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🇺🇦 vs 🇷🇺 PR effectiveness: Zelensky visited Bucha within 48 hours of the news of atrocities breaking. He spoke to ordinary people. He was visibly distraught. Putin made it to Mariupol 10 months after Azovstal fell. He drove around in a car, did some staged photo ops, and left..

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#BreakingNews GOONDAS ACT is invoked against Muthuvel, the VHP office bearer who was arrested for threatening the correspondent of the school and demanded 25 lakh rupees. He is the person who staged a political game based with an edited audio on the suicide of a student named….

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Anitta’s fans staged a protest today at one of #WarnerMusic offices after CEO Aaron Bay-Schuck rejected the star’s plea to be released from her contract. Fans were then called into the building only for Warner employees to call the police, claiming they were “breaking in.”….

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Well well here we have their Dirty Magical Masonic 33 again 😂😂😂 It all staged and scripted UBS to Buy Credit Suisse in $ Billion Deal to End Crisis.

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@therealrukshan Very high chance the guys in black were working with the far left trans group in order to discredit the Women’s rights group. I all looks very suspicious to me and staged..

While Iraq’s political system is blemished by corruption and sectarian demagoguery, the country’s elections are competitive. The outcome is not known in advance, as were the pageants staged by Saddam Hussein during his reign. Read more from @EliLake 👉.

@DavidKrayden Every photo op is staged and controlled, Employees are threatened with their jobs if they go off script. He is vile.

“Government may amend anti-vilification laws” - The Age. And there it is. The next day - straight in with more control and censorship based off this obvious staged “Nazi” event..

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@Whatfreshhell5 It was staged for the benefit of the media, to demonise #LetWomenSpeakMelbourne in the public eye. By who? The Greens? Labor? Big Pharma? Rich AGPs?.

i think swarm should have had its own account and had dropped a grid of photos promo’ing a fake nijah tour and had dre from a ghost account commenting crazy stan things… while simultaneously (consensually/staged) trolling artists on their accounts for promo..

Also. This show is SO not realistic. You’re telling me people walked into the restaurant and had Kim Taehyung say hola to them and they did not faint. This show is Completely staged..

@MKupperman the staged version of Quills, vastly superior to the subsequent film version, was a callback to classic grand guignol theater, with stabbings and blood. so much blood. oh and also a hallucinatory vision of a being with six penises waving around like snakes. in the round!.

@solcugazete Typical russian fake. There are many Muslims in Ukraine, and with this staged video the russians are trying to quarrel Ukraine with a Muslim world..

@realJohnACastro J6? Oh you mean when FBI and their Antifa brethren staged a fake insurrection that was obvious to everyone with an IQ over 14? I read your bio and still don’t know who the heck you are??????.

As staged as it gets. So stupid. Soy boys vs wonder feminist woman..

@RE_MarketWatch @julzpak I muted him. Between his Housing and Diversity portfolios, he’s the king of staged political photo-ops..

Such brave men, can Zieg heal, but far to scared to show a nazi flag. WHY. Because as @goodfoodgal says, is it staged ?.

@KimberCanada49 @rbdwarf I bow to sultan Finn. I believe it. Dais sometimes tucks herself in and if I take a picture it always looks staged..

@just_mindy @jenvanlaar It isn’t a charge (what charge?) tthat warrants an arrest of an ex-President of the US either. There is no imminent threat. There is no flight risk. A subpoena to appear would be appropriate. This will be staged as a strictly political event for strictly political effect..

If this happens, a big drama will be staged..

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@SaltyMom10 A protest is what they want so it can be staged up to look like a revolution of sorts. A better reason to just let them get a misdemeanor charge at best on Trump and they can get theirs in a couple years!.

@galaxvee YES like we will never get a story the same as the dsmp ever again. the improv plus the planned bits, the audience never knowing which parts were staged until it was over, the way the plot was so pov heavy and intertwined and different from a lot of shows and books today.

@MRobertsQLD @FreedmFightr1 The nazi-saluting element looked like a staged rent-a-crowd to me. Let’s keep the focus on the actual issues at hand, namely women’s rights, thx..

@MichaelAshura @therealrukshan Absolutely. Looked so staged. Army, cadets or cops maybe. Concerning for what BS we’ll cop next. Wouldn’t be shocked with whatever they do. Banks , internet, lockdown who knows . It’s not tin foil hats anymore.👍.

@VP Lots of possing, celebrity interviews, and staged photos. What actually was accomplished?.

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@fairiekingxiu It’s such an exo thing that’s why I love it haha like that’s what makes it funny that it’s staged and it’s cute too 🤣 and I love how Minseok was on bbl after saying Rover is so his style too hehe.

@exRepublican18 I find it impossible to believe no one shot him and his crew. This sounds staged.

@RepMTG @SidneyPowell1 Democrats don’t give a shit about enforcing the Law or fairness in the Justice System! They are all about the OPTICS and setting the narrative! Look at January 6th. It was a staged and choreographed 4 hour OPTICAL ILLUSION. The media pushed the images the UniParty Cabal wanted….

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@GovTimWalz Just like a North Korean staged photo op. Walz turning MN into a socialist state. Just like his overlords want. While scandals go on at free will under his watch he is spending MN tax money like a drunken sailor..

@RepMTG Titled: MTG Embarrassing Stupidity on Display *70 Judges reject Trump’s Stolen Election Claims *Trump fomented & led bloody Jan6 Insurrection *MTG claim Parkland & Sandy Hook “Staged” *Laughable Advisor ineffectual McCarthy *Racist & Antisemite *Secretly engaged to GeoSantos.

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