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  • Dear World: We would like to apologize for our extremely dumb American president. Yes, he did say “space force.” No, he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Please know that we are working to address this problem. Your patience is appreciated. - Most of America.

  • Trump: “We should have a new force called the Space Force. It’s like the Army and the Navy, but for space, because we’re spending a lot of money on space.”

    Space Force twitter.
  • SPACE FORCE! President Trump Suggests Putting Soldiers In Space

  • No, we are THE Space Force. The Rogue one.

  • I got my Space Force decoder ring in a box of Kellogg’s Sugar Frosted Flakes. They’re Grrrreat! er than Trump..

  • Space Force will protect us from Mars and Saturn. Shithole planets.

  • @KTLA @StationCDRKelly @NASA We need Space Force to stop this!.

  • @WilliamShatner Yes, your appointment to head Space Force much more appropriate.

  • Stephen Hawkin died so that the Space Force would have someone to avenge. Trump on some Nick Fury shit..

  • Space Force opinion: maybe we could you know stop militarizing every fucking thing I don’t know.

  • Remember when Trump called for a Space Force like 30 years ago? Good times..

  • Space Force is just a dumbed down version of Star Trek #OtherHawkingTheories.

  • @JaggyL @drivethrupod Ah yes, but who space force military polices the space force military police? 🤔.

  • Not only did United Airlines force a 10 month old puppy to suffocate in a confined space, leading to its tragic death, but they also shipped someone’s Kansas-bound German Shepherd to Japan. Shame on you @united how could you be so careless? I’m extremely disgusted. #BoycottUnited.

  • President Donald Trump wants to create a Space Force to fight wars in space. I f**king ❤️this president. If...

  • “Space is a war-fighting domain, just like the land, air and sea”

  • @drmistercody I really love the concept of a space force, but this asshole is just a turd in the punch bowl.

  • @Gotdamnitbobby *raspy voice “We’ve mined the purest dark matter and infused it with pulsar radiation straight from Alpha Centauri... we fought off the Mexican Chiapas farmers to bring you this Info Wars exclusive: SPACE FORCE” Order now and receive free shipping within your local galaxy!.

  • @sponson Obama’s version of Space Force would obviously be an international coalition for the advancement of science..

  • I was already about to set a filter for the phrase “space force” BEFORE the Hawking news so just imagine the screaming fucking need for it on my timeline AFTER.

  • @Doncates Bright side, we could be saved in the future from an asteroid. We have a space junk force field..

  • One mention of a Space Force and Stephen Hawking splits. Respect..

  • Pennsylvania’s 18th Congressional District has spoken and this extremity red pocket of PA has elected Conor Lamb!!! No tweets fired off from 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. this morning; perhaps The Donald is looking to assemble the Space Force. Feeling hopeful..

  • @Slate Trump has ideas but they aren’t always ideas that are vetted. Space Force sounds like a video game from 1984. Hope @Xbox can help Donald realize his dream of being a gamer. #Orwellian.

  • @ThoseUSAGirls Not a better choice than Deb for the Space Force!.

  • @brathet @MSNBC And the see through fence. And our Space Force 🚀.

  • Thinking of signing up for the new Space Force.

    Space Force twitter.
  • NASA in the streets, Space Force in the sheets..

  • @JamesGunn SPOILER: Space Force ending (the resistance wins)

  • @avandiver3 @ET_Sig @rianjohnson Unlike my brother I loved #TheLastJedi, even with this flaw. He ranks it in the middle of the prequel pack which I think is grossly unfair. My suspension of disbelief powers extend far enough to allow force projection and suit-less space walking..