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It is hard to imagine a more stupid or more dangerous way of making decisions than by putting those decisions in the hands of people who pay no price for being wrong. – Thomas Sowell.

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STEVE PRICE: The Greens’ proposed utopia may provide Australians with good teeth, free childcare and uni but winters will be cold and dark, as billionaire miners, among others, pay the price..

The Biden Admin. is singing its own praises for bringing down gas prices. SPOILER ALERT: the national average gas price is still $ per gallon higher from when Pres. Biden took office. The Pres. & his team have a big PINOCCHIO PROBLEM. Take a listen:.

#EconWatch: Thanks to the Bank of England’s excessive money pumping, Brits are experiencing food price shocks..

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FLASH: The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports US Producer Price Index (PPI) at in July. Brutal. For months, the chattering classes and the hacks in the press have been telling us that inflation was going to be TRANSITORY. It turns out that they were ALL WRONG..

@slpng_giants_oz It’s the likes of Steve Price and the whole of the Liberal Party, that are the laughing stock of the rest of Australia. I personal think it is a great idea for the regions, but then Price and the LIberals think only the plebs live in the regions..

@ChristyDanFan Steve Price made a huge gaffe in his article. Also used wrong name. Who is Jerome? @StevePriceMedia.

@slpng_giants_oz Poor old Steve Price. Never got over the fact he was conceived via a faulty condom. Has always felt unwanted, and with good reason. Could not be less influential..

@WizePenguin @MailOnline From a male shithead to a female shithead!!! Steve Price really thinks the Cred has a chance, so funny. 😂😂😂.

Steve Price casting his net far and wide to find something, anything, to attack Andrews govt..

It was a battle to get a single fresh edition. Thank God I have both @degenpoet and @huxsterized at this price Get in now my friends because once the winter ends, none of this will be affordable. Only Steve Aoki can afford.

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MATCHDAY 🔴⚪ Today, we play our first home league game of the season as we take on Deal Town FC. 🗓 Saturday 13th August 2022 🆚 @DealTownFC 🕜 15:00 KO 🏟️ The Steve Cook Stadium 🎟️ Adults £8, Concessions £5, U16 Free, NHS Workers 1/2 Price #PridePassionPunjab🔴⚪.

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@slpng_giants_oz Hey Steve Price, 1956 Olympics at Lake Wendouree, Ballarat calling..

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steve lacy tickets are $250 ? for that price he better let me on stage and kiss me softly on the lips or something.

@slpng_giants_oz Steve Price trying once again to remain relevant at any cost. He’s laughable..

@slpng_giants_oz It’s cause Eureka is too far from “inner city elite” Steve Price’s huge house..

@slpng_giants_oz Why would anyone in their right mind listen to anything Steve Price had to say?.

NEW Steve Roach What Remains reviewed by Exposé a calling card for the array of electronic-based minimalist styles he has been bringing to life in recent years @steve_timeroom NAME YOUR PRICE.

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@jamesrouel Will do far better for the economy in regional Victoria then it would have done in Melbourne anyway and last I looked, economy is all fuckheads like Steve Price care about.

@slpng_giants_oz Steve Price is like his Murdoch masters and his lnp mates. He hates Victoria and Victorians..

Oh Steve Addazio being hired at Colorado State right up there with Charlie Weis being hired at Kansas Worst Hires in College Football in Post Bear Bryant Era = 1982 > 1. Weis, Kansas 2. Price, Alabama 3. Dubose, Alabama 4. Helton, USC 5. Addazio, CSU #CheeseburgerCharlie.

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Looking to buy 1/2 tickets for Steve Lacy ATLANTA GA 10/23 @ a reasonable price. Hmu #stevelacy #giveyoutheworldtour.

So, now we know. Steve Price is an ALP agent provocateur! Promoting Credlin to run the Vic Libs? Perfect. Having assisted the Mad Monk to shoot himself in the foot, she has the skill set to lead Vic Libs - into oblivion. Go Peta!.

@DaveMilbo He has a non threatening stature & his voice isn’t as grating as say. the hysterical Alan Jones or the inane Rowan Dean & Chris Kenny BUT make no mistake, Steve Price is as dangerous & as deeply involved in the Murdoch treacherous dark side as any of them..

@geoffsmith55 Steve Price is the major reason why I never watch TheProject anymore. Just another #UglyAustralian..

@theheraldsun Steve Price? What credentials to value his comments on anything? HS is a crock.

@WizePenguin @MailOnline I’m beginning to wonder if Steve Price is a a parody of of RWFWittery. Nobody could be that dense on surely?.

@jdb1911 It needs a lot of work to update but still a great price and good size. Big lot too. Maybe @Clippers_steve wants to be my neighbor.

@LaurieP10155147 @kylegriffin1 Price controls on drugs (except Medicare will still be able to negotiate)..

@Nueve_Zone Yup almost revolutionary I was very mad when Monaco put that 100 mil price tag thats when I knew it was done.

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