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BREAKING: Andre Ayew has been released by Swansea, although the club have offered Wayne Routledge a new one-year contract as he recovers from knee surgery. #Swans

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Rob Hayler
Rob Hayler ()

@pianoislandburn @chickenf1sh I was a teenager on the South coast in the 80s and saw Cranes a bunch. Live they could be brutal - like early Swans but with those incredible Minnie Mouse vocals. Saw them supporting Swans at Portsmouth Poly - held their own. Always split the room. Fuck the NME.

Siobhán Nic Chumhaill
Siobhán Nic Chumhaill ()

@kfingleton I know. People loved them. But on the upside I saw some lads feeding the swans this evening so there is that

Mano Manoharan
Mano Manoharan ()

Nightnight tweeps 🌜 Have a serene weekend 🌹 Swans and cygnets in the dock water near our home @SwanwatchUk 🦢🦢

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Dog Two 🌊
Dog Two 🌊 ()

The MOST POWERFUL song I have heard is BRING THE SUN by SWANS. I listened to this, on LINDY WALK in the Woods at NIGHT. ASSAULTED with VISION of a Primitive Sun Cult, witnessing a SACRIFICE at DAWN. The juxtaposition of PURE SOLAR ENERGY with the NIGHT-TIME around

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Tom OLeary
Tom OLeary ()

@ClaireHanna Weird embarrassing stuff ?? Ye are lucky to have a Minister of Robin Swans calibre to fight the pandemic ✅ @RobinSwannMoH

Caro Miya
Caro Miya ()

The adult swans have made a reed platform for the cygnets. Cygnets spend lots of time preening. Here they still have their downy feathers.

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Dean ()

@ghirapurigears Nooooooo. This card will be so good against my swans deck!!!!!! Good thing swans isn’t a big threat. Lol

Matahue ()

@HoodieTua Lmaoo same man I literally only played with swans on career mode and I did the same 🤣

Jennifer Bogo
Jennifer Bogo ()

Some even poignantly added birds to NYC streets: #audubonmuralproject

Silvi Simberg
Silvi Simberg ()

At the Bay near Lindi Vollage there were soooo many white swans! Unfortunately they were far and apart.

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Carol T
Carol T ()

#365DaysWild #KC21wild DAY 162: First walk around Felbrigg NT for a week. Mallards looked like they were standing on water in the middle of the lake. Saw lots of blue damselflies, including this Red-eyed one. Flyby from the non-resident swans & a Little Owl put in an appearance.

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Jeope! ()

Birds! Birds! Birds! More summer residents @OakHammockMarsh last night on my walkabout: yellow-headed blackbird, marsh wren, trumpeter swans.

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Traincat ()

@foeyeahboi Alicia like and get kidnapped to make the ice swans for the reception? no thank you

Tim Chipping CSE
Tim Chipping CSE ()

@missbarton Rubbing swans is very dangerous. They can break your arm. Is that what he means?

Jenko 🤿
Jenko 🤿 ()

This is an opinion that will throw a lot of Swansea fans mad but Liam Cullen will never make it here #Swans

Janey Godley
Janey Godley ()

Nobody should be robbing swans, they are dangerous and quite fucking snarky when they’re nesting - don’t go near them

Des Bennett
Des Bennett ()

@TerryMc_Hugh Why is robbing swans very dangerous? You get a good price for them at (wait for it…..) Cornmarket


Located in Sumter, South Carolina, Swan Lake Iris Gardens is currently the only public park in the United States to have all eight species of swans. @SwanLakeIrisGardens @CityofSumter #SCETVdigital #CarolinaSnaps

Ian Mitchelmore
Ian Mitchelmore ()

Swansea are set to sign Kyle Joseph on a permanent deal from Wigan having agreed terms with the striker. #Swans #wafc

The Age
The Age ()

Breaking: Flamboyant businessman Geoffrey Edelsten, a former owner of the Sydney Swans football club, has been found dead in his Melbourne home.

ABC News
ABC News ()

Controversial businessman and former Sydney Swans owner Geoffrey Edelsten dies

Jacob Landsmeer
Jacob Landsmeer ()

Interesting game to broadcast this one. Swans defence is unheralded. Notte, Howard, Jones held up in the last 15 minutes. Peel kicked themselves out of it in the end. @SwanDistrictsFC look a top 5 team to me at this stage. #WAFooty

This is a Picture of Wind
This is a Picture of Wind ()

A forecast for showers in the wee hours. A pair of swans swanning about the slipway. Breeze eddies about ankles. The fields grazed by rooks. #thisisapictureofwind

Hex ()

i finally went outside after what felt like months. i saw ducks and swans at a lake and i saw trees in real life. extremely disappointed in the amount of insects i came across. 1/5 definitely would not recommend. /lh

MONDIA BLUE 🌻🌱🐥🐇🐈🔮7️⃣
MONDIA BLUE 🌻🌱🐥🐇🐈🔮7️⃣ ()

I bet Denmark twitter is full of swans and happiness and flowers compared to American twitter with mass shootings corrupt politicians and gofundmes for surgery

Jordan ()

Swans are one of few clubs who are linked with Neco Williams. He’s proven to be a versatile player for Wales but I can’t help but feel we’ll only get him if Connor Roberts goes but we do now need an extra player there too now Freeman has gone. He’d be a good signing for us. 🦢

Peepo🐸🧸(fiona fan acc)
Peepo🐸🧸(fiona fan acc) ()

@PepsiTwist__ Mein swans so ein gurebsohn man setzt sich einmal hin wird der hurebsozn größer als halbe menschheit


Firmados durante el GP Barcelona 2009. Fuimos solos yo y mi compadre @Raiven_Oc, que jugó feature match contra Gabriel Nassif (y no le ganó porque le faltó la 5 tierra pa los demigods) y el GP lo ganó un español con Swans.

Jim Something....or other
Jim Something....or other ()

@AtticumFloreat Dorset Swans are always the best so 10 out of 10. The Fleet always looks beautiful in sunshine!

Ian Mitchelmore
Ian Mitchelmore ()

BREAKING: Andre Ayew has been released by Swansea, although the club have offered Wayne Routledge a new one-year contract as he recovers from knee surgery. #Swans

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