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White guy goes on gun-rampage The left: blame all whites Knife guy shouts Allah Akhbar and goes on knife rampage The left: blame mental health #Sydneystabbing.

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NEXT TIME U HAVE TO VOTE. Only GREENS want to put drugs into the health system. The current duopoly have no answers to the drug problem so ill ppl keep killing. #SydneyStabbing #auspol.

How can you promote male violence when clearly its a mental health issue ??? HOW DARE YOU! #auspol #SydneyStabbing @abcnews.

#SydneyStabbing If I was to yell “Deus Vult!” And stab multiple people, how much media coverage would I get?.

My latest for @TheBigSmokeAU, calling out certain journalists for certain practices while they reported on the #SydneyStabbing. Credit to @KetanJ0 for tweets I referenced in the piece..

Feel sorry for the Ney family and the abuse they will get yesterday’s #SydneyStabbing unfortunately the family will bare the brunt of this. Please Australia show some respect to the family..

.... 🇦🇺 @JackPosobiec @Imamofpeace #amnesty #SydneyStabbing.

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@TomiLahren @GavinNewsom ‘Toxic’ masculinity put a stop to an Islamist knife attack in Sydney this week #SydneyStabbing #justsaying.

The pressure journalists receive to either censor or sensationalise reporting. #sydneystabbing #journalism.

Waleed Aly downplays Islam but promotes the term Islamophobia. The media eh? #SydneyStabbing.

Feel free to post condolences about the #SydneyStabbing any moment now Golriz. 9/.

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Agree 100%. The residents of Blacktown and most Australian communities can be assured nothing will change when it comes to accessing #mentalhealth services. Tragedies will continue #SydneyStabbing.

In a country without automatic weapons a person suffering from mental illness, who may have even played some video games, that wants to kill people can be stopped by a good guy with a milk crate. #SydneyStabbing #SydneyCBD.

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Would have been useful to have a gun to shoot this knife wielding terrorist, yes? Instead of relying on a chair and a milk crate. #SydneyStabbing.

Gentleman on the right has a really nice hat. #SydneyStabbing.

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I am at a loss for words during this sorrowful time. Michaela Dunn #SydneyStabbing #MichaelaDunn.

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New footage of the SYDNEY TERROR attack via @YouTube the people need to this video. #SydneyStabbing.

With so much of the attention on the #sydneystabbing focused on milk crates and chairs, remember this ⬇️.

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It saddens me every time I hear it. Even in death - NO RESPECT #SydneyStabbing #auspol.

Diese junge Frau wurde gestern in Sydney von einem Islamisten ermordet. RIP The victim of yesterday’s #SydneyStabbing has been identified as 24-year-old Michaela Dunn. She deserves more attention from the media .. Den Opfern ein Gesicht geben - via.

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Quote of the day - sisterly love, like, you know #SydneyStabbing.

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RIP #SydneyStabbing victim identified as 24yo Michaela Dunn.

Remember 24 year old Michaela Dunn as more than just the victim of the #SydneyStabbing . She was a university student, traveller, daughter, sister and friend. Remember her..

These people need to be banned from Twitter. Absolute morons. Sound journalism, yes. Islamophobia, my ass. #SydneyStabbing.

“He had some low-level domestic violence issues link back to his family that, again, were not significant or serious injuries, however they were being investigated. They WERE significant. The significance wasn’t understood. #SydneyStabbing.

White guy goes on gun-rampage The left: blame all whites Knife guy shouts Allah Akhbar and goes on knife rampage The left: blame mental health #Sydneystabbing.

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