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Who do we see more important to trade out? Laurie or Staines Thinking Staines myself

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Horacio R Staines
Horacio R Staines ()

‘El verbo resistir debe conjugarse siempre en el tiempo presente’ 😃👊

Tim Beadle
Tim Beadle ()

@CrimeGirI My first-year roommate at a down-south uni in the mid-90s was from Teesside. We went to a chip shop in Staines and he tried to order a Stottie. Much bewilderment ensued.

Anime/Manga ❤️
Anime/Manga ❤️ ()

@PenrithPanthers When everyone is back y’all need to replace Eisenhuth for Leniu, Staines for Jennings and Bring in Tago, honestly would put Tago over Leota but it’s abit early for that.

jude martin
Jude martin ()

A dox on all their houses: How the British press — egged on by the grubby Mr Staines — made an innocent student into a villain , by @brokenbottleboy

Dazza_20 ()

Charlie Staines needs to offer a lot more than just diving over the line untouched for tries. Jennings made 233m tonight. Staines just 66. #NRLSharksPanthers

Mark ()

Mansour sitting there every week watching Staines crap the bed going wtf #NRLSharksPanthers

Elliott ()

#NRLSharksPanthers @FOXNRL @NRL Charlie “SH*T” Staines is not first grade. He is utterly useless. Have a run and help your team. Cleanest jersey in the NRL

Brendan Johnson
Brendan Johnson ()

Hopefully the good people of Forbes can follow Charlie Staines example with Covid and not catch it #NRLSharksPanthers

Gav DeBartolo
Gav DeBartolo ()

Sick of commentators talking about Staines 4 on debut !!! What’s he done since ? Fuck all #NRLSharksPanthers

Staines Town FC
Staines Town FC ()

SWAN BUT NOT FORGOTTEN - Next up in the series is former favourite @MoBettz 🗣️ Getting started in football 🗣️ Life in war-torn Libya 🗣️ His time at Staines Town 🗣️ Life at @OfficialShots 🎥

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Peter Murphy
Peter Murphy ()

@SW_Help Why are trains not being diverted via Staines to get around the issues at Surbiton?

Andrea Staines
Andrea Staines ()

@YcaRick @kinsellawarren Me too. And it takes a long time and a lot of research to understand that being in a gaslit relationship that ends is not a 50/50 share the all rests on the gaslighter as does the survivors long road to trust again.

ProductorNocturno 😎
ProductorNocturno 😎 ()

Saludos amigo @Horacio_Staines Que tengas una jornada y como siempre una excelente cobertura. ✌🏽😎

Staines Photo,Staines Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Roger Marsden
Roger Marsden ()

@Greek_Phil @ResponseOC ID always had cell space if you were really struggling. I’ve had to go to Staines (from VK) before

J ()

@angusbacon21 @NRL_SC_Addicts Absolutely no team guarantees Staines any amount of tries

Zach.smith ()

@NRL_SC_Addicts Staines. Should have been gone the first few rounds when he averaged negative 18m per game 🤦‍♂️

Supercoach Addicts
Supercoach Addicts ()

Who do we see more important to trade out? Laurie or Staines Thinking Staines myself

Zach.smith ()

@MattJMangan Rd13 - 1058 Total - 15819 Rank - 11250 ✅ 8500 Out; Staines & Barnett In; AJ & Tohu Harris

Boots Help
Boots Help ()

@BaggaleyKate Hi Kate, thanks for providing feedback about the staff members in our Staines store. I have let the Store Manager know so they can share this with the team! Best wishes - Sabah

Chico d’cheap ho w no cheat codes 💀🍑🚫🧢
Chico d’cheap ho w no cheat codes 💀🍑🚫🧢 ()


Horacio R Staines
Horacio R Staines ()

@ANNIE_LYON La exhibición está de verdad increíble! y demuestra también como Nerón era bastaaaante popular… alguien tan malo… lo sería??? 🤔 saludos 🖖🏽 y gracias x leer!

2021 Year of the Luai Cont.
2021 Year of the Luai Cont. ()

@Josh99Coleman 😂 Bruh there were some seriously big plays tonight that I wouldn’t have expected from the tigers. The try saver on Edwards was a beauty. Even nofa ankle tapping Staines late. They had a great attitude & should enjoy the W

Rodney Smith
Rodney Smith ()

Whilst it is always awesome for @WestsTigers to win any game, aside from all of the tries my favourite moment was when @DNofoaluma chased down Charlie Staines and owned him right in front of us. So good.

Adam Bolt
Adam Bolt ()

@SCGodsBeNice Yeah all the experts were saying sell him but keep Lenin. Also, I’m glad I got Tago, he only cost $173k and still beat Staines score😜

Paul Jeffery
Paul Jeffery ()

@antonposa Some shocking scores in this round for sure. Glad I managed to jump off the Staines rollercoaster this week!

Lucas70 ()

And finally I can sell Charlie Staines @mightysharks @SuperCoachNRL #1stJobMonday #NRLSuperCoach

GrecianTiger🇦🇺🇬🇷🐯 ()

@9_Moley Moley Charlie Staines is more like the Forbes FordFocus. Ferrari my arse. Does nothing.

Ryan Evanson 🐝
Ryan Evanson 🐝 ()

@TheBadBoyChapo Edwards is off contract at the end of next year, more than likely Staines transitions to fullback and Edwards leaves

Aidan Tolman Stan
Aidan Tolman Stan ()

@AdamHux2 He lives in the shadow of Cleary, Staines only gets recognition off the back of cleary and his playmaking skills. My nan would score tries on the wing if she was running off nathan.

Hux Bucks
Hux Bucks ()

@Sebazac Yeah, Mansour may not have been the most agile but at least he did the tough stuff. Staines is a liabilty

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