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Probyn, Crabb and Sales close out the night with more bumming and then cross to Speers. Quadrophonic Mediocrity all sad for the Liberals. Terrible coverage..

with respect, @David_Speers “bipartisanship” as only condition for a successful referendum is a tired, rote claim repeated uncritically by pundits. Electoral experts say there is NO pre-requisite. The last “Yes” was in 1977 & world has changed. #insiders.

.@ABCnews needs to accept the result. Last night continually asking Plibersek where Labor went wrong, giving so much airtime to the losers Birmingham. Speers dominating; Anthony & Laura less heard. There needs to be a reckoning in their political coverage..

@barriecassidy Leigh Sales and David Speers are simply beside themselves. The fools have never been able to read the room, and are blind-sided right now!.

#insiders Hahaha - Speers up against Zoe Daniel, a fabulous journo in her time. She is controlling this interview brilliantly! These Independent women are going to be great for our country!.

So the gaffe meant jackshite to Australian voters and Morrison was in fact a lousy campaigner . If anything Albo being human and decent mattered to voters . Being aided by a Murdoch media actually turned voters against Morrison . Two own goals Karvelas , Speers and Sky friends.

#insiders Speers obsesses with defeat of the so called Lib moderates. Moderates who consistently voted with Barnyard? IPA minions like Wilson? Who does he think he is fooling?.

I think David Speers has finally acknowledged defeat his constantly interrupting Joshy ah how good this feels 🥰👊🏽.

Labor needs to kick Leigh Sales and David Speers to the kerb and @albericie her job back. #AusPol2022 #AusVotes2022.

@GandWalter @MFWitches At least (some) on our ABC. Replacing Leigh Sales, Probyn, Jennett, Fran Kelly, Lisa Millar, Speers would be a good start..

#insiders is it just me or did @David_Speers stop interrupting this morning? There seemed to be a shift..

Why teal seats over-emphasis @David_Speers ? You hardly mentioned the blues turned reds. The ABC should be ashamed of itself tonight. #BinNight..

ABC definitely overestimated the need for this weird room that Speers is floating around in..

How must it feel for Jennett, Norman, Speers, Sales, Probyn, Millar, Kelly et al, to be so close to making of history but so far on the wrong side of it? @abcnews #auspol #ausvotes.

#insiders @zdaniel heralds a violence against women commission. speers winds the window up and drives past at 135kmh. #auspol.

@CharlesSzulc Yes we have been through torture by the Lisa Millars and David Speers of the world. Kick the lot out! 🥾🥾🥾🥾.

@randlight @AlboMP Sounds as if Speers is having a bet either way? It was the most Civilised, Democratic& Decent episodes of #insiders in the last two years, now I am worried..

@LesStonehouse Speers has read the room, just trying to keep his job under a Labour Government..

#InsidersABC @David_Speers you might want to get your facts right. Corrections are important. And yes, it was your guest’s opinion - but you let it slide. 👇#auspol.

@RonniSalt Absolutely awful display - matched only by Speers’ earlier pathetic tribute to Josh Frydenberg 🤮.

@barriecassidy The discussion of each seat by David Speers also focused on whether seats were lost to the liberals it saved by the liberals. Labor wasn’t mentioned much at all..

@Tambor26728928 Sad, I think Andrew Probyn , Leigh Sales, Annabelle Crabb and David Speers were honestly shocked by the result. I’ve never seen Antony Greene so excited!! He was the only thing holding it all together..

Crowe,Maiden and Speers showing clearly they do not understand the new political landscape. #insiders #auspol.

Thank you @David_Speers interviewing @zdaniel without interruption. #insiders #auspol.

@mana_kailani Tried watching #insiders, but eventually switched off when it had all of the allusions to being a wake for the old LNP government. If Speers, Maiden and Crowe seemed defensive, perhaps they know that a #MurdochRoyalCommission is coming for them and their employers, old and new..

Buttrose, Jennet, Karvalas, Millar, Speers, Kelly, et al. We need @ABCAustralia returned to OUR & not THEIRS. This means be OBJECTIVE, IMPARTIAL, PROFESSIONAL. Treat people from all sides as EQUAL when interviewing or commentating. Any problem, piss off. #auspol #AusVotes22.


Speers panel now fully justifying the Chinese warship cruising our WA coast. Yet it is so obvious that China IS making a very well timed point with this unprecedented act of aggression..

Anybody else get the impression that whilst the Govt is on a mission to wreck the furniture , David Speers and many in the media have read the tarot cards , seen the writing on the wall , and are looking to save the furniture- ( their journalistic integrity ) ? #insiders.

@InsidersABC YES, we need a voice to Parliament. YES, we need to address the policy void in relation to First Nations people! @David_Speers.

@AndTinfoil @deniseshrivell To be fair, David Speers did two very good interviews this morning, neither with bias. It was very refreshing and like the Insiders of old when Barrie Cassidy was at the helm and it has not been like that since he left!!!.

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