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Updated: July 22nd, 2021 07:54 PM IST

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Congratulations to Mwai Kumwenda on her 100th nation league game 👏👏👏 #SSNFeverVixens #EverythingIsPossible

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MATCH REPORT🗞️ The Fever defeat the Vixens in their Round 8 clash at Nissan Arena and move a game clear in fourth spot. Read more: #SSNFeverVixens #EverythingIsPossible

#SSNFeverVixens Photo,#SSNFeverVixens Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

How they decide player of the match really annoys me, most of the time its whoever gets the most NNP which I don’t agree with but this week a GA who has 45% shooting accuracy 🤯 #SSNFeverVixens

Such an honest admission from Kate about not knowing what’s gonna happen w the season and feeling on edge for so long. Amygdala on overdrive 🥺🥺 our poor players #SSNFeverVixens

⏱ FULL TIME | The grand final rematch results we dreamed of 😍💚 #GOTGRIT #SSNFeverVixens

#SSNFeverVixens Photo,#SSNFeverVixens Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

It’s kinda gross to me that Nat Medhurst copped SO much shit for not putting up many shots or having amazing stats, to the point that Fever fucked her over, but now a Fever shooter is getting MVP shooting at less than 50% 🥴 #SSNFeverVixens

Jhaniele Fowler leads @WestCoastFever to a 14-goal victory over rivals @MelbourneVixens at Nissan Arena, Brisbane. #SSNFeverVixens

A very physical game to say the least- with plenty to talk about. What are your takeaways from #SSNFeverVixens?

Has Fowler won more MVPs than anyone else -- in the same number of elite games @xLurch? #SSNFeverVixens

Watch this game and Firebirds v Lightning and tell me these players aren’t too fatigued to be playing. Just messy crap #SSNFeverVixens

I hope if the season does get condensed the number of players on the bench increases #SSNFeverVixens

FINAL SCORES⏱️ The Fever were far too strong for the Vixens at Nissan Arena in their rescheduled Round 8 clash. #SSNFeverVixens #EverythingIsPossible

#SSNFeverVixens Photo,#SSNFeverVixens Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

Netball Twitter are a lot gentler on the vixens than they would be on magpies in this situation🙂 #SSNFeverVixens

My feed conked out with 12 seconds left and all I can say it’s appropriate. #SSNFeverVixens

commentators stop saying teams are mounting a comeback after being down by 20 goals just bc of the supershot challenge #SSNFeverVixens

So Alice Teague-Neeld finishes with 5 goals, at 45% accuracy, in 52 minutes. #SSNFeverVixens

If only Nat Medhurst got the same amount of praise for shooting 3 goals a game #SSNFeverVixens

This will be an unpopular opinion Im sure but no malice from Jess. Wobbly coming back on court, last minute decision to block when Maloney put accelerator on not seeing Jess. Def contact but no malice #SSNFeverVixens

Every now and then Fowler fakes the shot towards her defender instead of upwards. Should this be called as intimidation? #SSNFeverVixens

I really hope Mundy is offered a contract next year. Her improvement this season has been 📈📈📈 & it’d be such a shame if she didn’t have the opportunity to continue building on the experience & confidence she’s gained #SSNFeverVixens

3/4 TIME SCORE⏱️ The Vixens win the quarter. But they still trail by 12-points at the final break. A Thursday night miracle is needed for the Vixens. @WestCoastFever - 52 @MelbourneVixens - 39 #SSNFeverVixens #EverythingIsPossible

Some questionable calls tonight IMO. Maybe just a biased vixens supporter though. #SSNFeverVixens

Allie Smith comes off for Kate- who is r-Eddy for some more game time this quarter #SSNFeverVixens

How the heck was that a step when you get barrelled into by your opponent 🤦🏼‍♀️ #SSNFeverVixens

Anstiss going for brawn over brains, when squillions in front, is a weird choice #SSNFeverVixens

Gimme more of those Allie Smith long no-nonsense shoulder passes please. That’s a @GeelongNetball speciality! #SSNFeverVixens

Moloney looking pretty stunned from that knock. Was not expecting such a physical contest between her and Anstiss tonight #SSNFeverVixens

So Anstiss had eyes only for Kate Moloney in that challenge. Went straight for the body, not the ball. How is that not a warning? #SSNFeverVixens

If something did something unnecessarily rough or physical, call it that, it’s not just “pepper”. #SSNFeverVixens

Congratulations to Mwai Kumwenda on her 100th nation league game 👏👏👏 #SSNFeverVixens #EverythingIsPossible

#SSNFeverVixens Photo,#SSNFeverVixens Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

This rescheduled Round 8 match is a crucial one for both teams😤 The Fever are desperately holding on to fourth place and a win here would knock the Vixens out of the finals hunt. Tune in tonight at AEST on Telstra TV and the Netball Live App. #SSNFeverVixens

#SSNFeverVixens Photo,#SSNFeverVixens Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
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