upcoming follow-up to Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

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Caelum ()

bundan her zaman louisnin zararlı çıkmasına artık dayanamıyorum. sony ile ne kadar bitirdi bilmiyorum ama elinde böyle audiolar olan birinin de şimdi yayınlaması ayrı şüpheli. cidden bitiremediler louisyi, yaptığı her şeyi yıkmaya çalışıyorlar ama louis daha güçlü geri dönüyor +

部長@fei (休養中につき活動不定期です)
部長@fei (休養中につき活動不定期です) ()

ソニーがPS3およびPS VitaのPS Storeサービスの継続を決定。PSPの購入機能は予定通り7月2日に終了へ SONYにしちゃ珍しい判断だけど嬉しいな

Incinerate ()

@Seanakin @justsomeguycc Sony has become extremely incompetent ever since the company went American and woke.

JinX*|Pro-Amanda ()

Wish list : 1. Kerja ditempat baru (yg di idamkan) 2. Beliin ibu selis 3. Beliin ibu cincin 4. Bawa ibu ke salon kecantikan 5. Tanya ibu butuh apa 6. Rakit PC 7. Drone dji mavic pro 8. Helm full face 9. Sony a6300 10. Paket rekaman musik 11. Gitar 12. Pnya pacar xixixixixix

Storynotes se juntou aos Diamond Dogs com Honra!
Storynotes se juntou aos Diamond Dogs com Honra! ()

@DaviSquarizzi Eu não fiz tweets sobre o assunto, mas ainda sou um usuário do PlayStation 3 e aquela decisão doeu bastante! Tanto que, do nada, os preços dos controles e dos jogos da plataforma subiram a nível de raridade, mano! Então, parabéns a Sony por ter revisado a sua decisão e #VivaOPS3!

Destro Namiko
Destro Namiko ()

@elpayaso_gamer Nooo no lo descarguen es una estafa para que les quede gustando el juego y compren la secuela, que malvada que eres sony

Daniel Ahmad
Daniel Ahmad ()

People keep asking me what the top public video game companies are by revenue for calendar year 2020. Here are the top 5: Tencent - $ Sony - $ Nintendo - $ Microsoft - $ NetEase - $ Includes game related revenue only. 1/3

RGT 85
RGT 85 ()

So like is Horizon Zero Dawn actually going free today or did Sony forget about that? lol

Jeff Ross
Jeff Ross ()

Thanks to everyone for getting the Days Gone petition to 50,000! No matter where this thing ends, I just want you all to know how much your love means to me and members of the team. Days Gone fans are the best fans!

IGN ()

Sony has changed its decision and will now be keeping the PlayStation Store operational for PS3 and PS Vita devices.

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PS5/Xbox Bot Killercam1020
PS5/Xbox Bot Killercam1020 ()

Y’all have heard the CMOS battery issues with the PS5 and PS4 right? Better hope sony supports backwards compatibility completely into the future.

yaJ 🕷
YaJ 🕷 ()

I loved homecoming more than anything and I felt nwh would’ve been great if they stuck with the Kraven storyline but sony really may have messed his vision up


Lens lan pi chè ke kamera a. Bagay ki ka fè w leve kouri pran lari wi.😂 Sony FE 16-35 MM GM

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ÆGON ⛩☄ ()

@BadMainMav Cuando te enteras que no la va comprar Sony, peró tampoco Microsoft. (viceversa también)

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LordNPC ()

@TriforceZard Please let this be fake, and for the love of all that is holy don’t have them be bought by Sony

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フォロー&リツイートキャンペーン✨ SONYより360 Reality Audioスピーカー発売! 発売を記念して @biccameraE をフォローしてリツイートで、3,000円分のビックカメラギフトカードを抽選で3名様にプレゼント🎁 締切:4月30日(金)23:59

Zayn ()

Watch the “To Begin Again” video in Sony 360 Reality Audio #360RA

CNN ()

The annual Sony World Photography Awards has announced the winners of its 2021 competition, with two of the top prizes going to photographers who reexamined biases in how culture and history is portrayed.

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