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Happy 20th Anniversary to Lilo & Stitch, released on this day in 2002! 🌊.

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‘Lilo & Stitch’ director was frustrated by the praise ‘Frozen’ received: We did sisterhood over romance first.

Felt the need to stitch this tiktok about how the anti-SJW era of YouTube created a pipeline for the alt right. I would would know bc I was a target of theirs for YEARS bc of my show #MTVDecoded funny many of those creators are “progressive” now but that’s none of my business 🙃.

I’ve seen that Lilo and Stitch tweet on my tl like five times now, I think it’s the universe telling me to rewatch the film again and I am NOT complaining, it’s easily one of my top ten Disney movies ever.

@queenandthefool Der Stitch-Rucksack!!! 😲💚 Oh man, so einen mag ich auch haben! 😍.

明日のハントレス大会の準備しよ 最近、仕事がクッソ忙しいから軽くぶっ倒れそう 趣味とはいえ大会準備は大変だね.

i actually do have more but i cant be bothered to search for em and stitch em together haha.

“lilo & stitch was about lilo and stitch” did you even watch the damn movie.

Yo sí. Salió Frozen y la gente la comparaba con Enredados. Pero es que cuando salió Lilo y Stitch habría alguien que la comparaba con el Rey León y al Rey León la compararía con la Cenicienta y así todo el rato porque parece que si no eres el target de una película eso es >.

お時間ありましたら 見て下さい #ともちゃんねるスティッチ号 #ちゃんねる登録宜しくお願いします.

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@mmmttmmm323 良かったですねぇ干物にならないで、まぁそれも味が出ると言うことで☺️.

@dara_stitch Типа «Что вас интересует? - Порш» И мозг: «ПОНИМАЮ».

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@CafiBanido Fr Lilo e Stitch é unmatched, tivemos uma história sobre irmandade e o conceito de família ser mais que sangue, aliens fofinhos e genderfluid, redemption arc dos vilões, e que não foi minimamente focada em romance, isto e o Planeta do Tesouro gotta be the coolest Disney movies.

i love frozen, but it’s so frustrating when people ignore lilo and stitch. that movie was groundbreaking for me (and many others i’m sure) and it always gets done so dirty 😭😭.

@PopBase Never put this slander on my TL. Lilo & Stitch is one of the best Disney films in the last 20 years. Levels above an overhyped Frozen..

@JotaCasper La diferencia está en que Lilo y Stitch es una buena película. Aunque sabiendo que a Chris Sanders le tomo casi 10 años llevarla a cabo, es obvio que tuvo una buena preparación para hacerla..

Lets be Lilo & Stitch is actually a really good movie too. Frozen is just middling..

@r6s_ctp セクハラってなんですか? 僕の世界線にはないですね🤔.

Anyone who thinks Frozen is better than Lilo & Stitch is a fucking idiot..

Lilo & Stitch needs more praise. Not only no romantic love but also main character was not royalty and was a non-white female. And a great movie!.

👑 arguably the best Disney movie. My personal favorite is Hercules but Lilo & Stitch is a CLOSE second..

‘Lilo & Stitch’ at 20: How It Broke the Mold Long Before ‘Moana’ - The New York Times.


@Variety Lilo and Stitch is still the better movie and timeless. Frozen was popular because of social media. It was two different eras..

名古屋方面23号 有松ら辺で真ん中の車線に故障者かなんか止まってて大渋滞してます.

lilo and stitch was definitely about lilo and stitch not sisterhood 😭 no shade how u claim the movie is about sisterhood but u got child protective services in it 😭.

@MrsRBaker @Cabbidges Love in every stitch with added daisy buttons. Good things do happen..

ESATTO e in ogni caso, Lilo & Stitch >>>>>>>>>>>> Frozen.

@PopBase I love Lilo and Stitch ❤️ Frozen gets just annoying for me because of the overhyped. It was ok but not more. Lilo and Stitch was also great because their was not Princes, their was normal Peoples with normal Problems and Nani did so much for Lilo x3.

@patoIinor @tracklist E o Stitch janta na porrada aquele boneco de nariz de piroca do Olaf.

Stitch, que descubre lo que es que no te traten como un monstruo sino que te den cariño. Una especie de Segismundo. David, masculinidad sana y bien que apoya, ayuda, deja espacio y quiere a Nani y a Lilo. Peakley travestido que es algo irrespetuoso sino algo más natural..

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