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Spain fielded a team with 11 players from 11 different clubs for the very first time vs. Norway 🇪🇸🌎.

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@Lemmegetadalla @Spain_lyricist But see ya ...Me kno bout YUH mi Bredrin 😭😭😭😭😜.

സ്‌പെയിന് യൂറോ കപ്പ് യോഗ്യത; ഇറ്റലിക്ക് വമ്പന്‍ ജയം.

Nine leaders of the Catalan independence movement were jailed on Monday for sedition over their role in a failed independence bid, sparking mass protests across the region Read more here:.

Analyst Programmer (Alemania) at AVANSIS (Madrid, Spain) #c.

Spain jails 9 Catalan separatist leaders for independence bid Demonstrators turn out en masse, blocking streets in Barcelona..

Editorial del The @guardian: “The draconian jailings shame Spain. Both Madrid and Brussels, which has refused to intervene, should do everything to resolve the situation as soon as possible”..

@Juanjo_rubiog @NicolaSturgeon 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Spain a democracy? 🤣🤣🤣🤣.

@Jamesukpolitics @hollyarigby The EU has been condemning the violence for years..

Police clash with protesters in Spain after leading Catalan separatists are sentenced – National.

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@sanchezcastejon 79 years ago the Spanish state killed the elected Catalan president Companys. The Spanish state has not declared the sentence null. In Spain, a dictator was not defeated, died in a bed, and the current head of state is the direct consequence of a dictators choice..

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@stepneyboy1 @OmniumIntl You have no idea what you are talking about. Most of catalan people are against independence. And they felt their rights were abolished by the convicted politicians. This is not a fight between Catalonia and the rest of Spain but between Catalan people..

@sanchezcastejon Perdo pero aquest twit sembla cachondeo ahir es va escriure un capitol negre a la democracia espanyola. Es mes q no se us ompli la boca amb la paraula com tot en el vostre pais, es una democracia made in spain..

“Las flores son apacibles para mirarlas. No tienen emociones ni conflictos” #sigmundfreud 🌷💐🌸🌹🌺 en Córdoba, Spain.

Hivi Spain hawakuwepo kwenye Berlin conference maana sioni kama walikuwa na colony Africa? @bajabiri.

@HackneyAbbott You clasp at straws as Youth unemployment in Greece is 40% plus. In Spain its 31% The average across the EU is The UK figure is 🤔🤔 More young people are attending university than ever before. You @HackneyAbbott and your bedmate will never enter Govt!!.

Thamani ya Vikosi vya timu za Taifa. 1⃣ Brazil: € 2⃣ England: € 3⃣ Spain: €924m 4⃣ France: €866m 5⃣ Italy: €836m 6⃣ Germany: €803m 7⃣ Belgium: €754m 8⃣ Portugal: €752m 9⃣ Holland: €709m 🔟 Argentina: €463m 🇹🇿 Kikosi Chetu kinathamani ya gani?.

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WORLD NEWS reported: Violent clashes as Spain jails Catalan separatists.

#EURO2020 #EuropeanQualifiers WED 16/10 WIB: Sweden vs Spain, Romania vs Norway, Liechtenstein vs Italy | LIVE Mola TV @hanyaadadimola.

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独立派の火種がまた カタルーニャ独立派に禁固刑判決、バルセロナで大規模抗議運動.

@Seezynotnice @AdvBarryRoux Messi got 2 best player awards in tournaments with Argentina. Cr7 got 0. It is a fact, it is not my opinion. In Italy he is not even the best goalscorer and assister. In Spain, he won two leagues in 9 years. What are you talking about man?.

@contrail_skyblu つい歌っちゃったんですよー。実際には歌の全部まで歌いました。.

@RichardDawkins Sorry for your loss. As we say in Spain, que la tierra le sea leve..

Si pongo mi corona a la venta en regalada la querría nadie!!! Vaya panorama!!!.

Spain’s imprisonment of Catalan leaders is a desperate move that will backfire 📝 @guardian.

Spain fielded a team with 11 players from 11 different clubs for the very first time vs. Norway 🇪🇸🌎.

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