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รัฐวิคตอเรียของออสเตรเลียประกาศ “ภาวะหายนะ” (State of Disaster) ขอให้หลีกเลี่ยงออกนอกบ้าน, เคอร์ฟิวกลางคืนหลังโควิดพุ่ง!

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Dee Ryall
Dee Ryall ()

Hey Albo, how about having a chat to your good mate @DanielAndrewsMP and letting him know what you think. He cancelled the Legislative Assembly sitting this week in the People’s Republic of Victoria. He’s supposed to be reporting to both houses on the State of Disaster.

CGTN America
CGTN America ()

Australia’s state of Victoria declared a disaster zone amid new surges of coronavirus. Learn about the newly imposed 6 week shutdown and just how hard hit Victoria state really is.

▌│█║▌║▌║ ()

The nihilist bludger in the Lodge is no sentient being! In midst of accelerating life-taking pandemic, as Victoria announces state of disaster, and nation confronts worst economic crisis in a century, Morrison propaganda machine targets gullible via his Instagram account #auspol

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Jane ()

@NYCMayor @RepMaloney If your state has vote by mail when the voter makes the request to the board of election that is fine. But to mass mail ballots not knowing who has moved or who has died or who WOULD RATHER VOTE AT THE POLL is a recipe for disaster

Damnbitious 🐝
Damnbitious 🐝 ()

@check_random @DKnight10000 In other words: Not an honest one. Lol! It’s a disaster. All you have to do is look at the state of the country to see that.

Ted Hope
Ted Hope ()

The student population of the Penn State system—100K—is more than double Donald Trump’s margin of victory in Pennsylvania, while Wisconsin normally has 200K college students statewide and Michigan a whopping 500K. So will college students vote by mail?

💧 ()

The condition of my room is the perfect reflection of my mental state right now. It’s a disaster 😹

Nick Cunningham
Nick Cunningham ()

Ever here about The Big One? The potential for a massive earthquake and tsunami off the Oregon coast? Oregon recently laid off one of the experts working on understanding and preparing for the disaster

Robert Scott Bell
Robert Scott Bell ()

Victoria, Australia, In ‘State Of Disaster,’ Melbourne Lockdown From Covid-19 Coronavirus

Ayesha Haleem Adil Sheikh
Ayesha Haleem Adil Sheikh ()

The National DISASTER Mangament Authority had to be engaged to help clean Karachi. What more evidence do we need for PPP’s incapability of managing Karachi?? The state of not just Karachi, but all of Sindh is truly disastrous!

Amaree ()

@SkyNewsAust For people wanting to blame the federal government for the state of disaster in Victoria, Why is it then that all the other states have got it right. The only person to blame here is the incompetence of the Daniel Andrews government. He needs to go.

FlipNJRedNOW ()

@GovMurphy I never wish anything bad on people. Just good. And, I wish for the people of NJ - YOU WOULD GET THE FUCK OUT OF OUR STATE. Stop decimating it. You are a disaster. And, quit trying to position yourself for a cabinet post

The Oregonian
The Oregonian ()

She worked with coastal communities to help them prepare for a large-scale disaster and the agency now hosts more than 75 tsunami inundation maps for communities large and small up and down the Oregon coast. Read the full story: (12/12)

Carhughes ()

@realDonaldTrump I-alone-can-ruin-everything-Trump has brought death, destruction & disaster to every city & state in America. -158,600+ Dead Americans -Historic unemployment -Historic cratering of the GDP -Historic economic collapse -Historic national Debt ballooning #TrumpsAmerica #trump

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policy over party
Policy over party ()

@nationallies @CNNPolitics People are failing to understand this. States that have mail-in systems have taken years to perfect them. Asking every state to implement a new voting system in the span of just a few months is ludicrous and asking for disaster.

Bloomberg QuickTake
Bloomberg QuickTake ()

“You will no longer be able to leave home or go any further away from your home than a 5-kilometer radius.” Australia’s Victoria state tightened restrictions and declared a state of disaster after its #COVID19 outbreak. More @business: #coronavirus

Kate ()

@jamiedupree The GOP Secretary of State did not approve what happened this Saturday. Our June primary was a disaster.

Sithlord Resistance
Sithlord Resistance ()

According to @CyrilRamaphosa, infections are stabilizing. The curve Mr President, IN YOUR OWN WORDS, has now flattened. Your original aim with implementing the state of Disaster. Time to move on with our lives! Repeal the declaration!

Gregorymcmahon ()

Australia declares state of disaster in Victoria and imposes curfew in Melbourne

New York Post
New York Post ()

Australian state imposes strict lockdown measures after declaring state of disaster

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Equitable Growth
Equitable Growth ()

The end of the $600 unemployment benefits will be a disaster for workers and families struggling to just get by under a struggling economy and an uncontrolled pandemic. Policymakers need to act now to prevent further harm.

😷TruthShallSetUsFree😷 ()

@NikkiHaley economists interviewed for this story, three things were raised repeatedly: a new round of direct payments, especially for those with low income; some extension of extra unemployment benefits; and a sizable chunk of aid to state and local

Action Jackson
Action Jackson ()

@realDonaldTrump the US state w/ the closest population to Victoria is Missouri a State of Disaster was declared in Victoria after 429 cases on Sunday MO has averaged 1300 cases a day over the last week MO is sending kids back to school. The gov said kids will get Covid, but will get over it

Marco ()

@ChristoConradi1 Nah. With that parliamentary oversight comes back. They don’t want that. They will keep this state of disaster on the go for as long as possible. Also need to meet definitions for state of emergency which is not likely to ever occur. Unless ISIS is on our border and shooting.

Nine News Sydney
Nine News Sydney ()

Bunnings stores in metropolitan Melbourne will move to a click and deliver or contactless drive and collect basis after a state of disaster was declared in Victoria. #9News

Nine News Melbourne
Nine News Melbourne ()

Bunnings stores in metropolitan Melbourne will move to a click and deliver or contactless drive and collect basis after a state of disaster was declared in Victoria. #9News

Nine News Australia
Nine News Australia ()

Bunnings stores in metropolitan Melbourne will move to a click and deliver or contactless drive and collect basis after a state of disaster was declared in Victoria. #9News

Katherine Landergan
Katherine Landergan ()

If Congress underestimates the economic tidal wave that is coming, even by the smallest of margins, we are all going to be swept away,” said Illinois State Treasurer Michael Frerichs., with @kelmej

Sky News Australia
Sky News Australia ()

The Australian’s Political Editor Dennis Shanahan says Victoria has been forced to go into a “disaster level lockdown” as a consequence of state government’s failure to implement strategies to fight the deadly coronavirus.

Suthichai ()

รัฐวิคตอเรียของออสเตรเลียประกาศ “ภาวะหายนะ” (State of Disaster) ขอให้หลีกเลี่ยงออกนอกบ้าน, เคอร์ฟิวกลางคืนหลังโควิดพุ่ง!

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