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Anyone criticising kids for taking time off to fight for their planet should remember our government took the entire afternoon off when a leadership spill got too hard. #Strike4Climate #auspol.

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One of my favorite signs from #Strike4Climate #adelaide @StrikeClimate.

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Students across the world are marching for the #FridaysForFuture Climate March calling for action. Students here are gathering in Perth, Australia. #Strike4Climate Read more here:.

Udo Lindenberg ist heute dabei. Du auch? #FridaysForFuture #Strike4Climate.

I still have these posters from the time I “skipped school” to protest the invasion of Iraq in 2003. We now know the war was illegal and based on lies. History will be on the side of the kids protesting today. Go well. #Strike4Climate.

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NSW police sending the riot squad to the #strike4climate. The riot squad. For school children..

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Anyone criticising kids for taking time off to fight for their planet should remember our government took the entire afternoon off when a leadership spill got too hard. #Strike4Climate #auspol.

@PSB_VIB scientists will get from behind their bench out on the street tomorrow as #scientists4climate and demand that scientific research is taken seriously and measures are taken accordingly. #Strike4Climate.

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⚠️ DIFUSIÓN PLS ⚠️ • Mañana a las 12:00 •📍Sol HUELGA GLOBAL POR EL CLIMA #MadridSeUne #Strike4Climate.

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Domani in piazza con i nostri figli per salvare il futuro della Terra #FridaysForFuture #Strike4Climate.

@AStrongerOZ The #Strike4Climate kids in Australia need to recognise that nothing our country does - nothing - will be able to reduce global temperatures. We are spending all this money for the “feels”. #auspol.

Boy17 will be at the Sydney protest for #Strike4Climate tomorrow with my wholehearted approval. That is, if this perfectly-normal-storm-nothing-to-worry-about doesn’t wreck the joint.

I’m happy to legally represent for free any school children arrested tomorrow by police at #ClimateStrike and I’m sure there’s many other lawyers who are ready to do the same. The real criminals are politicians with no genuine policies to tackle climate change. #Strike4Climate.

My Miss 12 is pumped and ready for the student strike tomorrow. Feeling bit proud of her and her friends for organising themselves, using their voice and standing up for their futures and the planet! #Strike4Climate #climatestrike.

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fakt że zakończyłam już edukację nie powstrzyma mnie przed niepójściem jutro do szkoły #Strike4Climate.

Mum let me take the day off school when boys in my class were being sexist. That day I attended my first ever Labor women’s event and got to meet @JuliaGillard. If kids care about their future and want to be politically active, we have no right to deny them that. #Strike4Climate.

Wondering whether any sign at tomorrow’s #Strike4Climate is going to top this personal favourite? Tough one to beat..

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The #strike4climate will now be held at Gosford Anglican Church Tomorrow 10-12. #Auspol.

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Why parents should ENCOURAGE kids to #Strike4Climate tomorrow: child psychologist Steve Biddulph says being engaged is great for mental health. Hear him at on @abcsydney.

Getting reports of #Strike4Climate kids being bullied by police threatening arrests and councils possibly withdrawing permission for use of parks. Anyone else heard this? #Auspol.

@p_hannam Maurice Newman is trying to link Children Protesting to destroying Capitalism & the Cost of Electricity which is the Most Expensive in the world BECAUSE OF Predatory Capitalism When Aus Electricity was Publicly Owned it was the Cheapest in th World Parents Next #Strike4Climate.

Good on @michaeldaleyMP for sticking to his guns on school kids #Strike4Climate tomorrow. 100% agree that all should be allowed this act & many parents/ grandparents are supportive of it. @GladysB & LNP are so out of touch with real issues, current & future #nswpol.

Dude how far have the ALP come from unions huh, do you understand how strike action works #Strike4Climate.

Why students are striking tomorrow, in the words of 17-year-old Mia Sutherland from Christchurch #climatechange #Strike4Climate.

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Lucky the galah has just signed up in solidarity with the school climate strike tomorrow. Squawkin! #Strike4Climate #theluckygalah.

The #Strike4Climate movement is spreading all over Australia 💚🌏 This young leader is organising his own event in Gunnedah 👇 what a legend✨ #ClimateStrike.

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