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How can you lose when you’ve got all the tools you need to succeed? #TeamGear takes the deserted island Splatfest with a 25p win! Big thanks to everyone who played, and we’ll see you at the next Splatfest!.

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The next Splatfest theme should be the trolley problem but Big Man’s option is to run over all of the people..

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Also really love the sunset as Splatfest eve and seeing the construction of them setting it up LOL.

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Thank you everyone for staying around for the long hours of splatfest!! I really appreciate everyone who watched!.

🔴¡Andamos en vivo en #Twitch! Hoy toca jugar SPLATFEST ¿Dónde está los Team 🛠️ Herramientas & Comida 🍕? ➡️ ⬅️.

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When I die, please have Team Grub lower me into my grave so they can let me down one more time. #splatfest #Splatoon3.

@SammyCoroika Um… It’s just a game. There will be other Splatfests. You’ll win a Splatfest eventually. Just don’t give up and don’t blame the other teams. It’s supposed to be a fun event. Don’t take them so seriously..

splatfest is over back to daily sketches, here are some robots.

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Eae glr vou entrar em Live agr e hj vai ser: É HOJE FAMILIA, TIME ENTRETENIMENTO PRA VIDA, VAMBORA!! - Splatoon 3 #4 (Splatfest Setembro) Youtube: Twitch:.

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Splatfest starting rn but its 1AM for me so I have to go to bed damnit.

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plus they literally did this splatfest before and nobody cared.

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FIRST 10X BATTLE WIN! ☆★☆★☆ feat. @DahiannaDeon #Splatoon3 #Splatfest.

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About to get home from work and play salmon run during splatfest like a fucking loser.

Playing #Splatoon3. Happy #Splatfest to all who are celebrating. Let’s go, Team Gear!.

Half my losses in #Splatfest is from disconnects .-. The other half is me being bad. I had a 4 win streak but changed weapons and messed up my flow..

@LynxVGC Precisamente el Splatfest y el no poder jugar al 2 online son los principales motivos por los que me lo he pillado JAJAJAJAJAJAJAJA.

cannot believe I am busy during the splatfest ! how dare they plan a splatfest when I don’t have much time to play it 💔.

Me trying to enjoy splatfest: The 4 stack of laggy 12 year olds from Japan with level 100 catalogue and perfect gear:.

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HELLO AGAIN!! we will be streaming some splatfest fun with my squad at 9:30 PM CET!!! >:3.

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First proper Splatfest of the new game. Lets Go!!! #Splatoon3 #NintendoSwitch.

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tbh if I played i would fight for order so I could see what Marina does with absolute power under splatfest law.

∥✨∥ sorry if I ain’t writing anything or bothering to interact with anyone- Just questioning if my writing’s good enough- As for a more positive reason, currently on that splatfest grind-.

Me trying to join my friends during Splatfest Then being on the other teams so I CAN’T JOIN THEM #Splatoon3 #Splatfest.

the only good thing about me losing virtually every single splatfest battle i’ve been in is that at least team fun won’t be the defending team in tricolor battles god bless.

The theme for the upcoming Splatfest Wait for stepbrother vs. hitherto.

Im gonna say this and idc if i get hated for this. Team Gear are shiver simps and tryhards Team Fun are Non-existent Team Grub are Vore Furries and/or Chill. #Splatoon3 #Splatfest.

NOT ENOUGH PLAYERS TO PLAY TRICOLOR 😭😭😭 NO FUCKIN WAYY splatfest results boutta b crazy.

🔴LIVE Playing some Splatoon 3 Splatfest for TEAM GRUB over on twitch!.

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Thank you so much to @HattlingHattoru and @ArataHorologist for joining me for #Splatfest! I really had a great。。。 。。。time。 😐.

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