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Sydney Stack getting around Old Town Road 😁 🎥: Daniel Rioli.

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Also, if I was Sydney Stack, every time I woke up I’d be so overwhelmed by the realisation that I’m Sydney Stack I’d immediately pass out..

A little girl behind me at #AFLTigersHawks said “if @JackRiewoldt08 comes back, he’s still my favourite, but otherwise it’s Sydney Stack. It’s just outstanding to watch him play!!” 🐯🥰 what a perfect little nerd..

My little brother, a Hawthorn supporter, is a dancer, so at the game today I showed him the Sydney Stack video, and I expected scoffing but he was all like “Hmmm, good isolations”, whatever that means #GoTiges #AFLTigersHawks.

The MEGT Rookie of the Day, as determined by @kanecornes: Sydney Stack (Rich) (17 disposals, 7 marks) #AFLTigersHawks.

@steviecal @BFtigercast Back to the Pumas, dropped the Nikes like Sydney Stack drops Vineys..

I have a lot of doubters back at home that put me I just use that to influence my behaviour. After going undrafted in 2018, Sydney Stack is on a mission to prove the doubters wrong 🙏.

The Tigs have really found a gem with Sydney Stack. Sometimes it’s worth taking the punt #AFLTigersHawks.

Overlooked in last year’s drafts, Sydney Stack talks about his path to @Richmond_FC and a “terrifying” 1st pre-season. Since debuting in R3, Stack has been a revelation. The Tigers will need him at his dazzling best today in #AFLTigersHawks. LIVE & FREE on 7 & 7mate at AEST.

I think I’ve watched this 5,000 times so far. Sydney Stack, how we all adore you! But then Mum-mode kicks in and I yell “Pick up your shit off the floor” 😂.

Me: “I couldn’t love Sydney Stack anymore if I tried.” Nek.

Another Sydney Stack Instagram highlight (from the preseason)..

Sydney Stack getting around Old Town Road 😁 🎥: Daniel Rioli.

Expecting plenty of Sydney Stack tweets from @rfcswallace especially after the Torp!! 💥BOOM💥🐯.

Sydney Stack kicking running torps for a goal. So on brand. Love him. #AFLFreoTigers.

Sydney Stack with the 50m TORPEDO goal!!!! He can do no wrong and neither can the Tigers. They lead by 29 #AFLFreoTigers.

Ben Cousins poses for a photo with Richmond youngster Sydney Stack. 🙌 #AFL.

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MY list of Top 10 fave players in no order & subject to lots of change. (With rider of no more than 2 players frm Tigers) Sydney Stack Tim Kelly Toby Green James Sicily Lachie Neale Joel Selwood Patrick Cripps Zac Fisher Jayden Short Buddy Franklin Standing by 4 feedback.

Ben Cousins received a glowing message from Richmond star Sydney Stack as he appeared at training. #7NEWS.

Ben Cousins received a glowing message from Richmond star Sydney Stack as he appeared at training. #7NEWS.

@rohan_connolly Hell no. It was bad enough the first time around. 💰💰 will be thrown to anyone doing Sydney Stack with Isaac Hayes’s Theme from Shaft though..

@Tigers_of_Old The hawks are better placed? Oldest list, no high draft picks for years, no Sydney Stack.

Sydney Stack catching up with Ben Cousins before the game. 🙌.

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You just know that Blakey gets the Rising Star nomination this week instead of Sydney Stack.

@glbastiani Also last year made me realise the positives. It’s great to get big match experience into a large group of your squad. Look at Sydney Stack..

@ScooterMcNeice Well, players at other clubs grab their chance with both hands when given an opportunity. Look at Sydney stack. Shouldn’t matter if they didn’t play seniors the week before. Come in and play their role and play it well. Too many excuses..

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