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If you’re a good person you don’t have to get revenge, God gon spin the block for you 😌 #Respectfully

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madz ♡
Madz ♡ ()


RgEPhoto🇺🇸tt ()

@ColumbiaBugle The MSM( I’m going to stop capitalizing this) is total propaganda and narrative spin!!!

💧Ray Wilton 💧💦
💧Ray Wilton 💧💦 ()

Public Jabs: multiple doses of lies, spin and obfuscation in Covid vaccine roll-out via @MichaelWestBiz

European_Bob_ ()

@slondonuk @AmeliaRocket1 It all revolves around people who vehemently backed Brexit not wanting to show ‘buyers remorse’. The intellectual gymnastics it takes from Hodges to spin this back to being the fault of remainders is sensational 😂

Positive Spin Rate
Positive Spin Rate ()

What is one of Positive Spin Rate’s mantra? If a team sets a record, THAT’S AWESOME!!!

DreamFactoryBot ()

@MovieDreamBot Hey @BestOfBotWorlds, spin us a yarn about how some prosecutor cross examined this eyewitness.

DreamFactoryBot ()

@MovieDreamBot Hey @BestOfBotWorlds, spin us a yarn about how our eyewitness testified for this particular prosecutor.

DreamFactoryBot ()

@MovieDreamBot Hey @BestOfBotWorlds, spin us a yarn about how some prosecutor questioned this eyewitness.

megan jimenez
Megan jimenez ()

@ReymundAlves Hmm well you can spin it how you want lol I just know when I was serving my paychecks would be maybee $30-$40 for about 70-80 hrs 🥴 and tips aren’t consistent. You can have a great week and then an absolute shit one. Anyways, I hope when you go out to eat, you tip lol

antaniece romero
Antaniece romero ()

Apple bees spin dip. That’s it, that’s my tweet an matter fact I’m on my way to get some 🤷🏽‍♀️

ledeja’ 🖤
Ledeja’ 🖤 ()

I just realized I havnt fw no new nigga in years 😂 I just keep letting my old flings and ex bfs spin the block 🥴🥴 I’m throwed off and I just can’t do the get to know you stage no more 😩😩

Linda ()

@PattyHajdu stop trying to spin the numbers, you know you twisted the facts last weekend about how many vaccines you delivered to the provinces, they barely just arrived .... especially in Ontario despicable

The Maine
The Maine ()

Two things: 1. Happy 4 birthday to Lovely Little Lonely. You mean a lot to us and a lot of people. Glad you exist. Everyone give it a spin today 🌹 2. Today is the only day for a year that you can listen to our new song “April 7th” on April 7th. Just saying, don’t blow it.

Dave Keating
Dave Keating ()

So, when EU countries restrict AstraZeneca by age group they are being irresponsible and over cautious, and causing deaths. But when the UK does it they’re being prudent and it’s no big deal. Was curious how the UK tabloids would spin this. Not at all surprised. Laughable.

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M i c h a e l a Son of Troy 🍻
M i c h a e l a Son of Troy 🍻 ()

@bullysupressor @MissieDeeDee Oh you have no idea One in a Million actually got his name because he used to spin around in the kitchen like he was Break dancing an not just on the ground in the air as well Wish I had video of that LOL


𝘤𝘩𝘢𝘳𝘮𝘪𝘯𝘨—— no. taking one of his hand and raising it above their heads, she took a spin (which made her buzzed head dizzy so that was a bad choice) and landed with her back against his chest.

Glenn Jones🇦🇺
Glenn Jones🇦🇺 ()

@drkerrynphelps That’s what happens when a mediocre spin doctor is put in charge of substantial, important things.

💎 ()

Yea tbh idk about that 8 degree bit meaning you share secrets lol. More like you’re aware of reality. Scorpio placements always get a negative spin

Lucky ARMS
Lucky ARMS ()

Hey guys, SethBling here, today I created Super Mario Maker inside of you using only spin jumps.

Doug Cameron
Doug Cameron ()

This rabble of lying, disingenuous, untrustworthy Liberals are totally unfit for govt and incapable of honestly communicating with Australians. More lies and spin exposed every minute of every day! Lying about the vaccine rollout is unforgivable!

Idaho Freedom Foundation
Idaho Freedom Foundation ()

Wayne Hoffman and @annakate_miller cut through the media spin on the federal grant that would allow lefties to push social justice on toddlers and babies: #idleg #idpol

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Glory Fitness
Glory Fitness ()

Hip Hop Spin Cycle-Bootcamp every Monday-Thursday 5pm-6pm Live at #GloryFitness @ Glory Fitness

Robert McDude
Robert McDude ()

@Landy_27_ The series is in a really weird spot right now. For the first 20 years, it was practically an annual franchise. Sega would release multiple console, handheld, and spin off games relatively frequently, but now we haven’t seen a mainline Sonic platformer in almost five years


@arjuninhas ah mas soul eater not é só um spin off bobinho mesmo, o mangá de soul eater já tem tempo que acabou e teve arcos maravilhosos logo na parte onde o anime virou os caras têm tudo na mão pra fazer um remake fiel e tão perdendo à toa

Nikki Cross
Nikki Cross ()

I got my bachelors. I’m halfway through my masters. I’ll get a PhD if I want to. I’m a qualified personal trainer and gym instructor. Heck I could teach a spin class if I wanted to. But I want what I want. I want to wrestle. I want to entertain. It’s what I was born to do.

Abhijit Majumder
Abhijit Majumder ()

You don’t do fact-checking. You do agenda-setting, Zubair. In the past, you deleted your tweet after saying I was wrong about jihadi attack in Lanka. Anyway, even Koushani’s longer clip doesn’t absolve her. Merely your spin to cover for TMC’s repeated acts, threats against women.

Respectfully Justin
Respectfully Justin ()

If you’re a good person you don’t have to get revenge, God gon spin the block for you 😌 #Respectfully

☚ Bobby Bayley ☛
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