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Carlton legend Stephen Silvagni was invited into the Blues rooms post-game for Jack’s 100th game presentation in front of family and friends. But Jack noted in his speech that Stephen - now St Kilda list manager - opted to remain in the car #AFLTigersBlues.

St Kilda is the UK’s only dual UNESCO World Heritage Site – one of only 39 in the world. The archipelago consists of islands Hirta, Boreray (pictured), Dun and Soay, and the sea stacks Levenish, Stac an Armin and Stac Lee – the highest in Britain #ForTheLoveOfScotland.

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Just had to mute some clown I unfollowed a while back. “I’m handing in my membership if we can’t even beat St Kilda” shut the fuck up you fucking moron, and please do hand it back 🤦🏻‍♂️.

ok so if St Kilda or Freo could win by at least 60 points it’ll mean Hawthorn won’t be bottom of the ladder and i’d like that very much.

Damian Barrett: “Tom De Koning, he went at it one out against Toby Nankervis on Thursday there is a lot of interest in him particularly coming from St Kilda. There is a contingency plan from the Blues perspective that if they do lose they’re going to go after Ben….

Fox Footy
Fox Footy

“You can’t look at the screen then have a go at me, OK? That’s considered umpire dissent.” #AFLSaintsFreo.

Expect the Unexpected. Oh St Kilda you absolute head f*^~s. Bless you all. #afl #saints.

Just when I thought I was feral at footy that knock knock st kilda chick says hold my overpriced beer..

A lot to like in the first half for St Kilda. Getting significant output from the kids, particularly Ryan Byrnes who is close to best afield..

A classic duo - St Kilda and getting rogered by the umpires when we play Freo #AFLSaintsFreo.

Fremantle‘s issues in attack appear to be bigger than many thought after troubling first round loss to St Kilda via @MarkDuffield1.

Sadly not much remains today of the grand mansions that once lined St Kilda by the then Melbourne and Metropolitan Board of Works in the late 1950s allowed the demolition of many grand buildings in favour of “modern” office.

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🔴⚪⚫ The Saints put on a defensive masterclass to suffocate Fremantle in a grinding win over the Dockers at Marvel. ST KILDA | FREMANTLE ➡️ STATS:.

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Sheridan Close is another survivor on St Kilda by Bernard Evans in 1950(a few years before he became Lord Mayor of Melbourne) and opened in 1953 its architecture is a hybrid of by Heritage Victoria it remains (to my knowledge).

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At near full strength losing to a st kilda team with 10+ injuries. With the fixture we have, finals are going to be a serious stretch.

Replace Caminiti and Cordy with Membrey and King and St Kilda lead this by eight goals..

Because it’s wide and tree lined with trams running down it’s centre St Kilda Rd has often been described as Melbourne’s “grand boulevard”..but quite often it’s a traffic sewer of cars driving into the bike lanes are being added to keep cyclists safe.

St Kilda Photo,St Kilda Photo by Terence McCarthy,Terence McCarthy on twitter tweets St Kilda Photo

Really like the NEW St Kilda! A Strong System in place! #SaintsFooty.

Healy’s bias towards st kilda is really ugly to watch and borderline embarrassing @FOXFOOTY.

Guys remember last year when we lost to st Kilda and we thought the season was one and then we one 6 in a row hah haha that was fun let’s go again.

There are a few of you begging to get muted today. Of course it’s St Kilda. But it’s one game. Pull yourselves together and stop acting like spoiled brats..

Saints draw level! Wood snaps on his left early in the fourth, we have a game on our hands! St Kilda 😇 Freo 🟣 #AFLSaintsFreo #AFL.

All square at the half! Freo hit back through Treacy on the siren, another cracker brewing at St Kilda Freo #AFLSaintsFreo #AFL.

St Kilda knocking off Freo only makes me more angry about how the lions played yesterday! Just didn’t show up!.

ROUND ONE SHOCK: Fremantle have been overrun in the final term to slump to an upset 15-point loss. Here’s our three-word analysis of every Docker..

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St Kilda showed great intent with stacks of pressure all the way to win their opener against Fremantle @marvelstadiumau St Kilda Fremantle.


@Anna_Pav22 1-3: St Kilda Winning 4: Phillipou kicking first game goal 5: Sav’s new role down back.

Fremantle superstar Nat Fyfe had a shocker up forward, while a couple of defenders stood tall in the loss to St Kilda..

#AFLSaintsFreo | 3QTR TIME St Kilda 42 () Fremantle 48 ().

Fremantle defenders are allowed get away with anything against the St Kilda forwards. Very very bad umpiring. #AFLSaintsFreo.

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