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Superman got the ACC POY/MVP 🧹🧹🧹👀👀👀 @ZionW32.

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Spent the morning at this beautiful place! Look at this view! 😍 Then went with Superman to visit 💕💕💕 My Boy Jack 💕💕💕 #GreatWayToStartMyDay ❤️❤️❤️.

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When is DC finally going to make a Superman movie based on the classic storylines?.

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‘Supergirl’: Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman Won’t Return This Season.

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@MykeCole The tweet in which Superman fantasizes about punching a teen who egged a politician who supports Nazis. This truly is the shittiest timeline..

荒野の射線管理も大変たけど、 リアルの射精管理も大変よね? 昨日夜中に誤射してた。.

This has reminded me how bitterly disappointed we were as teens when we watched the new telly Superman and saw Dean Cain. One school pal said “it’s like thinking cheap knock-off trainers are grand until you see the real ones”..

Superman definitely would NOT have knocked that kid cold..

Unfortunately I am so disappointed. That sg episode was boring. Whenever this show is supposed to be about girls, it’s always about men. They made the predominant Superman archival try to save James. Altgough he has his own storyline going on, I felt like it was all about the 1/2.

The classical tune Lex escapes to: Mozart’s Eine kleine Nachtmusik, as whistled in Superman IV! #Supergirl.

Thankful to my better half. He is my Superman ♥️ Hopefully next week is a better healthier week 💪🏼.

vou fazer uma tatuagem relacionada ao superman, será que eu consigo casar com o henry??????.

segue fotos do henry cavill tampando o seu volume com a capa do superman.

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I mean, not even Smallville, which at least had some high points - Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of just incredible..

related: imagine being famous, but only for a TV show as objectively fucking terrible as Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Scott Baio.

they said Man of Steel was too gritty and dark for.

Captain marvel arm wrestling supergirl Or Thor arm wrestling superman — captain marvel and supergirl using both of their arms to PUNCH ME.

#INFO #Supergirl : Il est confirmé que Superman ne reviendra pas dans le reste de la saison..

Pobrecillo, sigue esperando más películas de Superman..

Tell everybody waitin’ for Superman that he has a hair-trigger temper.

Comedians can beat ironman and superman. Three of them are on the same level. Kim Junho & the 2D1N members and staffs are our own superhero. They save us from being sad and bored and from having a bad day. For now, our superheroes will take a break to come back stronger..

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I just called the worst screen iteration of Superman a bell-end. Thank you Twitter..

Superman got the ACC POY/MVP 🧹🧹🧹👀👀👀 @ZionW32.

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Tan obvios! Ahora TOOODO es Gracias al Nuncio casi lo ponen como Superman. Si liberan a la gente es gracias a la presión de TODA la sociedad nacional e internacional, pero necesitan esa mampara para mantener el circo. #SOSNICARAGUA.

“Superman is only boring if you think being good is easy.” - @Gwenda dropping truths at #eccc.

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The new Death of Superman Omnibus. One of the many cool features is the fact that for the first time since Superman 75 itself, the double-to-triple page spread is printed. Well done, @DCComics !.

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