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I witnessed First Nations kids in the Top End in January this year - literally swimming in crocodile infested waters because they have no pool! #sportsrorts #TheDrum

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DaemonH ()

@SBSNews SBS puts this up but not 100 million dollar #sportsrorts the LNP has been dodging in every parliament ? the LNP are full of disrespectful nit-wits .... we knew this already.

Daryl Adair ()

I presume this is a breach of her professional responsibilities? What will be the consequences? #sportsrorts

Bianca Minnie ()

This just gets more shabby and questionable by the hour. Any public servant at that level should well understand the importance of accurate records of meetings and the need to retain them. #sportsrorts

Email in a Bottle ()

@Huw_Merlin @Peter_Fitz Election signs? Sportsrorts? They should be out on their thieving arses.

John Mendoza ()

The Australian press gallery needs to a take a long hard look at itself. Day in day out, our MSM is failing the people. #sportsrorts

Ray Marx & Robyn Deane (RKD) ()

@ScottMorrisonMP has his grubby finger prints all over #sportsrorts. Who could believe McKenzie did it all on her own?

John Jennings ()

@SkyNewsAust If only there was a Federal ICAC. #auspol #sportsrorts

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Noely ⚡️🏐 ()

Palmer only ever communicated with Minister via phone or text. No emails or other forms. #SportsRorts Asked about if surprised to get a brief after the caretaker period. Palmer goes on about their processes & ensuring they complied.

Noely ⚡️🏐 ()

Now being asked if Palmer ever considered getting external opinion about the program. Board sought advice after the audit. Palmer never sought any advice prior. More Yes Minister vibe. We followed out tick & flick, not our problem if outcome is ethical or not 😞 #SportsRorts

Ann schofield ()

@LNPvoterfail @LennaLeprena Not buying it, nup. All over it to hide #sportsrorts. No trust in anything he does.

Noely ⚡️🏐 ()

Again mentions guidelines. Need to be clearer about guidelines. About risks of not receiving a grant, even with merit (as in a high ranking). Bloody Hell, add on grants Even if your grant is great, suck up to Minister or no cigar? 🙄 #SportsRorts

💖Breast Cancer Warrior 💪 Julie Library ()

@SkyNewsAust Well taxpayers want answers Peta. @ScottMorrisonMP should man up & take responsibility for the #sportsrorts

💧Michael Dowling 🔥#ClimateCrisis ()

Remember how many journalists got defensive aggressive when their limited, shallow coverage of Morrison LNP IPA election campaign was criticised? They claimed to be unfairly maligned. Scandals & crimes ignored until post election? Responsible journalism? #auspol #sportsrorts

🔥💧IanGraves ()

@simonahac @JoshFrydenberg Just more proof Simon they’ll do anything to shut down the debate on #sportsrorts. Are they desperate?Big time & it’s an insult to all Australians except for the far right thinking fools along with the likes of Gina & Twiggy. Ian

Politics ()

The comparison to Steve Smith is the killer here. Props to @vanonselenP for sticking with #sportsrorts #auspol

💧DAVE - C1TY//1dE [email protected]$ ()

Just imagine what would happen if a workers union did something even a tenth as bad as what this rotten Morrison Govt has done. There would be dozens of union leaders in jail. #sportsrorts

Michael Taylor ()

“Watching the Senate inquiry into the sports rorts affair shows that the government has no understanding of what they have done wrong. They just don’t get it.” #sportsrorts #auspol

Ann schofield ()

@hughriminton @vanOnselenP Tired old trope posits Cricket capt. as imp as PM. Spare me. I see why you’re doing this PvO but it’s so Menzian, so Howard, so 1960s. Some might buy this morality play but it offends me mightily. #sportsrorts are wrong because they are. End of.

Verner Verass ()

Scott Morrison was micro-managing the #sportsrorts all the way.

Ben Eltham ()

The #Sportsrorts are looking really bad for Morrison now ... segments like this are running on mainstream TV news, which means the scandal must be starting to filter into general public understanding

Jacqui Lambie ()

I witnessed First Nations kids in the Top End in January this year - literally swimming in crocodile infested waters because they have no pool! #sportsrorts #TheDrum

Mark Dreyfus ()

Extraordinary evidence in the #sportsrorts inquiry this morning – at 8:46 AM the morning the election was called the Morrison Government was still sending emails rorting the funding – 16 minutes AFTER the Parliament was dissolved.

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Jennifer Menzies ()

@AnneTwomey submission to Senate Sports Grants Inquiry now up and is a must read for those interested in #sportsrorts #auspol . Covers lack of constitutional head of power for grants, lack of Ministerial power to approve and unfair assessment of ineligible projects.

Alison Pennington ()

More yoga studios & new-age hippies in north Sydney than Lakemba last I checked. Rentier class literally “swimming” in subsidised wellbeing! #sportsrorts #auspol

Peter Cronau ()

Well they had to get the money for SportsRorts from ‘Morrison Government defunds Indigenous domestic violence body

Cayteya ()

@TZP1957 @barriecassidy There were also 2 other projects in PM’s electorate funded by CSIG. $42k for Giants Baseball Club & $200k for Lilli Pilli Football Club. As for FFWSS $5m to Kogarah War Memorial Pool was awarded but $ stopped due to leaks-pool closure. #auspol #sportsrorts

Corey. ()

This whole place could do with some regional funded upgrades tbh #sportsrorts

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No Body ()

@AlexHBeech Would would happen if Centrelink payed out money to someone who was ineligible?? PAY IT BACK!! #sportsrorts for miracles.

Tracey Holmes ()

Got some spare time today? Tune into live streaming from Parliament House in Australia for more on what’s become known as the #sportsrorts affair. Up first the Australian Sports Commission chair John

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Andrew Giles MP ()

The PM is actually boasting about flouting the law on #sportsrorts - the hubris is extraordinary. He thinks he’s above all democratic standards. It’s a complete disgrace. #qt

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