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Tweet247 | Updated: Sat, 19 May 2018, 00:07 AM IST

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  • This new @firefox extension uses clever design to keep Facebook’s sticky fingers away from the rest of your web-browsing data..

  • Sticky Fingers fucking suck and need to stop getting gigs.

  • Sticky Fingers have just released a new EP tracklist!!! 1. I Can’t Be Racist, I’m Maori 2. Boys Being Boys (Excuses) 3. I’m A Fragile Let’s Fight 4. Sorry, Forget Everything 5. We Got Lawyers So Yeah.

  • Dylan Frost was also banned from another Newtown pub in March for aggressive behaviour, for the record. Me last month:.

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  • Jeeze that Sticky Fingers comeback is going off without a hitch huh. Just swimmingly..

  • df, retire bitch.

  • I would literally have never heard of Sticky Fingers if they weren’t occasionally in the news as having done some violence.

  • Have you seen these women? Police say they have sticky and stole thousands from the French Quarter IHOP >> 🥞💸.

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  • The Rolling Stones - Moonlight Mile - Sticky Fingers (1971).

  • This will be fun! The Hellacopters first show 2018 will be in Gothenburg at Sticky Fingers! ✖️♥️.

  • Sticky Fingers responds to allegation of verbal altercation at a Sydney pub:.

  • THE ROLLING STONES /// 7. I Got The Blues - (Sticky Fingers) - (1971) via @YouTube.

  • To clarify I mean Sticky Fingers the album by The Rolling Stones not whoever just liked this tweet.

  • @90sEdit Hate it when I get sticky fingers!!!!.

  • FIFA 19 / PES 2019 Soundtrack material! Thank you so much Australia 🇦🇺 for Sticky Fingers (@sti_fi)..

  • @theipodteacher Use paper plates and eat with your hands ... no dishes! (But you will clog landfills and have sticky fingers that way.).

  • Well that comeback lasted all but 5 minutes.

  • @lamaibeach @HWarlow Indeed! 😍 There’s nothing quite like a bonfire on a beautiful summer evening. The crackling of burning wood, the aroma you can smell for miles, and sticky fingers from roasting marshmallows to a perfect golden crisp. 🔥♥️😌.

  • When are we going to stop supporting this band who have STILL not kicked the disgusting and dangerous Dylan Frost out of the band? NOPE 🙅🏻‍♂️ cc @junkee.

  • @kplyley my favourite thing about sticky fingers was when i put the band to the floor on whether or not we should add them to the library, everyone in the room was like "nope".

  • @Kirstie4Long71 @rebekahkennedy I have a weird thing about sticky fingers. I can’t do it. #SaysTheMomOf4SmallChildren 😂.

  • BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME - Bohemian Rhapsody / Mordecai (Sticky @YouTubeさんから.

  • Re-Discovering my love for Sticky Fingers.

  • @WhiteHouse @POTUS Your attempts to privatize the VA has your greedy sticky little fingers all over it. Besides yourself, who else is going to make money?.

  • The sun is shining in Kensington! Get yourself down to Sticky Fingers and enjoy a refreshing cocktail! Or maybe its a freakshake your after?.

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  • Hospitality & Catering Studies teacher Clare Morgan ran a super cupcake decorating class with students from Severndale Academy today. Lots of happy faces and sticky fingers! @FoSeverndale.

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  • @Trickstersworld @Dublinoldschool ... and sticky sorry.

  • What’s worse, Sticky Fingers or being one of those NRL sleuths who freeze isolated incidents on the field and tweet it..

  • mati ang sticky fingers pagmauran hahahaha.

  • @SpotTheLoon2010 Can I borrow a cloth? My fingers are all sticky..

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