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This is superb and inspiring solidarity from @DanielAndrewsMP and I wish every leader on this earth had the humanity and integrity to stand up and say the same thing. #auspol #springst.

Victorian Premier @DanielAndrewsMP has confirmed he will make a four-day trip to China this week to improve trade relations and discuss the return of international students to the state l @jordy_wright #springst.

A motion to expel Victorian Liberal MP Moira Deeming from the parliamentary party will go ahead tomorrow ⬇️ MORE: #6NewsAU #SpringSt |.

In my opinion @JohnPesutto needs to call a spill to affirm his leadership. Does he have the confidence of the party room, or did he roll over like a puppy? Is he a leader or a follower? I don’t know. I hope he is premier one day but right now I want to see guts. #Springst.

Broad Church…has a lot emphasis on Church in the Liberal Party. No one now knows what they stand for. Is this a liberals values party, economic conservatives party or Christian conservative religious party??? #springst.

Pesutto is a coward more afraid of the Left being offended than being an actual leader. The party is NOT stronger because of Pesutto and today is indeed a turning point. #springst #auspol.

#springst Photo,#springst Photo by Labor Corruption Commission,Labor Corruption Commission on twitter tweets #springst Photo

They knew what they were getting themselves into with Moira Deeming. She was considered too extreme for Scott Morrison. #springst #auspol.

Moira Deeming SUSPENDED from the Liberal Party room for 9 months. No wonder they have no balls, straddling those fences, never making a principled decision. They stand for nothing. #springst.

We still haven’t seen or heard Moira Deeming’s concessions or condemnations that John Pesutto referred to so frequently in his press conference. @abcmelbourne #springst.

Vic Liberals have reached compromise over Deeming. Apparently she’s been given the Sudetenland in return for stating she has no further territorial claims in Europe. Vic Liberal Leader heralds it as ‘peace in our time’. #auspol #springst.

And so the steady movement of the Victorian ”Liberal” Party to the far right continues. What a disgrace. #springst.

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he’s trying appealing to a broader array of #SpringSt who’ve otherwise abandoned the Liberal Party in recent years John Pesutto believes that by dismissing the #LetWomenSpeak rally as just a “neo-nazi” sideshow, due to those gatecrashing morons he’s making himself more….

@Aaronsmith333 @AntonyHennessy Careful, your bigotry is showing! More Victorians are seeing through Dan Andrews’ grubby, divisive identity politics. He chose to smear Moira Deeming, he is accountable for the inaction of Vic Police re neo Nazis at rally. John Pesutto was hasty & fell for trap. #springst.

Stunning to rewatch this in light of events today in #springst #BringBackBarrie.

In 2019 the Proud Boys attended the March for the Babies and no-one in the Liberal Party batted an eyelid. #SpringSt.

I see the move back to the centre is going well for the Victorian Liberals. #springst #auspol.

Now that women’s rights is on the agenda, can the Liberals apply the blowtorch to Machiavellian Dan Andrews and his goons? It’s clear Labor are pandering to extremists. It’s also clear Labor women MPs are mute. Respect for all Victorians demands a mature debate. #springst.

In no surprise, former Liberal MP and total cooker Bernie Finn is agitating for the Victorian Liberal leader John Pesutto to go. Messy look of the Vic Liberal party room to seemingly be aligned with cookers, charlatans and transphobes - having compromised now. #auspol #springst.

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First real test of Authority and command and Pesutto failed. Sign of things to come. My prediction is he will be rolled by Christmas #springst.

So at the very last moment, facing expulsion from her Party which would effectively end her political career, she reluctantly agreed to condemn something she has vehemently supported until now. And we’re expected to believe this was sincere? #springst.

(wins election) “Four more years!” (Nazis attend rally at Parliament House) “Eight more years!” (Liberal Party fail to expel Moira Deeming) “Twelve more years!” #springst.

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Next Victorian election I recommend posting photos of Moira Deeming watching and/or beside Nazis. That’ll go down well. #SpringSt #VicPol..

Nazi sympathisers have the numbers in the Victorian #LnP? @JohnPesutto how can you lead a party of religious nutters who don’t know right from wrong? Would you say that re-admitting Moira Deeming to the party room last time was a monumental mistake? #springst.

@JohnKennedyMP I wish you were still our local member @JohnKennedyMP Pesutto has let so many people down here. #springst #moiradeemimg.

@BradBattinMP, this time wear a suit that fits and black shoes. With Bev, Riordan, and McCracken working the phones, you’ve definitely got it this time - I’m rooting for you #SpringSt.

Most of the time I don’t, but sometimes, like tonight, I miss #SpringSt just a little bit. It’s like a soap opera akin to Neighbours but with wackier themes and characters. Looking forward to seeing how @JohnPesutto doing the absolute bare minimum works out for the Liberals..

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So five minutes into his leadership John Pesutto is rolled by the Vic Libs party room to allow them to stand with Nazis. Makes rolling a leader over climate policy seem positively civilised. #springst #auspol.

@benitakolovos Doing what matters, like hiding corruption, racking up the biggest debt of any state and making secret (Until leaked by the media) trips to your communist idols. #CutTheFeed #SpringSt.

Wonder when the spill will be? Will we get MoB v2 or Matthew Guy v3? #VicLibs #springst.

Imagine being a conservative in Victoria. So disheartening. Nobody represents us. #vicpol #springst.

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