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@MitchRobinson05 You were an absolute nut case on the field again and I couldn’t love you more for it (except if you’d ran through ) 🦁❤️.

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@warrentredrea @PAFC Agreed. In strategy and execution. Imagine bringing in Sutcliffe for the first time to harass Neale because of his personal relationship with him. Embarrassing on many levels..

@sparachavezutd @PAFC Play them both and delete Sutcliffe Dixon and Motlop also get billy in.

@lucie_sutcliffe Whole body feels like jelly filled with vom right now seeing that.

@MitchRobinson05 That moment when Lachie came off in the first 5 mins and Sutcliffe pushed him in the back on his way off and you stuck up for moment right there Robbo. You’re my boy blue. Keep being you. You’re the mongrel we need! Love it! 😍.

@AWray7 @BJRussell95 thought the Sutcliffe move reeked of desperation personally, clock is ticking.

@MitchRobinson05 You were an absolute nut case on the field again and I couldn’t love you more for it (except if you’d ran through ) 🦁❤️.

😂😂😂 great decision to bring in Cam Sutcliffe.

Peter Sutcliffe Born June 1946 - was this Doctor Who story on his 20th birthday a major influence on later events? The Savages Peter Purves as an assistant probably caused an obsession with Dodo & confusion with extinct birds..

#julybookshelfchallenge day 13 - best illustrations. I loved the pictures in The Hobbit; in many ways they make up what fantasy is supposed to look like in my head. Rosemary Sutcliffe’s illustration of Grendel does the same for horror. @StorySuperstars.

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@MitchRobinson05 You made Sutcliffe shit himself when you got up off the bench and moved towards him. Gold..

The consequences of selecting Sutcliffe to play mid minutes..

@SimonCreed6 @PAFC Durrsma out, Sutcliffe in has to be one of the worst decisions all.

Lachie Neale targeted by his groomsman Cam Sutcliffe. Interesting decision by Port. Test the friendship. Smacks of desperation @kanecornes.

To be fair, when you pick a bloke with the hairline of Cam Sutcliffe, the game is over before it even starts #AFLPowerLions.

The Sutcliffe selection was a sign of panic. Nonsensical. #weareportadelaide #AFLPowerLions.

Anyone seen Cam Sutcliffe since half time? Ooh there he is, getting nowhere near it! #AFLPowerLions.

@PuntingBaron Good player Burton. Looked a nasty one. Would have preferred it was Sutcliffe who spent the first quarter clobbering Lachie Neale.

@FOXFOOTY Cam Sutcliffe was in Lachie’s wedding party!! 😂😂😂😂😂.

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@UBLfp Find it ironic that Sutcliffe has had a couple of free kicks paid in his favour.

@brisbanelions @jlyons_31 Sutcliffe you dog someone remind him of the score!! Big 2nd half boys let’s go !!.

Dermot saying Neale has scratch marks, not stud marks on his arm. Well that must be two weeks for Sutcliffe then, right? #AFLPowerLions.

Anyone involved in the sutcliffe and AJ selections should be sacked. Speaks volumes of the mentality of the guys making these decisions..

@brisbanelions putting the Sutcliffe Debacle behind them with 7 goals in a row. My goodness, I would want @MitchRobinson05 on my team any day of the week, twice on Sunday #AFLPowerLions.

I wouldn’t wanna be Cam Sutcliffe the next time I see Mitch Robinson coming near me after that word of advice on the interchange #DeadManWalking #AFLPowerLions.

@LenKasper Agree. The O’s May be the best all around uni in the game. Besides the 83/84 Cubs pullover. Think Rick Sutcliffe. Great topic Len!.

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