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Nothing but respect for Steph from Dame 🤝 @Dame_Lillard | @StephenCurry30

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@metomurphy Good Morning Steph You have a Beautiful and Charming Sunday My Friend Happy Mother’s Day Enjoy yourself with the ones you Love 💕 Take Care Stay Safe Love and Hugs 🤗 🌈🎶🦋💛🎈🍀☕️☕️🥀💕😘

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Stpnadi ()

@bangbangsiit pag d nag reply/react si tita its a sign na ayaw nya talaga sakin HAHHAHAHA

SportsCenter ()

Nothing but respect for Steph from Dame 🤝 @Dame_Lillard | @StephenCurry30

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shannon sharpe
Shannon sharpe ()

Bruh, Steph has 2 mvps, 3 titles and a man without any is better? In what way, how 🙄🙄🙄

Ntd69 ()

@NBCSWarriors The minute the lights went off I said “NO is trying to throw Steph’s rhythm off” and it worked. After that incident, Steph lost his shooting stroke and went cold.

Angry Wardell (32-32) (31-25 w/ Steph)
Angry Wardell (32-32) (31-25 w/ Steph) ()

@LuconicTV @hhbjk9 i get that i really do, but i feel like a lot of us wouldnt be saying that if it was Jokic on a bad team instead of Steph. We only care now bc Stephs being held down by his team when in past years there have been numerous superstars who have been held back by bad teams.

Square2K ()

im not gonna lie every social media loves to post about steph curry ain’t complaining tho he’s been playing fantastic this year

Bleacher Report
Bleacher Report ()

41 PTS 14-26 FG 8 threes 8 AST This is just regular for Steph now.

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. ()

@antonin_org And gets them as well but Steph has to be assaulted for a foul call and even then it’s 50/50 to whether he gets it

NBA ()

☔️ @StephenCurry30: Origin Story ☔️ Check out Steph’s rise, beginning with Draft day, before the @warriors visit the Pelicans at 7:30pm/et! Watch Marvel’s #ArenaOfHeroes on ESPN2, with the traditional game telecast on ESPN.

Izuku Midoriya
Izuku Midoriya ()

$850 w/Brittney in Baton Rouge, $1600 in Baton Rouge w/Steph, $1000 by myself in SA. Now in Houston ?? 🥴🥴


Franquicias que recibieron +30 puntos de Steph Curry en esta temporada: Rockets Mavs Kings Wolves Clippers Nuggets Blazers Jazz OKC Celtics Wizards Bucks Cavs Hawks Heat Bulls Knicks Magic Spurs Pistons Locura.

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Connor Letourneau
Connor Letourneau ()

Steve Kerr on Stephen Curry: One of the most remarkable things about Steph is he can be in the midst of what looks like one of his worst games of the entire season, and then he just explodes. He has the ultimate confidence.

95.7 The Game
95.7 The Game ()

Steve Kerr on what got Steph Curry going in the third quarter: “Steph is Steph. All it takes is one.”


Warriors players, including Steph and Draymond, wore the “Mambacita” clothing line on what would’ve been Gigi Bryant’s 15th birthday ❤️⁣⁣

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🐺 NEW ERA (20-44)
🐺 NEW ERA (20-44) ()

GAME RECAP I didn’t watch the game, but to me looks like we dominated the glass which led to the win and we hit our 3s pretty consistently which is a good thing to see. I also heard this man Ricky Rubio channeled his inner Steph Curry tonight and dropped 26.

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Ulcerative Cloutitis
Ulcerative Cloutitis ()

@Cathybeerpong Lmaoo same. So hard to be positive after games like tonight 😭. I just wanna see Steph win and it sure as shit isn’t gonna happen here anymore

steph mccann
Steph mccann ()

health insurance is so interesting u pay a lot each month & then theyre like “wait lol why would u ever think we would pay for u to see a doctor Im dyyyyyying is anyone else hearing this”

Warriors Fan(31-31)💎
Warriors Fan(31-31)💎 ()

Next year I want: •Mulder gone •Smailagic gone •Bazemore gone •The warriors to make some big moves If the front office doesn’t make any moves then they’ve proved that they don’t care if they’re wasting Steph’s prime.

Preston ()

@stephiesmallls @TKingMode Dude Troy you had one job and it was to not make Steph more mad

Iceberg Slim
Iceberg Slim ()

He’s a good defender, but this is more due to how you guys can play off of our bigs than anything else. You can be physical on Steph while remain close to shooters, and then collapse the paint by using Drays man as a safety .

STEPH 💥 ()

Esas croquetas que vende en la parte y Gasset frente a la plaza de la salud 👌🏻😍

‘S, ()

Mofos will sit under the sun watch their skin tone change and still be racists. 😂😂😂 you can’t tell that sht ain’t a mental disorder.

Blanca Boyzo 🖤🪄🎩
Blanca Boyzo 🖤🪄🎩 ()

Ya estoy muy hasta la madre de los compañeros cero defensivos de Steph y las rotaciones pendej…. de Kerr!!!!!! @warriors #DubNation 😤

Nam Pham
Nam Pham ()

@Youreabotimnot This like when Steph got drafted 7th even tho dude was dropping 30 a night in college

Jason Takhtadjian 🇦🇲
Jason Takhtadjian 🇦🇲 ()

Steph Curry needs 4 more threes with 5 minutes left to get 100 threes in the month of April 🤯

Boardman ()

Never mind the scoring title & putting up 30+. If Steph ain’t on the court, his team getting kicked in the teeth. MOST VALUABLE PLAYER.

DubNation ()

Steph can still make 4 triples in 5 mins right? He can finish with 44 points or more 🔥 Is that enough to get the lead over Bradley Beal?

Strengh in Numbers
Strengh in Numbers ()

@antonin_org Only way it’s possible if Steph just goes can’t expect it every game, so may as well as just back and be pleasantly surprised if we win

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