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Stress is not a consequence of a particular situation – it is a consequence of your inability to manage your own system. #SadhguruQuotes

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Asbury W Basketball
Asbury W Basketball ()

With all the stress in our lives this verse helps me get through it. We may not understand what God is doing but we just have to trust and have faith in Him! With that being said, chey is out!🖖🏾

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south girl™️
South girl™️ ()

i cannot stress enough how the “she was a minor when they met” rethoric is absolutely nonsense on its own. no critical thinking whatsoever

Jayla ♡
Jayla ♡ ()

Y’all would think that speaking over zoom would be easier than speaking in person but I’m stress eating chocolate lol

Sadhguru ()

Stress is not a consequence of a particular situation – it is a consequence of your inability to manage your own system. #SadhguruQuotes

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Pretty Nd Petty 💋
Pretty Nd Petty 💋 ()

Niggas swear they ont have feelings. Trust me luv, you not popping them erks like they vitamins for nun. It’s pain nd stress behind them pills.

Gors ()

This week has been so tiresome, I hardly have any power to do anything, not even playing games. This amount of stress cannot be healthy at all

Arthur Phillip RN
Arthur Phillip RN ()

Whilst one can feel sympathy for Linda Reynold’s stress reaction, being unable to handle the pressures of Office over the Rape incident does not bode well for her ability to deal with major Defence challenges as faced by the Curtin Government during the Japanese Invasion crisis

Sebastian ()

@PlhivPotterhead Haha ganyan din ako. Ngayon siguro kasi mejo maluwag ang tasks ko pero ang ginagawa ko nanunuod ako ng mga nakakatawang series or videos para pangtanggal ng stress

Cormorant ()

You can pull back on the consumption and find yourself with a lot of extra time and less stress and make yourself a lot more financially secure. Or pull back on earning as well and have a significantly improved quality of life.

christy loves luna
Christy loves luna ()

i’m longing for summer nights, no stress just having the best time with your friends

VM Swiderski
VM Swiderski ()

I cannot stress this enough: #EmptyTheSchools Get your children out of these hell holes.

Gtrain62 ()

@noplaceforsheep @vogrady2132 Maybe if she simply told the truth a lot of the stress and angst would go too. The truth will set you free

티켓닷컴 ▶카톡 T2482◀ {O1O-4862-2160} TM1110
티켓닷컴 ▶카톡 T2482◀ {O1O-4862-2160} TM1110 ()

빠른진행/티켓닷컴 O1O-4862-2160 { 카톡: T2482 } excess 신용카드한도현금화 gang 휴대폰핸드폰모바일소액결제현금화 riot 카드깡현금 local 신용카드소지자대출 stress 신용카드현금화 survive 신용카드현금 causal

ItsFatAlbert ()

Added a nice chunk to my $BNT stack here on this daily close for $BTC. I think it might still take some time but I think numba go uppa and then I may just add it to my cold storage bags and chill. Holding gives me zero stress in a bull. Trading does, cause I suck at it

فيروز🇩🇿 ()

Je suis enrhumée donc je respire plus du nez cmt vous dire que moi asthmatique je vais canner cette nuit sah ça me stress trop je respire pas la

Roy ()

@tbohen I set my stops according to my plans and went outside to enjoy the day lol. Nothing triggered and most everything is green in my hand, no stress here boss!

Naty 🔥👑
Naty 🔥👑 ()

Today is just one big cluster fuck with a sparkle of stress and a hint of anxiety 💀🥺😒

El Trappo ⛈
El Trappo ⛈ ()

@d_angrymob I still can’t DM you, but here’s a remix I made to @wizkidayo’s ‘No Stress’ 🔗

Zinsé Park
Zinsé Park ()

@ROSIExTiffanyco @RedLovefor Ma stress ka ana basin di naka maka kadungog sa soko ni rosé HAHAHA KALMAHAN NATIN

📌MY GO 🇲🇾 (thread) | jie✨
📌MY GO 🇲🇾 (thread) | jie✨ ()

@LVYoungForever Dah takde rezeki. Tapi tula time tgh takde duit la dia pi telan duit jie 😭😭😭 stress betul 😭😭 klo tau nak jadi ceni mmg guna cash aje. Klo guna online banking dia takmau refund. Sumpah sakit hati sbb dah la yg order first cancel. Tapi ygtu dapat refund 😭😭😭😭

Xhean✨ ()

Ayoko nang masyadong manggeelam ayoko mashadon ma stress do what u want.😊 Feel free alam mo lang limitations mo


after so much stress and anxiety, ya girl finally got an apartment!! 😭

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Calix ()

diputusin trus ketambahan locked down juga anjir waktu itu gimana ga stress

ビエン ()

Sanatonin - subtype of serotonin. It is a stress inhibitor that binds to the happiness receptor. I def got myself some sanatonin today. Thank you, Minatozaki Sana.🥰

✨🌌Безрукий Гитарист🌌✨
✨🌌Безрукий Гитарист🌌✨ ()

@panda_in_stress Солнце, не переживай так. Всë будет хорошо.

Jean Jjang
Jean Jjang ()

@yeastein wkwk dunia alternatif lebih menjanjikan daripada dunia asli mereka, stress mulu yg ada


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biodun ogungbo
Biodun ogungbo ()

To prevent back pain: Maintain a healthy weight Keep your back muscles strong Stretch your muscles Focus on good posture Lift properly Leave your purse at home Practice stress relief for back pain relief Sleep well

Stress Photo,Stress Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Nomie ()

I cannot stress enough how much I loved this. So so so wonderful.

Nicholas Ferroni
Nicholas Ferroni ()

Department of ED: “Students are dealing with so much stress, anxiety and pressure this year. They are breaking down and depressed.” Also DOE: “Students WILL be taking standardized tests this year.” #testinginapandemic

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