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Stop the ‘hindsight’ nonsense! We were not the first hit by the pandemic and the virus didn’t wear a mask of disguise when it arrived to us. It behaved in exactly the same way as it did elsewhere: Italy, Spain, SK, China. UK had a chance to learn & prepare but it chose to deny.

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viki b
Viki b ()

petition for new rules to stop talking about spain if they are not going to come 😡

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@cartorchdeathh @banditoinforest but seriously doe when i was in spain i was like why is there a huge leg of meat hanging from the ceiling 👁👁 like what type of meat is that gjrjfjdjd nf

SpanishDan #FBPE
SpanishDan #FBPE ()

Spain’s (Catalonia region ) is about to make face masks compulsory in ALL settings . Sensible .

regulation hottie
Regulation hottie ()

@AmorPerennis in the second movie she was deff right tho!! they went all the way to spain and those bitches didn’t wanna take shit seriously. but in the first, if jackal would’ve just stayed outta women’s business everything woulda been fine lmaoo

BTS ⟭⟬ Spain⁷
BTS ⟭⟬ Spain⁷ ()

#1. #BTS estableció el Irrompible récord en el K-Pop. 🔗 vía:BTSPressData

Ahmed Shihab-Eldin
Ahmed Shihab-Eldin ()

Population-wide immunity to the coronavirus could be unachievable with antibodies to the virus disappearing after just a few weeks in some patients.


Spain care home workers abandoned there homes and Police had to go in and launch an investigation. Lets tell truth not all care homes did the right thing some was not fit before Covid 3closed in my town with a catalogue of abuse and excrement on bedding run by 2 x NHS doctors

Plan Egypt Tours Español
Plan Egypt Tours Español ()

Crucero Por El Lago Nasser African Dreams / / Lago Nasser crucero Nilo en Egipto

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Conferencia de @Ubisoft_Spain, 12 de Julio 🇪🇸 21:00 PM 🇮🇨 20:00 PM Conferencia de @Xbox_Spain, 23 de Julio 🇪🇸 18:00 PM 🇮🇨 17:00 PM

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盛 千夏-スペイン留学無料サポート
盛 千夏-スペイン留学無料サポート ()

2020/7/6のランチ ★具だくさん冷やしうどん ☆サーモンのセビッチェ ☆は作り置き 暑いので昨日作った麻婆豆腐を夫から却下されたので冷やしうどん。麺つゆは自家製の作り置き、具材は、#シラチャーキムチ 、チャーシュー、納豆、ゆでたまご、プチトマト、レタス、ラディッシュ、ネギ。

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𝙨𝙚𝙡 🥄 was heartndhead
𝙨𝙚𝙡 🥄 was heartndhead ()

turkey 🇹🇷 (i live here) estonia 🇪🇪 (im from here) the netherlands 🇳🇱 (im from here) south africa 🇿🇦 italy 🇮🇹 germany 🇩🇪 austria 🇦🇹 switzerland 🇨🇭 sweden 🇸🇪 finland 🇫🇮 belgium 🇧🇪 united arab emirates 🇦🇪 france 🇫🇷 greece 🇬🇷 spain 🇪🇸 kenya 🇰🇪 oman 🇴🇲 wow thats a lot😳

Dr Gaetan Burgio, MD, PhD.
Dr Gaetan Burgio, MD, PhD. ()

Need to repeat this again Various studies said #SARSCoV2 has emerged from France, Italy, Spain in Dec 2019. These are all qPCR based without any sequencing + phylogeny to ascertain evidence => deeply flawed & likely false pos Theory of the virus dormant is unsubstantiated !

BTS ⟭⟬ Spain⁷
BTS ⟭⟬ Spain⁷ ()

@BTS_twt 🐯 El examen de acceso sólo es un papel con respuestas. 🐿️ La vida debería estar llena de felicidad. 🐨 Os deseamos un extraordinario 2020 y que tengáis una juventud sin arrepentimientos. © BTSdailyinfo | @BTS_twt

BTS ⟭⟬ Spain⁷
BTS ⟭⟬ Spain⁷ ()

@BTS_twt 🐱 No hay camino que hayas caminado por nada en esta vida. 🐥 Cada paso dado, cuenta. 🐹 Los sueños no son diferentes, sea tarde o temprano. 🐰 El éxito no se define por quien sea el primero o el último. © BTSdailyinfo | @BTS_twt

Novel Coronavirus - Covid19
Novel Coronavirus - Covid19 ()

Lockdown measures and relative changes in the age-specific incidence of #SARSCoV2 in Spain

Kpop Spain
Kpop Spain ()

Starship Entertainment ha confirmado que #Soyou hará su comeback a finales de julio

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Marco Gouveia
Marco Gouveia ()

@QuantumAspect @guyverhofstadt Yeah you’re so right! The spanish government should have let a bunch of delusional power hungry politicians just up and believe because they wanted they’re lucky spain is in the EU because the usual penalty for treason is death.

Passionazure ()

Summer is here! Have a nice week to whole spearo nation by AZURE Team in Spain!

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Ernnews ()

Norwegian Airlines resumes flights to the Canaries - Norwegian Airlines has restarted its services to the Canaries at the weekend, with the first flight arriving at #GranCanaria on -

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Alex Leslie Richards
Alex Leslie Richards ()

FUT CHAMPS grind! Moving day tomorrow to Spain, Last stream until tuesday! (Road to 40 Follows) #futchamps

Bea Valdez
Bea Valdez ()

CHAPTERS 23-32 #HalfBloodBookClubHoO - Me on a daily basis: Spain is so messed up - Me when Spain is mentioned in any non-Spanish book: POR ESO SE OYE ESTE REFRAAAN QUE VIIIVA ESPAÑAAA 🇪🇸 (Ps. Typical Spanish song)

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إرم ميديا - Erem Media
إرم ميديا - Erem Media ()

ميسي يصنع وغريزمان يسجل.. برشلونة يواصل مطاردة ريال مدريد على صدارة الدوري الإسباني

tomi tatham
Tomi tatham ()

@Curtiswood_3 This is a woman’s picture was taken after she was taped in Spain I think it was. Fllyode was no saint but this is nothing to do with him and he was convicted of robbery but think it was 2007 mate. Non of its great to be honest

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king messi
King messi ()

I order for 2021 home jersey , see what then bring from Spain . Oyinbo people also scam us

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The Independent
The Independent ()

Popular Spanish beaches ‘forced to close due to overcrowding’

Mr. Fenty
Mr. Fenty ()

Daily infection rates for a few WE countries (rolling 7-days avg): UK ~700 Spain + France ~400 Germany ~500 Italy ~200 From peaks of ~7-10K/day in early April. We’re setting records every day. Yes, we have an inferior healthcare system and are generally less healthy in comp.

Artists & Music  ♫★★
Artists & Music ♫★★ ()

Enjoy the Silence by Russian Dave Gahan born in the freezing-cold Siberia and creating in hot Spain. You will fall in love with this burning mix of a strong voice and hypnotic rhythm!

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Antonio ()

@AntonioSabatoJr All perfect, buuuuut the best place of the world is Spain, although we have the worst government of the world

Dr Nisreen Alwan 🌻
Dr Nisreen Alwan 🌻 ()

Stop the ‘hindsight’ nonsense! We were not the first hit by the pandemic and the virus didn’t wear a mask of disguise when it arrived to us. It behaved in exactly the same way as it did elsewhere: Italy, Spain, SK, China. UK had a chance to learn & prepare but it chose to deny.

The Independent
The Independent ()

Spain locks down entire region of 200,000 people after coronavirus spike

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