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If Sydney Stack keeps producing magic like this then there will be plenty of young Tigers fans with on the back of the jumper. #AFLTigersGiants.

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AFL 2019: Sydney Stack’s potential goal of the year enhances Rising Star debate #AFL: It was one of the most brilliant individual efforts of the.

@7AFL @AFL Convinced Sydney Stack could kick a goal from 10M out and you lot would make it out as Goal of The Year.

Good quarter Tiges. Let’s keep the foot on the throat. Have I mentioned lately that I love Sydney Stack? #gotiges #AFLTigersGiants.

Sydney Stack Greater Western Sydney The better Sydney #AFLTigersGiants.

How good is Sydney Stack!! Makes every @Richmond_FC game must watch TV 👀 ⭐️.

How Sydney Stack got over looked in the National draft is beyond me. Shows when you risk it like Richmond you get the biscuit. Bloody steal..

@Girl_GoesRacing Salt 🤷🏻‍♂️ I will admit I have a man crush on Sydney Stack 🥰 he’s a jet.

Sydney Stack dances around 3 and nails the first goal.

Keep on trying to wish it into existence, Dwayne Russell, there’s only 1 favourite for the Rising Star though and it ain’t Sydney Stack!! Or Connor Rozee. Or Nick Blakey. Or any other name you can muster!!.

📝 Fill in the blank. Sydney Stack has more talent in his little toe than _______ _______ has in their entire body. #AFLTigersGiants #gotiges.

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If Sydney Stack keeps producing magic like this then there will be plenty of young Tigers fans with on the back of the jumper. #AFLTigersGiants.

What a goal. Sydney Stack is just about appointment viewing. Instinct, skill and providing huge levels of excitement. Brilliant to watch #AFLTigersGiants.

Never been so excited for a player in his first year. Sydney Stack what a jet #AFLTigersvGiants.

You can’t teach the football smarts Sydney Stack #AFLTigersGiants #stack.

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again; Sydney Stack could be absolutely anything 😲😲 #AFL #AFLTigersGiants.

What a player this kid is, and what a kick that is! Sydney Stack ducks and weaves and kicks the opening goal of the match. Richmond 6 GWS 1 #AFLTigersGiants.

Sydney Stack you star! Unbelievable stuff. Side note- hope Coniglio is ok. #AFLTigersGiants.

Walked passed some royalty this morning on the way to Punt Rd. Lynch, Edwards, Vlastuin, Grimes, Astbury, Castagna and HRH Sydney Stack! #gotiges.

The Sydney Stack Fan Club™️ is back at the G today 😍🐯.

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@6prfootball Sydney Stack most likely doesn’t get drafted if the draft age gets lifted. There are many talented players who need the resources of an AFL club to help them survive and thrive. Lifting the draft age does not help them..

Ehsan Amiri leads the way into the final table of the Sydney Champs Monster Stack. All players have secured a minimum of $7,946 but everyone is looking for the $84,039 top prize! Play resumes at tomorrow - Good luck! Live stream from.

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@CarltonFC Just another lazy 28 possessions by Walsh. Will be in Coaches Award yet again. Surely this whole Rising Star thing can be put to bed. Maybe Richmond can put Stack in the midfield and let’s see if Sydney can get a kick in the congestion..

@rickynixontoot So guess no need to have the draft let’s cancel it , then let them develop 1 more year .... these the same recruiters who passed on Sydney Stack last year only to be picked up as a supplement pick the same Recruiters who only nail 1 superstar once every 5 years right gotcha 🐔👍.

@RoyDT Sam Walsh plays a good every week Media: ... Sydney stack plays a good game Media: IvE nEvEr SeEn WaLsH dO ThAt.

@CherylCritchley I was at the Round 3 game up here in Sydney. We were poor (except for Sydney Stack). I’d like to see that result reversed 🙏🐯.

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