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Fresh and ready! 😉 @paulpogba with all that luggage I hope you didn’t forget the “Perudo” game 🎲 Spain here we come 🛫🇪🇸

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Javy ()

Olga tu sigue nombrando al asqueroso de tu marido que seras la primera en irte con tus hijos. #Supervivientes2021

Bruno Fernandes
Bruno Fernandes ()

Fresh and ready! 😉 @paulpogba with all that luggage I hope you didn’t forget the “Perudo” game 🎲 Spain here we come 🛫🇪🇸

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Gary Cassidy
Gary Cassidy ()

JBL is the first inductee of the night. My favourite JBL story is definitely this one - where he recalled almost being arrested while on tour in Spain! #WWEHOF 📝: @Inside_TheRopes


The last time Liverpool conceded three goals in a UCL first leg KO game in Spain, this happened:

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Adam Hurrey
Adam Hurrey ()

Lingard now officially upgraded from Departure Lounge to Standing on the touchline in a pink bib, arm-in-arm with Nick Pope and Dominic Calvert-Lewin, watching England lose on penalties to Spain in the quarter-finals


Spain is going to trial a 4-day work week. Could the idea go mainstream post-pandemic?

Café NCT Spain
Café NCT Spain ()

[TRAD] 050421 Actualización de #MARK. “Hola ¿Habéis merendado? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Yo me acabo de levantar ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ El tiempo es un agradable hoy, quizás eso me dio ganas de levantarme Hay contenido nuevo de 7Dream Cafe, ¡ya fue lanzado! ¿Lo habéis visto bien?”. #NCT @NCTsmtown

Eчαυυκ Art
Eчαυυκ Art ()

. textile design illustration MaríaV Montiel Barcelona, Spain 🇪🇸 originally from Venezuela 🇻🇪 @cayenablanca twitter Website

Steve Peers
Steve Peers ()

Straight falsehood that UK citizens who move to Spain post Brexit have the same rights as those who moved beforehand.

Ale Resnik
Ale Resnik ()

I moved to California from Argentina Argentina’s GDP per capita in 1930 was larger than that of Spain, Italy, and most other European countries Argentina’s GDP per capita in 1970 was larger than that of Australia Argentina’s GDP in 2021 is $8k This rhetoric 👇 made it happen

Erik Solheim
Erik Solheim ()

Incredible! 🤗 This is how oranges are harvested in Spain 🍊🇪🇸

Glen Willis
Glen Willis ()

Hawks tried to run the cross screen/Spain-veer action for Lou once and Gallo abandoned it. (Was a Gallo-Bogdanovic staple before latter went into starting lineup). Will be interesting to see if they run something for Lou on this ATO.

Mark Sample
Mark Sample ()

and my notebooks are filled with other spain-inspired ideas that i never got around to gaudi bot, a prado bot, a goya thingamajig

Stray kids👑Colombia
Stray kids👑Colombia ()

Tutorial de como crear una cuenta en whosfan creditos: straykids Spain

Brian Fitzpatrick
Brian Fitzpatrick ()

This is a wonderful memory. @NextRestaurant had patio G&Ts and bocadillos *right outside the door to our office* for the Spain menu and many was the day that we grabbed a few of each on the way out of the office. It was very dangerous, and *very* delicious.

24 Live Newspaper
24 Live Newspaper ()

স্পেনের দাপুটে জয়, ধাক্কা খেলো জার্মানি

Kesar Varma
Kesar Varma ()

@neildevani The anthropologist in me wants to say it has something to do with Silk Road and noodles never making it to Portugal/Spain. Also access to wheat vs corn. Either way you have to try this next time ur in LA

Tridentine Soul ✝️ 🇻🇦
Tridentine Soul ✝️ 🇻🇦 ()

No greater tradition than the hooded penitents of Spain. God willing, I will get to see Semana Santa in person one day.

MilenaHot_TheOne👑(cuenta oficial)
MilenaHot_TheOne👑(cuenta oficial) ()

Es un placer y un honor anunciar a mis seguidores,fanáticos y sponsor q fui nominada para participar de distintos premios ⭐🏆 Eroaward Spain y se q sin ustedes no lo lograría. @EroAwardBTC

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🚢ゆーかஐ You car
🚢ゆーかஐ You car ()

いつも送った後に何してんだろってなっちゃうほんと恥ずかしい やめた方がいいよ

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ThanksFromCatalonia ()

Però Spain is different perquè... allà, ni les esquerres són demòcrates! 🤪😒😂😂 De fet, #NoSonEsquerres

🏴Anti Camus Aktion🏴
🏴Anti Camus Aktion🏴 ()

Ciro is elected president, robo-atahualpa returns to teach sexual education, Spain returns all the gold out of fear, Peru becomes a global superpower, Arica is reappropriated, Machu Picchu is now a nuclear base

john entwistle enjoyer
John entwistle enjoyer ()

letter: s artist: simon & garfunkel song: stay free - the clash actor: shemar moore comes to mind 😭 movie: scarface place: spain reply for a letter :)

Diplodus Vulgaris
Diplodus Vulgaris ()

@RodericDay Please. CNT. Consejo de Aragón. Spain civil war. Be careful with generalisations.

Miami HEAT 🇪🇸 (23-24)
Miami HEAT 🇪🇸 (23-24) ()

Un partido que bien podríamos estar liderando por 20, o perdiendo por la misma diferencia al descanso; este equipo no tiene punto intermedio. Indiana nos ha llegado a sacar una buena renta con lo justo.

Keeponlooking ()

@ThatEricAlper Watched this in Avilés on summer holidays, in Spain the film was released 2 or 3 months later

Hanan ()

one teacher made me show mine 4 years ago when i took my university access exam in spain in front of so many other students i didn’t know

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R/HistoryMemes ()

Spain almost declared war on Japan at the end of WWII

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Theron Cleveland
Theron Cleveland ()

@jjnyc44 @TeamAlbanians Spain have similar territory issues and recognizing independent areas abroad may lead to them having to deal with other independence claims within the country sooner rather than later

marti ★
Marti ★ ()

@claaudiaaa013 Auron dijo eso sobre personas de Marbella que ya hay alfunos de spain y aue hay mas que aun no se anuncian pero el no peude decirlos

☚ APEX #AFLPiesGiants ☛
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