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Some of my fondest memories was going to GF’s with the old man. What a day, the best, get up Swannies ❤️.

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Men playing against boys. Well done Cats! But a big thank you Swannies for taking care of the Pies. #AFLGrandFinal.

How bout those Swannies, eh?! Thank god this shits almost over so we can fuck the AFL off my timeline and focus on a real sport..

Geelong were we have a fair way to go before we get to that level but they’re very inspiring to watch Swannies had an unreal year just a bummer to go out like that And just like that no more footy until Feb 2023 😢.

@sydneyswans …and thank YOU Swannies for a memorable season! Please, just no music post goals at the SCG in 2023 and beyond!.

Haven’t done much form and pretty keen to watch the Grand Final today. Cheering home the Swannies and In Secret in the Golden Rose! Back tomorrow with a few for Underwood Stakes day 👌.

Gotta say, today is a pretty cool day to be in iso. Woke up to de Minaur v Murray at Laver Cup. Then the Fedrerer farewell fest. Now AFL g/f (c’mon Swannies!) and later NRL g/f qualifier (no preference) No chance to be bored..

Heading into the MCG today. Let’s go Swannies! #Bloods #AFLGF.

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C’mon Swannies! I don’t want to have to listen to Geelong for the next fucking year..

Swannies have always been my 2nd team. Traralgon FC used the swans club song, so I knew all the words as a kid, then grew to respect the bloods culture, always been a very watchable team with very likeable players. Hope they win today. #AFLGF.

Good morning to my Swannies family on this beautiful Grand Final morning 🤍❤️ #Bloods.

@barriecassidy That Archie is a football player to his marrow. I bet he sleeps with those boots. Congratulations to a magnificent Geelong. Gracious in victory. Commiz and congrats to my beloved Swannies on a fierce season ❤️🦢❤️#Bloods #AFL.

@zanerednwhite The Swannies time will come. They have some great players & had a wonderful year. It just wasn’t their day today.

GF pub day with my two ride or dies today. One’s a swannies supporter, the other Geelong. Should be interesting 🙊.

Looks like swans will need a lesson from freo about how we came back from 41 points down a couple weeks ago agains the dogs 😂 #AFLGF #bloods we did it now u can swannies ❤️🤍.

Was thinking the Swannies 1st half performance was bad but then the half time show took the title #gflop #AFLGF.

Waited 3 years to have the Grand Final back where it belongs. Up the Swannies. #bloods #AFLGF.

@victorleung @sydneyswans Ramps speech was so humble and of the day for Swannies..

Congratulations Geelong. You were 100% the team to beat, and today you meant business. We were outplayed, out coached, out “everything’d”. Truly deserved by the Cats. #Swannies, what a season - well done Bloods, not our year ❤️🤍❤️.

seeing all the supports in their Swannies/Cats gear around the city already…IT SHOULD’VE BEEN US DAMN IT. 😭.

Soooooo we’re all going for swannies today right???? And not the other team made up of sooky laa laaa & thugs right????? LOL.

Watching this drubbing that is the #AFLGF wondering how the hell the Swannies made it in? Having a horrible game..

Well, the Swannies didn’t turn up and what a gloomy afternoon. I haven’t had so much fun since I cleaned out the oven. My wife said, ‘Why don’t you put your head in the oven’. No, I don’t know why I married her..

I actually couldn’t care less about the grand final this Hate geelong and got denied a prelim by Sydney. In saying that, I hope swannies beat Geelong by 10 goals.

I’m forcing everyone to wear red and white today to send good vibes into the universe for the swannies today ❤️🤍.

Up the Swannies!!!!!!! @sydneyswans!!! @adjo9999 don’t know anyone to place a solid bet on his 2 teams across 2 codes to make the GF…. LETS GO!! #AFLGF.

#AFLGF None of the Geelong fans singing along to Robbie Williams. Understandable given the Beatles are still top of the pops in the sleepy backwater. Go Swannies..

Coming in hot from seat 52C somewhere in between Singapore and Aus. Go on you Swannies. #Bloods.

Even as a puppy, Wally was ready for his Grand Final. Go to the Swannies!🏉 @AustCham @AFL.

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Ahhhh. GF putting us to sleep. Swannies need to get air in their wings #AFLGF #AFLSwansCats.

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