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@deemadigan The Govt didn’t. Failed to put in place appropriatemeasures at Sydney International Airport. #auspol #coronavirus

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Jade Henry ()

Update: I’m home and couldn’t be picked me up from the airport, I get to see Sydney and Gavin and MY POPPIE today is great

Bruce Haigh ()

He is not. Ruby Princess, Sydney Airport, a living wage paid to workers not employers and on and on

Sandy Lanceley ()

Sydney has 20-25k hotel rooms, just yesterday 7k people arrived back in at Sydney airport. If those numbers continue, the forced quarantine in Sydney hotels is going to be looking for other accommodation very quickly. This could go pear shaped, fast.

Tiffany Boevink ()

@cathaypacific I have a flight booked on Sunday from Sydney to Heathrow. You have advised no transit passengers allowed through Hong Kong airport. Is this correct? Why isn’t the flight cancelled? How do I get a refund?

Greg ()

@RalphyHeraldSun the list goes on, Victoria was fucked when Kennett was Premier, what did he do for the state? fuck all . Victoria still hasnt got a Train to the airport, Sydney has, Victoria is a state going backwards

💧Vince Mahon ()

@deemadigan The Govt didn’t. Failed to put in place appropriatemeasures at Sydney International Airport. #auspol #coronavirus

Unfunded Empathy™️ ()

@CUhlmann @9NewsAUS Australia banned inbound arrivals from China on Feb 1. That was a good step. Many of the new infections are from screwups like the Ruby Princess, 50th b/day parties in Noosa and the queues at Sydney airport.

Corrie Smith ()

@franks_chung @lauren_mcmah Guys your article needs to be edited.

Jord Salthouse ()

@British_Airways can you confirm as to why all the flights that were advertised from Sydney to UK (any airport) have been taken down or off now? Next one is early May?

Ian Mannix ()

@mjrowland68 @BreakfastNews Except Sydney airport, ships, ppe for health officials, school closures, Spirts,

@flightcentreAU thank you so much to the staff at Flight Centre, Sydney airport, you are doing such an amazing job amidst total chaos!

💧su #NotMyPM #hometobilo ()

And again, watch @normanswan video at the end if the article. Or is it too late?

WX Sydney ()

There has been approximately 21 cm of snow since Thu 17:00 at Douglas McCurdy Sydney Airport #NSStorm

WX Sydney ()

There has been the equivalent of mm of precipitation since Thu 15:00 at Douglas McCurdy Sydney Airport #NSStorm

Yiannis ()

Incompetence still rampant in NSW with chaos at Sydney airport. For some unknown reason cruising has continued for weeks now & Sydney now seen as soft touch for disembarkation. NSW Premier has failed to hold incompetent officials to account & has lost credibility @SkyNewsAust

Dr. Lynne Swarts ()

@barriecassidy Perhaps it’s time to take back Sydney Airport? #take back Sydney Airport

LOGN-19 ()

I stayed in my room for 7 days when I got back but I had been around Sydney in Colorado and my mom drove me home from the airport

Duke & Duchess of Suckeggs ()

@TonyHWindsor I think it was him on 7 Sunrise this morning. He was specifically asked to answer as to who was responsible for the disaster at Sydney airport, with arrivals crammed into a small area, against the Government guidelines. He non answered at least twice. FFS, deceitful bastards.

Newcαѕтle oɴ Hυɴтer ()

Australian Border Force (ABF) officers stopped him from filming, even checking his phone to make sure his files were deleted. There was no policing of anything bar photos being taken, the rule was never enforced properly either, he said.

Sabeen ()

877 of the 1405 COVID cases in NSW are from overseas travelers. Yet despite all this, there is absolutely no social distancing enforcement at Sydney Airport. Why the hell should we go into a lockdown if LNP is blind to the root cause? #covid19australia

M🍉✨ ()

@hintzstyles Where did you fly from/to? Cause rn it’s having me fly from LAX to NAN(Fiji airport) and then to Sydney and it’s only $800 compared to $1200 for other airlines but if I would risk missing the show or get stranded I’d rather pay the extra $400

Ketan Joshi ()

- Aus Border Force makes the process of getting into the country the most confusing, painful, crowded and stressful experience possible. - Australians film and shame people trying to get into the country for not following the rules. #NationOfUltraCops

Sunrise ()

It is infuriating! @Kochie_Online and @Natalie_Barr discuss the shocking video of officials failing to enforce social distancing measures at Sydney Airport. More on this story:

Heidi Egger ()

Australian Border Force care more about optics than lives: “He said Australian Border Force (ABF) officers stopped him from filming, even checking his phone to make sure his files were deleted.”

Damien edwards ()

@WilmaSlurrie @abc730 Yeh well Sydney airport, Border force and NSW dept of gealth are great at proving that.

💧Lynne Murphy ()

@RegularMethDad @ashhirsch 1 Would that be the same Department of Health that advises that it is safe to go for a haircut & to send kids to schools? Would that be the same Home Affairs Department responsible for the chaos in Sydney airport?

Grant Trammell ()

@Smartraveller transiting through #Guangzhou Airport: Must we be ONLY on #SouthernChinaAir inbound & outbound to successfully transit through to Sydney? I currently have a flight on Angkor Air out of Phnom Penh into Guangzhou and then outbound to Sydney on Southern, 9 hours later

Tom Oo 😘 ()

@GladysB Hear hear maam! if only we could smack some sense into these donkey brained travellers in Sydney airport!!

Paul Mansfield ⏳ ()

@DesignedToFade Bring us your poor, your needy, those coughing & spluttering all over the place at Sydney Airport. All are welcome

Suz ()

@KKeneally clearly not being used at the international arrivals gate. I aslo read that they were handing out old pamphlets at Sydney airport. Ones that didnt have the requirement to self isolate.

☚ #fishcustard #COVID19Pandemic ☛
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